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tyson Tyler nextdoor ebony

next-door ebonyNextdoor Ebony is one of my favorite porn studios. They have been one of the first ones to deliver porn with Black performers produced in High Definition.

DISCLAIMER: I mean every complimenting word and I am not being paid for advertising the website. However, if you click in te banners and/or sign up to the site, I will probably get some money. So please, check the website from here and sign up if you find it appealing.

Nextdoor Ebony quality

nextdoor ebonyIt is well established that the mainstream porn market is dominated by White performers and studios. Nextdoor Ebony is just one of the many branches of Nextdoor Studios, and benefits from abundance of props and prime scenography other niche studios do not have access to.

I may be wrong, but I think they were the first ones to deliver High Definition videos, filmed with professional cameras and edition. Other studios started with a more amateur quality, not this guys.

One more thing I enjoy is that scripts and performances are most times far away from ethnic stereotypes. It is nice to see performers that play more “thuggish” roles in other porn factories with a completely new character in Nextdoor Ebony.

And of course, the performers. They have in their cast pretty much every single big Black porn star from the USA, plus the delicious Tyson Tyler from the UK. Let’s sample some of them.

Trenton King

I am still wondering how Trenton never made it to one of my To Do Lists. He started as a 100% top and now is bottoming more and more often. I have to find out whether or not he is escorting.

Pheonix Fellington

Phoenix is one of the new revelations in the industry. He used to have an ad in rentmen, but last time I reached out to him he told me he was not escorting anymore. We still can enjoy his amazing performances. He is versatile, but he really stands out as a bottom.

Jacen Zhu

I have been twice with Jacen, he serves the DC area from his home base in Pennsylvania. The first time was OK but promising, the second time was completely underwhelming. Even if I cannot recommend him as an escort, his porn performances are excellent. Another versatile guy that actually shines as a bottom.


Rio is out of the charts. I have been with him once, when he was based in Baltimore. His tongue playing in my mouth is an unforgettable memory. When I was going to call him for our second meeting, he moved to NYC, where he is based nowadays. He is fully versatile, and stands out on any role he may play.

Kyd Leo and Red

If you are into tops, you cannot let Red pass by. He is a frequent visitor to the DC area. Actually, maybe he has moved in here, I see him always in Rentmen and Adam. Anyway, for obvious reasons I am not interested in meeting him. I am a fan of his porn work, though. He has fucked almost every single guy I want to bring to my sack.

I do want Kyd Leo. Out of the “hood thuggish” performers I found him to be one of the sexiest. He used to advertise in Hardcore Thugs, but I just went through two years of ads without finding him. If his is still there it has not been updated in a long time.

Osiris Blade and Bam Bam

What else can I say about Osiris? I am into men younger than 30, and however I am completely charmed by this almost 40 guy. The day we coincide in the same city I will not let the opportunity pass. He put down recently his ad in rentmen but we are in touch through Twitter. We will meet some time.

Bambam has been one if my favorite performers since the first time I saw him. I have no idea whether or not he is available to meet. Let’s hope so.

Staxx and King B

King B was one of the most talented bottoms in the industry. Unfortunately he passed away. It is a sad story I do not want to revisit here.

Staxx is an amazing bisexual stallion. He usually performs as a top, but my favorite performance is a clip at Black Boyz Addictions where Knockout tops him. Just thinking of that performance gives me a hard on.

XL and Nubius

XL is in my To Do List for the year and I swear I am going to meet him. He comes to DC now and then from his home vase in Atlanta. He is a performer I have been following for several years. XL started as a top performer, but he has turned into the hottest bottom in the industry.

Nubius has been in the market for a longer time. He used to drive me crazy with his first videos bottoming. After all these years I wonder whether or not he remains attractive to me. The newest pictures in his Rentmen ad are from 2015. He is based in Boston, if I am ever visiting the area I would give him a call.

Tyson Tyler

Tyler, since the first time I saw him, has been an obsession. I wish he came to the USA more often. I reached out to him trough Twitter and he has been promising a visit to DC for two years now. If you ever visit London, you can find him in sleepy boy.

There are still more hot guys, but above you have a good sample of what you can find.

Nextdoor Ebony advantages

I signed up to the website a few years ago, and really enjoyed the three months I paid for the membership. The streaming speed is always good even for HD video, and you can download as many videos as you want to while you are a member.

An additional advantage is that by paying for your membership to Nextdoor Ebony you gain access to all the Nextdoor websites. They do have excellent stuff for all the tastes.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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