recommended pingasThese are my recommended pingas right now, out of a booming offer. If you have been following me and share my preferences, you should be taking notes.

My recommended pingas are very exclusive

recommended pingas I do not meant it as in not being accesible. I mean it as in “this is MY list”, following my own preferences. A huge number of outstanding professionals are excluded from the list just because I am not interested in meeting them.

What are the inclusion parameters for my exclusive list? First, my preferences. I am a dominant top into guys younger than 30 who are into French kissing and bottoming. I prefer them Black and/or Latino, smooth, athletic, and masculine.

Second, my experience. I have met the guys and I can vouch for their honesty and talents. Remember, what happens between two human beings is a matter of chemistry. Even if I can vouch for them, I cannot guarantee you will have a similar experience. Who knows? Perhaps you get even better quality time.

Third, my knowledgeable guts. There are a few guys, very few, I can vouch for even if I have not met them. Yet. How come? I have information from multiple and diverse reliable sources and I feel a vibe from my communications with them that overcome any reasonable doubts or concerns. I want them and I know we will have a memorable time together.

Sean Xavier, the most exclusive of my recommended pingas

Sean recommended pingasThis one is only for those rich motherfuckers amongst you (I know, it is envy). As I reported, he is retired from porn and standard escorting. However, he still can discuss escorting for multiple days, like in traveling. You can reach out to him through his social media, if you can afford him. One thing I can tell you, he worths it.

Isaac Powers

Isaac powers in the showerIsaac is one of those special hot guys who just cannot stop being horny and ready for the action. All the time. He is touring he West Coast right now, and will be back in DC in March. I already shared my experiences with him, if he is in your city and you let him go something is seriously wrong with you.


Jaquan 6 packs

Out of all my recommended pingas, Jaquan is my favorite DC based guy right now. I’ve shared about him before. My plan today was actually meeting and having my first session of bondage and role playing with him, but he left to NYC (pay attention New Yorkers). Maybe next week.

Kevin Houstonbest

KEVIN (HOUSTONBEST) capThis boy is the bomb. Every time we finish fucking we have to reset the hotel room bed. The bed, not the sheets, together we are like an earthquake epicenter. You can read my reports before calling him.

Timarrie Baker

Timarrie Pinga NewsTimarrie is one of the guys I have not yet met but I can vouch for. The reports I get about him are 100% positive, and my communications with him confirm them. He has a serious thing with older men. Check my post about him here.

Mike Maverick

mike maverick new fucksAnother one I have not met yet, another one I can recommend anyway. He has a clear history with older men, and he is a freak in the sack. You can contact him here and read about him here.

Alam Wernick

alam new fucksYou do not have to be rich for this one, but almost. He is out of my reach. Reports about him are also 100% consistent. I wish my bank account was bigger. This is one of his many ads. Out of all my recommended pingas, he is unfortunately the one I have the least chance to ever meet.


Jaden recommended pingasWonderful kisser and a voracious bottom. I enjoyed my two meeting with him, a lot. Unfortunately he comes to the DMV only in December. Contact him here.

Kevin Ryder

Kevin Ryder Pinga NewsKevin is such an attentive and horny lover. He let me down and we did not meet in his last visit to DC. However I do not keep any grudges. His is a hot sweet man and you will have an amazing time with him.

Victor Powers

victor recommended pingasI have not met Victor yet, but soon will have the chance to corroborate what I already know. He will be in DC next week but our schedules do not click. We will have to wait until April, when we will be attending an event. We will meet then and will report here the amazing time we had together.


rio recommended pingasOne of the best kissers I ever tried. Unfortunately when I was going to call him for our second meeting he moved to NYC. I will never forget his tongue playing in my mouth. You can reach him here.



The list should be a little bit longer. Because of different circumstances Ron and Troy have no active ad right now and cannot be contacted. Otherwise they would have made it to the list.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s


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