Transgender brothers and sisters are under attack. After decades of a federal government allied to the fight for civil rights expansion, the tide has changed.

Trump bans transgender people from the military

Wednesday morning President Trump tweeted his decision to reinstate the ban on transgender people in the military.

At this point, 24 hours after the tweets, we know he did not consult with “his” generals. The Pentagon seems lost and is referring any questions to the White House.

The backlash against this decision, even from the majority of the GOP senators and House members, is an amazingly positive sign of how much progress we have made on becoming a more inclusive and tolerant society. Despite the President.

There is such a strong reaction against the decision and so little information coming from the White House about reinstating the ban, that at this point it is not unreasonable to speculate that perhaps there is going to be some kind of smoothing the bad news. There are thousands of transgender members of the military in active duty and it is not clear right now what their situation is, they will be probably the leverage to beautify the ugliness.

Whatever ways these events develop one thing must be very clear. This is not a slowing on the pace of civil rights expansion and progress. This is not a stop. We are not talking about not granting a newly recognized right. We are not discussing not to expand inclusiveness. What is in question is a right that had been already fully recognized by the Obama administration, we are talking here about shrinking our inclusiveness pool. This is not a slow down, this is not a stop, this is going backwards.

Like President Trump would say: “sad, very sad”.

Call your congressperson.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!





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