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I wanted to wait until July, when our next meeting is scheduled, but I cannot start my blog and being such a long time without writing about my Ron. Do not expect clips with explicit content here. This is rather an open and unconditional declaration of Love.
Have you ever dreamed of that perfect man who gives you a boner at first sight? Have you ever gotten lost in time and existence while kissing but it has not happened to you recently? Have you ever felt like the body of your man was a musical instrument to play tuning to his moans, but you have no one to play? Just call Ron.
I met him about one year ago, and since then the chemistry and the intensity of our love making has not ceased to improve. We did have some clashes in our beginnings, and I am happy we did. There is no better sex than make up sex, and those conflicts where the combustible for our sexual connection rocketing up. And for our friendship. I have been with more than a thousand men in my whole life, Ron is indeed one of my top five.
Most of my friends would laugh at this, but I am an incurable romantic. Some of the sweetest moments of my life I can recall are when he is riding my cock and stops the ups and downs to feel it deep and slow, locking our eyes, sharing our ecstasy as one.
He is perfect for me, but not only for me. I have recommended him to many friends, we all with different preferences, and they all have come back to me extremely appreciative for the experience. He is a kind of man-geisha, not because he is feminine (he is not) but because he has the talent to perceive what gives you pleasure and adapt, in a way that he can also enjoy.
Our connection is so intense that I have the theory we are bonded at a molecular level. I think every atom in my body feels every atom in his body magnetic field. I believe every single cell, every single living organism that compounds my flesh longs for physical contact with his body. When we meet, there is a risk of nuclear cataclysms and parallel universes collision.
If you become his regular, he will be generous not only with his body and his skills but also with his feelings and his soul. Making love to him is like role playing you are in love. Have you ever tried that role play scenario? No? Call Ron.



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