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thinking of escorting PrEP

          Welcome to the post condom era. I am excited. I am starting today my PrEP (Pre Exposing Prophylaxis), so everyone grab your pants because this pinga is ready for partying.

I actually was a little anxious because I got a letter in the mail two days ago saying my application to the program (I am getting the drug for free) had been rejected. I went to the doctor today prepared to digest the bad news and pay for the treatment, as I am with no health insurance until August.

However, my doctor is the best, she played all her cards and got me back into the program. If you do not know what PrEP is, you should educate yourself and get the pills, specially if you are into having sex with multiple partners as I do. The CDC website has enough information, and you can research for more.

I know more than one is going to blame me of being irresponsible and promoting unsafe practices. Fuck you, go back to the 20th Century. My pinga is happier when it can scuba dive in an ass unwrapped, and when my pinga is happy I also am.

I am not actually saying goodbye to condoms. I am going to continue using them when I notice any red flags, there are other STDs besides HIV. Also, I am the kind of top that think that even when I am the “dominant” one, it is actually my partner, the bottom, the one who rules. So if any of my lovers ask me for a rubber, the drawer of my night table has a good provision of them.

I do not think younger people can realize the extent of this scientific achievement. Those my age we all lost so many friends back in the 80s and 90s. Having a way to prevent HIV is sexually liberating and emotionally intoxicant. I am planning to celebrate the next days, in your memory Gabriel, Nestor, Oscarcito, and Susana. And in memory of all those I did not meet but I would have loved and missed.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!




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