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This week I have been under the weather, so I have not many adventures to tell about. I think it is time for another report in my Seeking Arrangement 2 projects.

My Seeking Arrangement 2 case studies

The Texan Boy project is rolling. We are in fluent communication and the rapport is great. The day we met, when he walked into The Fireplace, I could not help the thought that he was too good to be real. Well, he is telling me that he is back to the gym and grew more muscle. Shit, he is hot. He is arriving this Monday, and both of us are planning beyond the two weeks trial period.

The Cute one called me to cancel our last week end date, which is bad and good. We have not talked a lot, but we did share that both of us think we were too drunk last time, and we both are interested in making sure next time we are able to remember what we did. He loved Rockhard Sunday, of course with everyone including the dancers drooling all over him. We are planning to meet earlier this Sunday to do our thing, and then go together for dinner and to Rockhard again.

A new Seeking Arrangement case

Last night I met one of the guys I was messaging with. Let’s call him Chocolate Boy. He let me down last week end. Therefore I was reticent to meeting him because in the pictures he looks a little bit too young for me. I am glad I met him. He apologized for flaking on our first appointment and throughout the week showed interest on getting together.

Chocolate Boy is 21 years old, works in the hospitality industry, lives in an urban area in Maryland, he is a part-time college student, he identifies as bisexual, just broke up with his girlfriend, and he is physically gorgeous, his pictures are a total misrepresentation of his manly looks. He is a little bit taller than I am, his skin is smooth and dark, he has an athletic complexion with soft muscles, very nice manners, and an open and friendly attitude.

We talked a lot but did not do much, I am not sure we are a match. We started at my place, smoking and relaxing, and kissed a little. Then we went out for dinner to the Barracks Raw area, and finally to Secrets, where had a few drinks. He got enthusiastic about signing up for the amateur stripers contest next Thursday, and about getting a job as a striper. He is hotter than all he guys that were dancing last night.

From sugar baby to escort

He even started talking about escorting and asking me if I knew anything about it. Who? Me?

For a few seconds I doubted whether or not should I mentor him into becoming a geisha. I decided that I will not, but that does not mean I will not share information with him. He is an adult and he can make his own educated decisions, I just have to educate him. He is very interested, but I am not sure he is up to the task.

Once back home I shared some info with him and promised I would go with him next week to Secrets to cheer for his performance. He said it was too late, so we did not go to bed. We kissed again and I sucked his dick, fingered him, and jerked him off. He seemed to enjoy it.

He is of the strong smells kind. Even when I showered once and washed my hands at least 5 times since I was with him, I still can smell the delicious aroma of his clean tight ass in my finger.My general impression is he is a hot, horny, curious guy, but I am not confident he really enjoys intercourse with older gentlemen. He told me I was the oldest guy he had ever been with. Although I did not perceive rejection or discomfort, he never took the initiative and I did not either perceive attraction. However, he has not much experience with guys, and this was just a first date, I do not have solid opinions abut him yet.

There is still more to come

I am still talking with one more guy that I may meet, and a second one who is in Philly but insists in contacting me. Nine more days are left in my premium membership to Seeking Arrangement, so theoretically it is possible that more candidates show up, although my agenda is a little bit full.
I keep you all posted.

Hasta la próxima pinga!


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