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ALLENAllen was the perfect way to close my Spring Break after a failed attempt last Friday. He is out of the charts, in a special category where I place very few guys. I am glad he is a visitor, I will not have the chance to develop an addiction.

The week end did not start well

allenI am talking about a boy who was one of my favorite dancers in the deceased Rockhard DC. He was not escorting back then, but at the beginning of last February he published an ad in Rentmen. Imagine my excitement. Communicating with him was hellish, but I like him so much that I insisted. Everything seemed to be going perfect, and when we would be about to agree on an appointment, poof!, he would ghost me.

He contacted me again last week and we finally got to meet last Friday. It was a sad disappointment. He has lost weight and seems to be slightly depressed. His company was absolutely enjoyable, he finally stayed overnight, but the sex was definitely not good. He did everything I asked him, but did not put much of himself into it.

However I want to give him a second chance. The boy is just getting out of some personal drama and hopefully will get in a better mood and shape. The younger man is amazing, a beautiful Opera singer, a baritone, right now in school in Baltimore, struggling with straightening up his life and health. Let’s hope he recovers and I can share with you a stellar review.

Fortunately, he was not the closing of my week end. After his departure yesterday noon, I felt sad for him, but also for me. I had to do something (somebody) to finish my week end on a different note.

Contacting Allen

allenThere were a couple of interesting guys in Mintboys,, and Rentmen. I was specially interested in this boy, but his rates were a deterrent. Lucky me, the winner was Allen.

He responded promptly to my first contact, and we quickly established we were a match. However, we had a problem. I wanted to meet the next day, Sunday, at noon, but Allen was leaving DC at that time. For a moment I thought I had to move to the next one. Fortunately, Allen offered to reschedule his flight. He would check out of his hotel at 11, come to my place at 11:30, and then ride to the airport to take his plane at 2:55 and return home in Dallas, Texas.

Accommodating his travel plans to my needs was such a nice gesture, and a little sample of the incoming experience.

Meeting Allen

allenIt is expected that a hot 23 years old boy, on a Saturday night, had some fun. Considering that he may need a wake up call, I texted him at 10 AM to confirm our 11:30 AM appointment. At 10:30 I had no response, and started to get nervous. I sent a text telling that if I did not hear from him in the next 15 minutes, I would understand he had cancelled.

He finally texted back almost at 11, apologizing for oversleeping. I was expecting something like that, so it was not a problem. We confirmed our meeting, just a few minutes later than originally planned.

Allen looks exactly like his pictures. However, the images do not capture his demeanor. He is a friendly, sweet, sexy Millenial. This sexy piece of eye candy is a personal trainer, in school right now to become a physical therapist. The pictures communicate how perfect his physical proportions are, but they cannot show you how solid his body is. There is no fat there, at all.

As soon as he stepped into my place, he kissed me passionately. Grabbing his muscular rock solid butts while kissing him is a memorable image of how the experience started.

Allen in action

We started chatting a little bit, very little and very bit, smoking some good stuff. He is a weed connoisseur, but soon we were eating each other. The boy is a talented, engaged, voracious French kisser. Since the first kiss the feeling had been of totally and unconditional engagement.

After a hot session of eating our faces, he got into my dick to worship it and skillfully suck it. Damn the boy seemed to be having a great time and it was contagious. My erection was brick solid. We had only one hour, and quickly moved to my bedroom.

Allen is a talented power bottom. I would just put my cock there and he would ride it in any position we tried. During our interaction there were a few moments that made me hopeful that he is up for rougher playing, but I like keeping it vanilla the first time. That was a kinky vanilla.

Usually my partners make comments about me being passionate. Most times I take it not as a compliment but as criticism. I think I am more “intense” than most people. Well, I found my match, I had to keep up with a demanding horny boy here.

With Allen the action never ends

allenI do not know for how long we fucked, trying different positions and watching ourselves in the mirror. His body is just spectacular. After a while of hard pumping I exploded inside of him, which is not a frequent occurrence. I am long winded and my cock is a little bit thicker than average, most guys ask me to stop before I bust.

After I had an explosive orgasm, Allen kept my dick inside of him, riding it passionately to reach his own nirvana. I love how demanding he is. We chatted a couple of minutes and before we realized it we were into it again. However he had a flight to take, so we stopped and he hurried to the shower.

We could not stopped so easily, thought. We had another quick fucking session standing in the bathroom, no orgasm this time.

It would just never stopped. During the few minutes that we would still have together, we would continue getting into it and wildly making out. I am not talking about romantic vanilla making up. Hell no. I am talking about passionate, desperate lust for each other.

Saying goodbye to Allen

allenWe had a few minutes left after his shower, and we agreed on taking a few quick pictures for this blog. Our lust would get in our way all the time, but we completed the task.

It was hard to cut the bond and let it go, we kissed up to the very last minute. He left with the promise of coming back to DC in May or June. I hope so, I want more of him.

We spent together about 75 minutes. Probably 50 were hot smoking action. It was one of the less transactional experiences I have ever had. It felt like the boy was honestly into me, working hard to squeeze every single drop of man milk left in my old tired body.

You will see more from Allen

ALLENHe is into performing in front of the camera, and will be joining my experiments. Next time we meet we will work on some hot video and pictures to share through our OnlyFans account.

By the way, I am still very frustrated about that. The application for opening the account was submitted last Sunday. The site FAQ states that the verification process takes one business day, but I have not yet heard from them.

I have two picture productions and two video productions waiting to be shared, and it is driving me crazy as it is a very important step in my business plan. Wish me luck.

But today was a great day and I want to end in a high note. This blog quest is for younger men into oder gentlemen. In that quest, meeting Allen was a success, a privilege and a finding that does not ocurre as often as I would like. Not only he is into older folks, but besides he is a sex freak, a passionate lover that loses himself into his lust. Bingo.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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