It is not hard to feel attraction for a deaf guy. They are very expressive when signing and I find sexy the flaws in their speech when they use their voices.

A deaf guy cruising in Buenos Aires’ streets

Buenos Aires is hot in summer. The guys quickly get into top tanks and t-shirts that show every single shape of their pecs and nipples. My favorite season for street cruising. Besides, it was the second half of the 80s, people was pushing for new freedoms since the new democracy arrived. Some behaviors that used to be clandestine and discrete were now becoming much more visible, and even openly challenging.

My street cruising circuit was more or less the same every evening. I would walk up and down Avenida Santa Fe from Rodríguez Peña to Anchorena, with stops in Callao and in Pueyrredón. It was easy to distinguish regular pedestrians from the hunters. We would walk with no hurry, often lingering around bus stops and strategic corners.

The connection was quick and easy. Once we made eyes contact and we hold it, we knew we had a match. The approaching ritual started.

In those old times I used to have full control of my erection. I would wear no underwear, just a tight jean. Every time I identified a candidate, I would get a hard on in a few seconds and make my turgid bulge obvious and visible. It was very effective, the perfect bait for the kind of fish I was after.

That night I had already walked a couple of times my regular itinerary. I stopped in Pueyrredón, and was considering whether or not to get a drink across the street. When I was about to cross, I saw him and waited for him to get closer. Tall, red hair, wearing a tight top tank that showed his well shaped shoulders and pecs, maybe 24 years old, carrying a gym bag.

We made eyes contact, he slowed his pace, and I knew he was mine. My hard on was already up and I saw his hungry expression when he noticed it. I rested against the wall, he passed by, smiled to me, walked a few more steps and st opped right in the corner. I went to him and introduced myself. His hair was still wet and he smelled like soap, I would learn in a few minutes he was coming from playing a softball game and had just showered in his sports club.

A quick hook up

I noticed something weird in his diction. When we were getting into a taxi cab to go to my place, I saw the hearing aid device around his ear, he was deaf. It was just a 10 minutes drive to my nest, so we did not have much time to talk, and we went straight to the action once in my place.

Damn he was horny. His dick was long and curved to the left in an unusual way. His body was sharp and athletic, and the boy was passionate and shaking in my arms like a teen ager. After playing for a while, I went down to eat his ass. He was so loudly moaning while I was sinking in his darkness that for a moment I got concerned about my neighbors complaining. I did not know it was just a little sample of what he could do.

I finished eating him and moved to topping. After a few minutes of intense digging, his hearing device fell from his ear. Up to that moment, he had been loudly moaning and dirty-talking. Without the device he was not able to receive the feedback to articulate his voice, and his loud dirty talk turned into loud non sense gibberish.

It struck me in an unexpected way, in an instant I felt like we were not human beings making love but some other beasts storming into raw wild fucking. It was a remarkable change, and the way he would shout out non sense passionate strange words that could belong to an alien language just drove me crazy. I was already very aroused, but the turn just multiplied my hornyness and accelerated an orgasm of nuclear proportions, and incredibly we exploded together.

I never saw him again, I do not remember why.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!


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