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This time I came to the appointment with some doubts. Sean Xavier had been very friendly and easy to communicate with as always, but he did not grandfather me. I wanted to spend two hours with him but I could not afford it. I had even considered cancelling and made the decision I would not hire him again. But then he kissed me and told me.

Before the Action

I arrived to his hotel about 15 minutes earlier and texted him to send me his room number once he was ready. At the time of the appointment he responded apologizing and asking for a few more minutes. Five minutes later I got the number.

I am not going to praise much his beauty; if you have read my previous related post and/or you follow me in the Forums, we know he is perfection for me, my favorite Pstar of all time. I am going to say that this time something was different. For better.

Sean Xavier beauty was unchanged but his demeanor was slightly different. He had always been extremely cordial and friendly, but a little bit too formal, a little bit staged. Not this time, when he warmly greeted me I felt he was honestly glad to see me again. He was definitely more relaxed, and comfortable, and more authentic. He is letting his chess hair grow and now has stubble. Overall, I felt I was more with the real man and less with the porn star, and I liked it. A lot.

We had only one hour, no time to waste. We did talked a little bit while fore playing and I learned some big news.

Sean Xavier gives me The Big News

Knowing that he is not in a relationship with Andrew Justice anymore, I asked him whether he was enjoying his bachelorhood. Well, he is not single anymore. He is dating someone who is not part of the adult entertainment industry, and it is serious. I am happy for both of them.

Not only that. Sean has completed his Masters and is about to retire from the industry. He is right now touring the country for a last time. Now I understood why he did not grandfather me, and I felt selfish and idiotic. He will have one more trip to DC before retiring and I will try to see him again. He is on a mission, squeezing as much profit as possible from his last months crowning a career of outstanding service.

The Hot Action

But as I said, we did not talk much. Our passionate French kissing soon took over. I could feel his legendary dick getting harder quickly; he was just wearing shorts. We kissed for a while, massaging our raising hard ons, until Sean started to undress me.

In that moment I did not know he had one more trip to DC in his plans. That piece of information would come afterwards. In my mind I was worshipping his cock and ass one last time, and I got to work on it on depth. It is admirable how hard he stays having such a huge tool, without using a cock ring. Well, perhaps he was not wearing one because he knew he was not going to top. That giant piece of man meat was rock hard most of the time.

I sucked his dick and balls for a while and slowly started to expand my mouth work to the back of his penis and his anus. My focus was him having a great time and I was getting the right signs. I French kissed his ass as though it was his mouth, and passionately devoured and sucked it. I kept my oral play with some finger pressure help alternating amongst his dick, his balls, the back of his dick, his rim, and his deep ass and prostate. His dick is so long that even when it is hard it is easy to pull it back to his ass and work out both together. He was definitely enjoying it, nothing makes me hornier than feeling that my partner is in ecstasy.

After a long session of oral work we moved to the missionary position. Our first attempt was clumsy, so we added some lube and got back to work. And hell we worked. We stayed pumping in that position for a long time, in all the possible combination of rhythms and intensities my stamina could afford. I was in heaven enjoying the landscape. We locked eyes now and then, whit moments of intense and passionate kissing. However, most of the time I just fucked him, enjoying his beauty and giving him pleasure. His stubble beautifully frames his sexy lips, and highlights one of my favorite details in Sean’s face.

I do not know what the explanation is, but many Black men have a gap in between their upper frontal incisive teeth. I find it extremely appealing and I am appalled to see so many men correcting this “defect” with braces. Sean Xavier did not make that mistake. I would feel like his semi open lips showing his sexy gap in an expression of ecstasy were calling to kiss them.

After accommodating his legs in different angles, always in missionary, I noticed through his socks how he was curling his toes. I pulled his socks away and slid my fingers between his toes; it felt even better than interlocking our hands.

After a prolonged work out I was exhausted and needed a break to get my breath back and recover the strength of my erection. We laid down side by side and got into one more session of passionate deep kissing. It was short, soon he was laying face down and I was back inside him. After a while he warned me that he was about to cum. However, he was enjoying it so much that instead of slowing down I intensified my speed. He got an ass orgasm.


Sean went to the restroom, I checked the time and we were 10 minutes before the end of our appointment. He came back and asked me how he could return the favor. Our previous time he sucked my dick and we got off jerking off. Now I preferred to skip my orgasm (they are over rated), even when he was offering to do whatever I wanted. I’d rather use those 10 minutes to have what I thought would be our last conversation.

Saying goodbye to Sean Xavier

This Is when I learned the information I shared earlier in this post. I was happy to know he would be back in DC one more time, probably by the beginning of October. We also agreed on a written interview, so hopefully in a few days I will share it in another post.

I think Sean Xavier reads my reviews and adjust our interaction to please me. We should not believe every compliment a professional give to us, but I choose to believe. In our previous meeting he dismissed me with a warm hug and whispers about what a good lover I was, and I shared in my report how good these comments made me feel.

This time he thanked me for the good time, and highlighted specifically one of the things I did, saying he was taking notes during my performance. What a badge to get such a compliment from your favorite porn star.

As my previous time, I walked out of his room feeling like Superman.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!








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