male prostitutesPerhaps you are considering to hire a male companion for the first time. Maybe you are an initiated, but still a beginner. Or you have had lots of experiences but something is still not working for you.

Perhaps you are considering to become a professional male companion. Maybe you already started, but are still giving your first steps in the craft. Or you have been escorting for some time now, but things still feel awkward to you.

A foreword to beginner male companions and clients

We know a male companion is selling his time and his company. However, we also know that when two adults are together, there is a possibility of becoming physically intimate. Throughout this post it is assumed that it is understood we are never talking about selling sexual favors.

Sorry, I have to make that very clear. That was the fore-foreword. Let’s move on.

The infinite diversity of clients and providers, and the borderline legal nature of the activity, make of our male prostitutehobby an industry with no standards. I cannot talk about other countries, but in the USA we have no regulations and co-exist with the fear (it is real here, no paranoid illusions) of getting in trouble. Not only we deal with legal threats, but also with social discrimination. Both clients and providers are looked down by mainstream culture.

In that context my advice for beginners in both sides of the business is simple, just be discrete and polite. There is no protocol for the first contact. There are no guidelines. Just be kind, considered of the other, and sympathetic. If you are a client, do not forget you are hiring a human being. Your money does not give you any rights to be abusive, disrespectful, or inconsiderate. You want to have a good time with another person, please understand you need to bring more than just money to the equation.

If you are a companion, do not forget you are a service provider. Do not be just kind, be extra kind. You have a lot of competition in today’s market and you better make a good first impression. Be patient. The guy on the other side may be a first timer, he may be afraid and scared. He is probably in a better financial situation than you, but that does not mean he is rich. He may want to think very well where to invest his few extra dollars. Please, never forget that your business is to please.

Finally, the world is full of scammers, fakers, impostors, liars, and thieves. Dishonesty is in both sides. I will assume that you are a client who wants to spend quality time with another human being and is willing to meet his part of the contract. I will assume that you are a provider who can actually deliver the service he is offering, at his best. All of it in the context of human decency and mutual cooperation.

Before contacting the escort

If you are in the clients side, you play with all the advantages even if you are a beginner. Start by protecting your privacy. Open an email account that cannot be traced to you and use it for all of your “sinful” play. If you are really afraid, get a google number for calls and texts with no links to your identity. I must confess I am not so careful, but those are the best practices.

male prostituteMake sure you know what you want. Try to have that as clear as possible, to find the right companion. Different professionals cater to different needs. How much money are you budgeting? For a first time I would suggest no less than 2 hours, no more than 3. What do you want to happen during that time? Have it clear to scope the search for the right companion, but do not overthink it, do not script it, be ready to improvisation and surprise.

If you have little or not experience at all, I advice to go for a recognized, already established professional. Choose your favorite candidates in Rentmen. Once you have a few, do your research. Check the reviews at Daddy’s. Join the Forums and place a 411 (a request for information) on the candidates you are exploring. You are lucky if you live in a big city, the market is right now over offered. If you live in other places you may need to diversify your search and include the PROS section in Adam, Backpage, and Men4Rent.

Waiting to be contacted by a client

If you are considering a career as a male companion, your first consideration should be your brand. What are your strengths and your weaknesses? What service can you provide at excellence? Be honest to yourself, we all have boundaries and different skills. Once you have identified what you can sell, your second consideration is advertising.

Open a profile in Rentmen. This profile is the window to your product, take it seriously because you need to male prostitutestand out of the crowd. Have a diverse arrange of pictures that shows you in different settings and situations. Professional pictures are great, but also selfies and spontaneous ones should be there. If you have a great body, show it, do not be shy. It is better if you show your face, and smiles are wonderful.

Be truthful with all the information you include in your profile. Do not lie. Lies can give you some short term successes, but are not going to take you further. This can be a very profitable career if you think in the long term. Be truthful not only about your stats, and about your pictures, be specially truthful about the service you can offer.

There is a market for everyone. Of course it is better if you have geisha-like skills and can meet anyone’s needs, but do not say you can take all clients if you actually cannot. Honesty and clear communication are two of the keys for success in this business.

Soon both of you, beginner clients and providers, will have another post with more advice. This one was about the prepping for the first contact. Next time we will talk about the contact.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!


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