Until a few months ago I had never heard of Timarrie Baker. And then I came across this video that continues here.

You all know, my quest is the search for young guys who actually are attracted to older gentlemen. Beyond his beautiful appearance, there is something in the quality of Timarrie’s performance in that video tat struck me as authentic and I was hooked.

I found Timarrie’s Rentmen ad and his Twitter account and I contacted him. He is adorable. When he tells the story of that video, he shares that he arrived that day with the plan of starting the shooting later on. However, the chemistry with DeeperDoug was so intense that they started to fuck and film right there, a few minutes after he walked in the room just arrived from the airport. And the fun went on for a long time after the camera went off. Timarrie himself uploaded that video to pornhub to document his authentic rapport with older men.

While chatting we both got enthusiastic about him traveling to the East Coast, I even tried a campaign in the forums looking for clients to pre-book him. For some time we communicated pretty often trying to organize his tour, but his enthusiasm somewhat faded when he realized all the obstacles involved in the plan. I was still enthusiastic, and I am afraid I became almost a harasser. I got to the point that Timarrie had to ask me to cool down and to give him some time to consider his projects. He did it in the sweetest, friendliest, nicest possible way. I was out of line.

After all, I was not offering much. I am a 1 or 2 hours client unable to pay for his flight or his hotel. However, Timarrie treated me with the highest consideration and respect. He finally called me and made me an amazing, extremely generous offer, but even if generous still out of my short budget. So we abandoned our plan to meeting soon.

Timarrie was extremely patient, attentive, warm, and considerate throughout all of our many communications. He kept me posted on the good and the bad news about our plans. When I became annoyingly obsessed he nicely and politely redirected my behavior. Each little detail of our interaction speaks loudly of his good nature and heart.

I never recommend someone I have not been with. Timarrie is an exception. Somewhat it is like I do know him. Somewhat I have no doubts about the extraordinarily good time we would spend together if we ever meet. This hobby always involves uncertainty when we are going to meet someone for the first time, somewhat I have no hesitations about Timarrie. I do not hesitate to recommend him and I would not hesitate to meet him if we were in the same city. If you happen to be, do not let him go. Call him.









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