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beso negro

beso negroBeso Negro. Use your Google Translator if your Spanish is so poor that you do not understand what it means. That is how we call eating ass in Cervantes’ language. Deeply poetic, right?

Beso Negro is my addiction

beso negroFench Kissing, eating ass, and topping are my favorite sack entertainments. However, I can have good sex missing one or two of those things. Kissing would be most missed, but I can have very good sex without kissing. Topping is powerful, but I have had amazing sex without topping. I cannot be close to an ass and not eat it. It would be just unbearable.

I cannot remember when exactly I found out this addiction. Back in Argentina, jokes about Beso Negro are a common place, specially in straight men talking. There is somewhere in my mind a very far away memory of me finding the idea disgusting. Which does not mean much, thinking of male genitalia used to be disgusting when I was a teenager getting aroused at the legs and pecs of my high school friends.

Porn was the source of inspiration, a few years after I started having sex with men. Memories are blurred, but I do remember an epiphany taking place while watching a porn movie. The strongest memory is the feeling of my hard on growing in a sec when observing how much the guy in the bottom was enjoying it. I found out two things thanks to that scene: that I love eating ass, and that it is my partner’s freaking what I enjoyed the most. Both findings branded me for the rest of my life.

Beso Negro is surprisingly not so popular

beso negroIt is amazing how unappreciated beso negro is amongst my straight friends. They are mostly college and high school educators, pretty mixed racially, between their 30s and 50s. They all react with disgust when I share my hobby with them. Some of them may consider not very enthusiastically the possibility of being in the receiving end. Every single one reacts with disgust at the idea of being the one eating ass. Several times I have been angrily confronted because of bringing this topic during dinner. They find it so disgusting that talking about it ruins their appetite.

Please notice I am not making any generalizations here. I have no idea wether my straight friends are a representative sample of straight America.

It is different in the gay culture. Beso negro is widely popular there (here). Finding someone who does not like being eaten is rare, but it does happen. Not often, but you can find with more frequency guys who do not enjoy being the eater. Finally you have the most frequent, although still unusual, kind of beso negro haters: those who enjoy being in the bottom end, but will not kiss you after you did your tonguing work.

All these poor sexually handicapped people cannot overcome the association with shit.

Eating ass is not eating shit, but some bacteria may sneak in

beso negroWell, shit does happens. I do not like eating or smelling fecal matter, and unfortunately it has happened to me way too often. I am sure there are those who do not care, or who even like it, but I do not.

Going on without interruption when contact with shit takes place is impossible to me. When I smell the shit, I can perform an early intervention (sending my partner to clean up) and continue playing. When I do not smell it but it is there, and I find out by tasting it, I need to stop, wash my mouth, and send my partner to clean up. In this case I am often unable to re engage.

There are those who argue that an ass can never be completely clean. It is true, some shit molecules may remain even after the deepest cleaning. My philosophy is if you cannot see it, smell it, or taste it, I do not care. However, they are right and you have to be cautious.

Do not do it if you did not get the shots for hepatitis A and B. After doing it, do not forget mouth washing as deeply as you are able to. Even if you do all of those things it is still a risky activity if your immune system is not at its best. There are other hepatitis with out a preventive vaccine, and there is bacteria.

I caught recently a bacterial infection in my throat. It could have had another origin, but there is a very good chance it came from beso negro. I was having a mild cold, my defenses were low, and bacteria sneaked into my system. A week taking antibiotics solved the problem, not a big deal. It was my first infection after 30 years of intense, frequent, and deep ass eating. Not bad.

A clean ass is delicious.

beso negroAll dicks do not have the same flavor or aroma. One of the fascinating things about asses is that it does not matter your race, your complexion, or your diet. They all taste and smell the same to me. And the taste and aroma are both delicious.

It is the one thing Catholic temples and asses share: all Catholic temples also smell the same. I have visited temples in several countries in North and South America, in Europe, and in North Africa, and this consistency is remarkable. Similarly, I’ve eaten ass in three continents for three decades, and the consistency is striking.

The flavor is delicious but fades quickly. I specially love the smell because not only it is delicious but also sticky. The smell is the same in every single ass, but the intensity and stickiness varies from one ass to the other. My favorite ones are the assess with the most intense and sticky aroma.

A few months ago I ate a guy I met in Seeking Arrangement (do you remember Chocolate Boy?). His ass aroma stayed in my goatee for three days, despite me showering twice a day and brushing my teeth several times a day. When this happens I love it. I go through my day, teaching my classes and attending professional meetings, smelling delicious ass aroma in my mustache.

An ass is very delicate. Be careful and caring.

beso negroMany of the guys I have been with complimented my skills, even experienced professionals like Sean Xavier. Every time they do I ask them what it is that I do that they like so much.

This may sound preposterous, but the first thing many of them share is that I do not hurt them. Apparently skills in the sack are not very widely spread, and there is an amazingly high amount of lack of physical empathy.

Be careful and caring. The rim area is extremely sensitive, I cannot stress enough how easily you can hurt your lover. Start always slowly and smoothly, use your tongue to lubricate all the area you are going to be contacting with your face. If you have any facial hair, be aware that it may be harmful if you are not cautious. Do not forget you have teeth, please never use them in that area. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. Use tons of saliva to lubricate.

beso negroThe bottom line is be caring and empathetic. Feel what your partner is feeling, stay connected. It is very easy to be overtaken by passion, to center in your own pleasure, and to forget how delicate is the area you are eating. Kiss it like you would kiss the lips of the love of your life. Lick it, suck it, eat it, sink and dive in it, but never ever lose the connection with your partner. He is the one who is going to let you know whether he is enjoying or suffering it, you will not get his signals if you are not paying attention.

My lovers told me more things I am doing well. I shared what I just shared because I do not want you to harm anybody. But if you want to know more, if you want to know what techniques are the most effective and what my secret techniques are, you will have to wait. I am not giving away those for free.

Hasta el próximo beso negro, amig@s!


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