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Welcome to the second issue of The School Series. We take it here from where we left the first lesson: we are almost ready for the First Contact.

Right Before The First Contact

first contactYou have done your due research and vetted your candidates. As I said in the first lesson, a beginner should go for a recognized professional. You will have time for other explorations once you gain some experience and confidence.

Reaching out to a known professional is easy. Some of them even explain in their ad what you should do in order to contact them, and all of the information they share is reliable. Read the profiles thoroughly, it is annoying for a provider when we ask questions that are generously answered in a well written ad.

Perhaps it is too much to expect from a beginner, but I strongly advice you to create a client profile. My profile in Rentmen includes my stats and an explanation of what I am looking for. It has a picture that I unlock at will, but you do not need one. I also have a profile in Adam for my regular hook ups that can perfectly be used as my introduction to a professional. This save me a lot of time and misunderstandings, and it is for free.

Do not forget that the success of a meeting ultimately depends on the chemistry between two men. Well, it could be more than two but we are talking about your first steps into this hobby, let’s keep it conventional for now. The more information both of you share, the higher chance for a successful experience both of you have.

If you are in the escort side, hopefully you put some thought on your ad and developed a thorough, well written and truthful ad. Do not forget what I told you before, lies will not take you any further than petty hustling. A well thought profile will attract quality clients, the ones that hire for multiple hours and days, not the drunk ones that hit you at 2 AM looking for a quicky.

The First Contact from the client side

I am sure you are nervous. Just the idea of making the call gets your heart bitting like African drums. Relax and trust in three norms: be polite, be discrete, and communicate.

Be polite. If you followed my advice you are contacting a respected professional and you should address him as such. Calm down your fears, concerns, and insecurities, and relay on the comfort of conventional politeness.

first contactBe discrete. During your vetting research you may have found personal information that your candidate is not sharing in his profile. You may know his real name, his educational background, etc. Forget you know it. Respect what the professional publicly share in his ad, that should be all you show you know. Perhaps if you two click and become regulars he will volunteer the information. Or you will get to the point where your relationship would allow you to warn him about how easy was to find out about his private life. Until then you should respect the boundaries he is clearly setting to his privacy.

Communicate. It is easy if you have a client profile. If you do not have one, be very clear describing what you are looking for. Do not forget you are renting his time and his company, make sure your conversation does not imply anything else when you are discussing money. You should converse about the things both of you enjoy doing, and discuss the fee for his time disconnected of what you will be doing together. Otherwise you could compromise both of you.

Be honest about your lack of experience and your fear, a veteran provider will know how to make you feel comfortable and on ease.

I advice to have a videoconference. You will see his mannerisms, his body language, you will add significant observations. Also try to get in his shoes. You know a lot about him, you can probably count how many hairs he has in his ass. He knows nothing about you and is going to a completely blind date. He will appreciate to talk to you and to see the face he may be about to kiss.

The First Contact on the escort side

If you are a beginner, you may also be nervous and scared. You are in the weaker side of the equation. The guy who is contacting you have probably researched you and vetted you. He may know a lot about you, he has picked you out of the huge pool of your competition, if you are in a big city. On the other hand, you know nothing abut him.

You do not have all the tools a client has, amongst other things, because you have to go public and he does not. He maybe protecting his privacy with a Google number and the thousand tricks to stay private and unidentifiable. However, you should also veto your contacts. I can feel the hate of many clients when I am writing this.

If I were you, I would never pick that call or respond immediately that message. That will give you some time to research. If you signed up for the Forums, you may be already networking and establishing relationships with other professionals. If you know you are being contacted by a forum member, you may privately ask in your network about him. You will not be asking for personal information, but just about the client’s reliability.

If you are contacted from Rentmen, you can check whether the client has a history of reviews. You can contact your colleagues and ask about him. If he contacted you from a phone number, google it. There is a high chance you will not find out any private information, but at least you will be able to learn whether or not that number has been reported before to websites like Bad Boy Report.

Once you did what you could to make sure you are not being targeted by anyone dangerous, respond to the contact. The same laws referred for clients apply to you. Be polite, be discrete, and communicate.

Be polite. You are trying to be successful in the service industry, be patient and considerate. The guy contacting you may be a disrespectful asshole. Do not engage, block him, but most contacts will be out of some degree of honest interest. Your challenge will be to discriminate those who actually want to hire you. A serious client will not engage in endless communication. If you do not notice that soon you are discussing an appointment, just move on. However, you must be patient. There are many potential clients who are first-timers, who may be curious, perhaps with no experience not only hiring but even been with another man. These guys may need more time and attention.

first contactBe discrete. Just as may happen to a client when researching an escort, you may accidentaly find private information about the contact. Discretion is the Law. You must never discuss this information with no one. If a colleague in your network contacts you asking about one of your regulars, you must never share personal information. You can talk about how generous (or not) the client is, about how well (or not) he treats you, but you must never share any personal information you may have.

Communicate. I am going to repeat myself here. You should have a thorough and truthful profile. You should be honest about what you can do and about what you cannot or do not want to do. There should be no doubts about what is your fee and your time availability.

Exit Ticket

Before dismissing you, I have a little assignment. If you are a potential client, I want you to close your eyes for a minute and imagine you are an escort who has just been contacted. His first contact. How would you like to be treated? If you are a potential provider, I propose the same exercise. If you were paying, how would you like to be serviced during your first contact?

And that is today lesson, my beloved johns and whores. I am not sure yet what the next lesson is going to be about, and I am taking suggestions. If you want to propose a topic, you may leave a comment or contact me to the email in my signature.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!


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