KEVIN (HOUSTONBEST) capKevin -Houstonbest is visiting DC and I just could not resist the temptation. He should have chosen Houstonbeast as his fantasy name.

Kevin -Houstonbest in DC

gif fucking in the BRMy budget needs a break. I was getting ready for a month of hook ups in Adam4Adam, and then Kevin -Houstonbest texted me last Tuesday that he was arriving on Thursday. Damn, I need another job.

After our explosive first time, we had an equally earth shaking second encounter. For our third date I wanted to bring him to my place, as previously we had met at his hotel. Those earlier meetings had been only for one hour, our intense chemistry did not let much time for us to talk. My cave and a longer time together, I thought, would allow us more time to relax and connect beyond the sack.

I was right. We met for three hours and had the chance to get more acquainted. Besides being a volcanic lover, Kevin -Houstonbest is a goal oriented, smart, caring young man. I knew we were Halloween babies, I knew we are a great fit in bed, I did not know we can chat for hours and have fun together out of the sheets.

Kevin -Houstonbest in the sack

Black tom of Finland Our connection in bed was even better than the previous sessions. We know how to please each other and we were straight for our jugulars. We did have more time, not rushing like before indeed made a difference. However, we did not do anything new and will not bore you repeating the routine. I did notice, though, that his erection was harder and lasted most of the time that way. The boy was having a great time.

I already shared this, but I just cannot help it. My apologies. Let me do it with a little more detail this time. His ass and his bubble butts are from a superior dimension. Perhaps we could call it the Tom of Finland dimension. He can control and intentionally work his rim muscle and his gluteus; my mouth and my dick were having a party. His relaxation was so good that we did not need lube, just saliva. Lots of saliva.

As something new, Kevin asked me to cum inside him (he is HIV- and is on PrEP). I warned him I almost never can do it because I am hard to reach an orgasm. He was very sweet and apologetic, begging me to forget about it and not to stress about his request. Kevin is very attentive and focused on pleasing you. This was the first time ever he asked me for something that would please him. His reaction when he realized his request may be a potential cause of displeasure for me was moving. It speaks loudly about the kind of caring companion he is.

Unfortunately I could not please him, although I did try. And enjoyed so much trying and trying and trying. However, we needed a break.

Surprises and a tip

kiss gif Kevin (houstonbest)When we were taking the break before finishing, he found the container where I keep all my toys. Kevin seemed honestly disappointed I did not mention them before. It is a shame that he does not want to be photographed, because our next time will include some bondage and S/M play. Based in our experiences, he has a huge potential as a submissive toy. Nice surprise.

I did have another surprise. We were talking about what he could do this week end in DC. I was recommending him to go to Rockhard DC on Sunday, complimenting the big hard dicks you can squeeze and enjoy. Kevin does such a good job at taking my dick with his ass and his face that I assumed he loved dicks. Well, no. He mostly loves a big phat ass and topping.

Kevin explained to me that as an escort he does not like to promise what he cannot deliver. He is confident he can enjoy bottoming with any guy, but he needs to be inspired to perform as a top. If you are versatile and happen to hire him, you may have a surprise and end getting fucked by this beautiful pile of chocolate beefy muscle. If that happens to you, pease contact me and share your experience. I am very curious to know how he performs as a top. If he is good at both, this boy is indeed pure gold.

Whatever happens, I just want to drop one more tip that I forgot to share in my first review: his nipples are his hot spot. Work them softly and kindly, and you will have him freaking out. I think he may also enjoy rougher play, but I leave that for experimenting in our next date.

Kevin -Houstonbest will be back

KEVIN (HOUSTONBEST) LEATHERKevin arrived on Thursday planning to stay until Monday. I met him on Saturday noon. He shared he was considering leaving earlier because he had already met his financial goals. I was gladly surprised by his success considering all the talking about a slowing down in the business going on right now. He is very happy at the way we treat him in DC, and will be back.

I am very happy we have more time together. It does not happen very often, but now and then you develop a friendship beyond the usual contract. Elii, I miss him, left DC to tour the world. It happened to me with Ron. Perhaps it is now happening with Kevin.

It is good to know he will keep coming. You should not let go the chance to meet this young man, or to see him again if you already had the privilege.

I will be waiting with my leather toys ready to experiment something new.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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