lance Alexander

lance AlexanderLance Alexander with his deep masculine voice, unique physic, and unpretentious masculine manners captivated me since the first time I saw him. Unfortunately, he had a short tenure, and then vanished.

The first time I saw Lance Alexander

It happens to me a lot. When I see a porn star for the first time, and I really like him, I cannot forget that first scene. The first time I saw Lance Alexander was in 2015, in this Next Door Buddies scene:

I became obsessed with him for several weeks. That role play scenario, the college joke athlete coming for a check up and getting fucked by the doctor, became mainstream in my masturbatory fantasies. I had signed up for Next Door Ebony, but that week I got devoted to downloading all of Lance’s movies from Next Door Buddies. You know, by signing up to one of their sites, you gain access to all of them.

Soon after I discovered him, Poof, he vanished. So I started to do some research. I wanted to know whether or not he was available for escorting.

Unfortunately, I found bad news.

Where are you, Lance Alexander?

I tried to follow him in his Twitter, but my Following request was never accepted. After waiting for a long time for his approval of my request, I did some research and did not like what I found.

Lance performed in several videos between 2012 and 2015. He worked for Dylan Lucas, Randy Blue, and Next Door Studios.

If you check his interview for Next Door Studios (shot when he was a new arrival from Randy Blue), you will appreciate his masculine demeanor and unpretentiousness. The interviewer struggles with getting answers longer than one or a few words, so I must say he is adorably boring.

We do learn some interesting things, though. Lance Alexander is into girls, has a fetish with shaved armpits, and a strong narcissistic tendency. He enjoys a lot watching his own body in the mirror. Of course.

None of those, though, were the bad news I was referring to.

I should have not researched you, Lance Alexander

lance AlexanderHis real name popped up almost immediately, but I am not going to share. I can confirm he was a gay for pay actor, and did find allegations but no proves of prostitution. Lance was arrested last year in Arizona for disorderly conduct, and their I stopped looking for more information. Disorderly conduct may not be a big deal, but could be the beginning of a very bad story. Too many guys in adult entertainment ended in jail and I prefer to remain in my masturbatory paradises.

After all, pornography is a world of fantasy. I had enough bad news. I prefer to focus in that mountain of sexy boring swimmer body.


It looks like far from giving up on my research I should have researched better. My fault. My thanks to the friend who brought this information to my attention.

There are not criminal records against Lance. The information about his alleged criminal behavior (they even talk about domestic violence) comes from a website (I will not link to because I do not want to give them traffic) that seems to have ran a campaign against Lance. The articles about him are filled with homophobic insults. They forged court documentation that seems to back their allegations. Everything seems to be a hoax. We all can continue jerking off  with no guilt for this beautiful boy. He probably just retired and is with his lucky girl. The only bad news therefore is that he is not going to be giving us new material to enjoy.

Ignorance allows me to say that whatever you did, Lance Alexander, it is forgiven in Soplanucas’ Fantasy Kingdom, my alternative fairy reality inhabited by hot voracious power bottoms.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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