Sean Xavier for best gay escorts

The first time I saw him was in a website that stopped producing new movies five years ago: THUGHUNTER. It was a pretty controversial theme with a lot of people labeling it as racist. You can check it, it is still up and if you join you have full access to all their archives. My personal opinion is that porn belongs to Fantasy Land, the magic world where we are allowed to transgress some moral barriers, just as role playing. But those who think it is a racist outlet have a strong position.

Every clip plot is the same. A Black cameraman goes with a White friend to the hood hunting for Black thugs. There are no pretensions of realism, everything is clearly staged and scripted, some times they would even hire porn performers already well known to play the thug role. Once they locate a guy, they start a conversation. The “thug” reacts always stereotypically, first defensive and aggressively, then offering drugs and pussy. When he is told that the White guy wants him to suck his dick, he goes back to be aggressive until he is offered money. He accepts after a short negotiation, and takes the visitors to an alley, a parking lot, some public place, sometimes an apartment. After a while of the thug sucking the White guy’s dick, he is offered more money if he is willing to bottom. Only in one or two of the clips the Black guy tops. Finally the thug gets fucked, most times enjoying it and being the target of teasing from the cameraman for how hard his dick is and how much he is feeling the White dick in his ass.

Sean was hired to play the thug in one of those clips, I understand it was his first porn gig. I did not like his performance, he was overacting the stereotype and extremely tense during the fuck. However, I got completely hooked by his physic. I find his face to be very suggesting and wild, and his sharply shaped body and smooth skin absolutely hypnotic. Not to talk about his legendary monumental cocke. Now my mouth is watering. He was obviously not having a good time in that scene, his dick looks dead and we all know know what a master bottom he is. Later Sean would share with me that he did not enjoy that role, and that he will never again accept to play anything that it is not consistent with who he is.

The controversial porn studio started to open subsidiaries websites with less hot topics. One of those websites was named something like City Sex, or Urban Sex, I do not remember. All its clips were basically two young Black guys having a hot date in the bedroom. There I saw him my second time, and I was shocked by the contrast. No traces of the thug he played in his debut, this was an articulate, obviously very well educated young guy. His performance was better, but still not what was charming me. It was him, he had just added his personality to the packet.

I never stopped following his porn career. It sky rocketed and soon he became one of the big names of gay porn. His talent and his skills on camera did not stop growing and still are, as you know if you are one of his many admirers. He became my unquestionable number one porn star and porn performer, and one day he finally came to DC.

It was about three years ago. I had no much experience with escorts in the USA by then, and his fee was way over my cap, but I could not let him go without meeting him. Setting up the appointment was easy, even when he already was THE Sean. We agreed on one hour appointment and I met him in his hotel. The hotel had elevators with keys, so he had to come down to the lobby to welcome me. Beautiful and adorably nice and friendly.

Once in his room he was passionate and engaged, a vey good kisser. His attributes are well documented in his movies so I do not need to go on detail here. I was so nervous and overwhelmed (I was still an inexperienced client besides a huge fan), that my dick did not respond properly and I could not fuck him. He would beg for it, saying he wanted to feel it inside, but my motherfucking cocke would not get hard enough. We did something else to finish, he is a sweet and caring lover besides a kinky pig, but his begging and my frustration hunted me for long months, as I though I had just lost my last chance.

Sean is an accomplished academic scholar and professional, and was then planning to retire from adult entertainment in a few months. Damn it. He was also in a committed relationship with another industry celebrity, Andrew Justice, their engagement was then very close. As a side note, I understand their relationship just ended. It is not my business, I just wish them both a happy life with whatever decisions they make.

Fortunately for all of us, after a break he changed his mind and returned to his adult entertaining career. Back to shooting movies and back to touring the country as a companion. I had the opportunity to meet him a second time, again in Washington DC, about one year ago,

This time I was a more experienced client and was not so nervous. I booked two hours and asked him for a treat. His academic background arouses me, and the idea of fucking with a nerd drives me crazy, so I asked to stress this side of him during our encounter, and he did an outstanding job playing a kinky nerd for me. The meeting went great,. When we were kissing and hugging goodbye he whispered in my ear: “you are a good lover”. I left his room feeling like Superman.

I think our third time is approaching. He is in NYC now, but planning a visit to DC by the end of July or the beginning of August. If he does come, you will have a report here. And if you are in the area you should give him a try, he does not come often to this city.

I am not sure what fantasy should I role play with him this third time. Do you have any suggestions? Please, share them in the comments. My imagination is dried.



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