Isaac again

Issac powersIsaac  visited again DC for a few days, and we met. For a long time, I had been fantasizing with trying a rougher play. Instead we dived deep in the BFE.


Isaac againMy MAL weekend was a disappointment. Ron was going to flight to DC to stay the whole weekend with me and attend the M4M forums luncheon, but he got the flu, had to stay a night in the hospital, and was in recovering. Kevin Ryder was also visiting and I was secretly planning a threesome with him and Ron. He cancelled our appointment because of sickness, offered a make up, and then ghosted me. So I spent a sexless long week end.

It was nice though having the chance to hang out a couple of times with the friends from the M4M forums. We had a field trip to Secrets on Saturday, and on Sunday we had brunch together at Annie’s. I was disappointed at myself for my inability to socialize like a normal person, but pleased to have the chance to place a real face in so many friends from the forums.

Fortunately Isaac again came to the rescue the following week end. Just as he did before.

Isaac Powers lightens my 2018.

Isaac againI like meeting my traveling boys at noon, to be the first one they meet in the day. They may be very busy when they are touring, so I like to catch them fresh. Unfortunately Isaac was leaving on Saturday morning and the only chance to get together was Friday night.

It did not matter. Isaac’s performance was just as good as if I were the only one he met during his whole trip. He was passionate and demanding as usual. He specially enjoyed riding my “pingota” (that is how he call my dick), and I tripped witnessing his eyes rolling over in ecstasy. Then we tried several positions and he had a huge orgasm while we were dogging.

It sounds raw when I summarize our meeting like that, but it was not. In our previous date the playing had actually been wilder and freaker. I was expecting raw, wild sex, but everything I shared took place in a very affectionate context. Isaac did not watch the clock. We talked and made out for a long time before going to bed. We lovingly kissed and hug a lot in between positions once in bed. We stayed cuddling and chatting in bed after sex. We continue cuddling and chatting for a long time until he called an Uber because a client was texting.

He delivered one of the best Boyfriend Experiences I ever had.

Isaac again shows he is special

Isaac againIsaac is very excited and enthusiastic about the success he is having in his escort career. I am not going to share the details, but he is working a lot. I am glad to report also that he is very happy with the customers he is meeting.

After a discussion in the M4M forums about the abuse that professionals suffer now and then, I was very concerned when Isaac shared the amount of calls he was taking in a regular basis. Fortunately, without giving any details, he was very emphatic on highlighting what a great time he is experiencing, how much money he is making, and the wonderful clients he is having the opportunity to meet.

We talked about it right after sex, and it was one of the nicest moments of the whole encounter. My release and joy at knowing he was going through a great moment in his life, and his very love for this moment, beautifully and deeply melted and the outcome was one of the best hugs I ever had with an escort.

Isaac Powers next steps

Isaac againWhile I am writing he is probably arriving back to NYC. If you are in the West Coast be alert, soon he will be in Los Angeles and then in San Francisco. If you are interested on him, I strongly recommend booking as soon as possible. Isaac spent some time showing me pictures of some of the guys he is hooking up with from Grindr. While he was looking for them, I was able to see the number of text messages he is receiving in response to his ads. Overwhelming. Call him now and make an early reservation or you may miss him.

After Frisco he will return to NYC and then back to DC. There is an interesting possible turn in his life. Perhaps. Isaac Powers will switch to the West Coast and move to LA. However, do not start celebrating yet, west coasters, it is still just a possibility.

He is also going to take his body to the next level. The plan is not adding more volume to what you see in his pictures (tanks to the God I do not believe in!), but work on muscular definition. I noticed his arms and legs were harder than the last time, so this is work already in progress. He wants to be even more beautiful than he already is.

For now, he has redirected the way my new year was coming. Isaac again and again, that’s the motto. In my quest for younger men into daddies, Isaac is a keeper.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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