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SEXUAL RELIGIONA sexual religion could be a good idea. It is not fair that those who believe in spirituality get their religion sponsored by the State (via tax exemptions, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech). We materialist Americans should get our piece of the cake.

Losing my religion

sexual religionSpiritual people have this need to explain the inexplicable, and so to imagine things that do not exist. They invented the soul to make the irredeemably absurd notion of immortality somehow plausible. They have this need to be special, and so in their never ending quest to make up “reality”, they came up with being the chosen children of a God. Finally (and therefore), they have an insatiable need for mutual reaffirmation, their alternative reality would fall in pieces without it, so they came up with religion.

Their religious believes are what keep their cosmos together, what allows them to make sense of their existence. They do not understand the idea of Good if it is not given by some kind of Divinity, they do not find a purpose on existence if it is not eternity in the happy warmth of the Father. It is important to support that framework or they would not be able to have a productive and enjoyable life, and support for it they have.

They are supported by Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech to believe anything they want to, and advertise it. It does not matter how contrary to Natural Law and Rational Knowledge their preaching is. Religious people are supported to spread anything they want to. Believers are protected to get together and practice whatever liturgy is deemed necessary. And they are supported and protected by tax exemption.

A sexual religion

sexual religionHowever there are many people who do not need to build an alternative reality to find meaning in existence. We find plenty of purpose in life itself and we are humble enough to accept we are just ignorant and mortals. We do not need to fabricate anything. Unfortunately that strength is our weakness.

Religious folks need a strong and emotional bond with their believes and with each other, or their Spiritual Bubble would blow out at the first breeze. Non religious folks also need emotional and strong bonds, but our field is much more diverse. Instead of huge universal unifiers like being children of God, we have many little communities building sense of purpose and belonging around many much smaller commonalities.

sexual religionSome will find this sense of transcendence in music, or any other arts, or in sports, or in science, or even in much smaller material things. We could draw a very long list. My call today is to those who find transcendence in sex, to my Sex Freak brothers and sisters.

If your orgasms are a religious experience, this call is for you. This call is for you If time vanishes when you are with your lovers, and your own senses of identity flow into each other to become something different, and better, and happier. If you can get tired but never bored at kissing, sucking, and fucking, this call is definitely for you. Because Our Time will come. The time for a sexual religion.

A sexual religion with liturgy and without theology

Our time will come if we unite. Our time will come if we learn to use the same tools that organized superstitions have. Taking advantage of the legal structure built to support and promote traditional religion may be a good idea. We should found our own church and sexual religion.

We do not need myths and theology, we would root our practices in our present, in our “now and here”. Our religious experience would be rooted in carnal satisfaction, there is no need to explain creation.

We should be now and here, but also looking into future possibilities. Instead of prophets and prophecies, instead of predictions, we would have imagination and creativity, and we shall have fantasies.

There would be a rich, powerful, and flourishing Religious Art created by artists like Tom of Finland (he would be Classic Religious Art), Bruce LaBruce, Marcelo Pombo, HD Productions, ChiChi LaRue, and of course the whole Porn Industry.

We would have a strong class of priests and priestesses: drag queens, drag kings, and all prostitutes. The details of gatherings and liturgies can be left to your imagination. However, let me stand in adoration to the diverse array of church denominations I can picture right now, each with its particular rituals.

Finally, we would not have to pay taxes and would get the Government to support our right to practice our religion.

I could use a sexual religion today

sexual religionMy apologies for all the religious bull shit,  I am just fucking bored, to be honest. The god I do not believe in is probably punishing me. I could not find anyone to fuck with this week end. All my favorite guys seem to be retiring. The new ones I am reaching out to are not responding, or have ridiculous fees. I ran out of regular hook ups and have not worked on renovating my pool of no fee lovers.

Jaquan seems to be taking a hiatus or retiring. Troy is working like crazy all week ends. That also means I do not have any models right now for my home made porn project.

sexual religionRomero Santos and Thiago did not respond to my contact. Online quoted me 350 for an incall. Legend stopped responding after asking me when I was available. Romeo started hustling and triggered all my yellow flags.

Not only that. Isaac is retired again. And even Ron is talking about retiring.

Do you understand why I am thinking of religion? Today I would love to have a church where I can go to suck a dick, and eat and fuck some hot cake.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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