Black Porn

Last night I went to Rockhard DC. The place was not very crowded, and the only new thing I saw is a new waiter, Lamar was not there. Actually I did not really enjoy a lot of the stripers because I was in a date with a young man from Seeking Arrangement. He is gorgeous and I had to spend the night dodging other patrons trying to take him away from my side. It felt like even the waiter and the stripers were into my boy. I will probably talk more about him and my experiments with Seeking Arrangement, this intro is just to explain why I am with a strong hang over today and not in the mood to write long. I can’t remember how we get from the club to my bed.

So, this is going to be a short entry. I just want to introduce my last finding, a new porn performer starring in his debut clip with Knight and T-Rock, “FUCKING RIGHT”, produced by Breed It Raw. His name is Ali and damn he does fuck right. Not only I find him astonishingly beautiful, check the pictures, but I can also see considerable talent in his performance. Specially if we consider this is his very first clip, he will get even better, believe it r not.

He is from Houston, Texas, is taking very seriously his new career in the adult entertainment industry, and is evaluating whether or not give a try to escorting. I hope he does. I contacted him through his Tweeter and he responded very sweetly and friendly.

So that is it today. Take a look at his movie and pictures. I predict he will be one of the frequent flyers in my masturbatory fantasies.



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