It looks like Texas is not only a major producer of oil and horrible GOP politicians, but also amazing escorts. Last week I had the privilege of meeting Kevin and I hope it is the beginning of a long term relationship.

Communication was so easy. I had him in my Buddy List, I noticed he was in Philly, and shot him a message through RM telling him that it would be a shame not to try the DC market, famous for its welcoming clients. He responded in a few minutes, telling me he was just considering a trip, and was researching hotels. I recommended him the Omni Shoreham out of the few ones he asked me about, and he made the reservation almost immediately. By the way, the first time with my sweet Ron was in that hotel.

I arrived to the hotel 30 minutes earlier. I texted him to invite him for a drink in the bar. He responded immediately asking me for a few minutes.  5 minutes later he asked me to come up to his room, 20 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.

He opened the door wearing just a sexy jockstrap and sockets. Wow. He is exactly what you see in his pictures, a beautiful mountain of smooth dark chocolate. His demeanor was warm and friendly, and we clicked instantly.

Actually, the chemistry was so good that we did not talk much at the beginning. Before I realized what was going on, we were eating each other. What a talented kisser being such a young guy! His French kissing is attentive and passionate, he was 100% into it.

He is taller and bigger (his muscles) than I am, so I struggle managing him, specially at the beginning. Later we would talk and I would learn that he is actually used to top and being in control, so I was pushing him out of his comfort zone. A couple of times we almost fell out of the bed, it took us a few minutes to actually being in coordination. You know, sometimes passion makes you clumsy, we laughed every time.

Kevin is an expert cock sucker. He does it hungrily but at the same time delicately, which is highly appreciated when you are uncut like I am. He made love to my dick with his mouth, it was not just sucking.

His butts deserve to be declared National Park, I wish Obama was still with us. I tasted his deliciousness and sank in his depth for a few minutes. I wish I did it longer, but he was begging me to fuck him with every single cell in his body.

We did not even need lube. As a considerate top, I do not like harming my partner. His asshole was almost as receptive as his mouth. Before I noticed he was fucking himself in the doggy position. His butts are perfectly shaped and muscular. I would shake them with my hands following the different rhythms of my strokes, dancing in the bed. He was very expressive so it was easy for me to please him following his moaning, moving from slow to fast and back to slow again. I am getting a boner while I am recalling it.

We fucked in several positions and he always was absolutely engaged and enjoying it. To crown the experience, I always like cumming by jerking off and kissing. He did it first, and then passionately kissed me until I reached ecstasy.

I think he read my profile and perhaps he was following my wishes. In one of the lines in my RM profile I state that in order for me to be satisfied I should feel by the end of the session that he is the one willing to pay for my service. I was beyond satisfied. I was absolutely happy and fascinated. When I checked the clock, we were 5 minutes before the time originally allotted. We had been passionately playing for about 70 minutes without a break.

Then, we finally talked, and we clicked even more. His parents are African, he has a beautiful African real name that I am not going to share because it is our secret, and most amazingly we both share the same birthday. Yeah, with three decades in between, but we both were born on Halloween. What an amazing and adorable coincidence. Or perhaps a sign of Destiny. We chatted out of the clock for about 30 minutes, and it was clearly difficult to both of us to say goodbye, but someone else was coming.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet him again during this visit. I wanted to interview him and have a photo session for the blog, but we did not make it. I hope he will return soon. If you are reading this, beautiful Kevin, you should plan your next visit to DC for October 31st.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos.



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