The pool party is the most expected event in the Palm Springs week end. We have been talking and fantasizing about it for months now. You are welcome to read this post, but if you have not yet done it, it is highly recommendable to read first the reports about Day 1 and Day 2.

DISCLAIMER: This post originally contained pictures. Unintentionally I violated the privacy of some of the attendants and all pictures have been removed. I am terribly sorry  for the inconveniences I may have caused to those affected by my clumsiness. Please forgive me.

Sunday morning at the Canyon Club

The morning was remarkable slower on Sunday. Since I left my 40s, I cannot stay in bed much long and get up very early. Being in vacation, getting up time was between 6 and 7.

I witnessed each morning how the hotel guests were slowly waking up and starting their day. Today, everything was happening with a delay. The same guy walking around , reading in his phone, and taking pictures of the sunrise always from the same corner of the same balcony was still there, but everyone else joined later than Saturday.

Of course everyone partied on Saturday night and now resuscitating was taking some time. A forum member who hired a very hot companion, took him to the jacuzzi but soon vanished back to the room. I cannot share the name of the companion because he stated he does not want publicity, but I can tell he was a very nice and muscular man. He sat in front of me during dinner last night and was just adorable. Kudos to the friend who enjoyed his company.

There were new hotel guests just arriving, a couple of them very interesting. Being in Day 3, I was feeling more comfortable in the place, and would have been ready to cruise should I not be with friends and in a busy day. The pool party was starting at 1PM.

When Daddy joined, he was very anxious to learn if the sinful activities he fostered the previous night had ran successfully, and was very happy when he learned they did. He did not waste time on reaching out to the new hotel guests and to whoever was there who was not part of our group, trying to integrate them. Daddy is the right nickname for him, he likes the family together and growing.

Mark Henderson

This is going to be a rant, I apologize but I cannot contain myself.

In a moment when we all were around the pool tables, Victor Powers and the companion I mentioned before started talking about Mark Henderson, the photographer that has become very popular amongst male escorts. The companion wanted to hire him for his portfolio pictures, and I could not avoid asking him not to do it.

If you are a male companion, please run away from Mark Henderson. He is a horrible photographer.

In my dictionary, a good photographer of male models is the one who captures what makes you unique and beautifully displays it in images. Henderson found a cheesy little  formula that applies indiscriminately to all of his models. They all look the same, it is hard to distinguish one model from another.

Boys, run away. Find someone who is more interested in you and less in love with himself and his little trick. Please.

Going to the pool party

The hood where the pool party was hosted. This is in the desert.

One of the many wonderful things of the Palm Spring week end is the atmosphere of fraternity and camaraderie amongst all attendants. The city is not big but is very expanded horizontally, the distances are sometimes very long and a car is necessary. As not everyone had their own car, no one would make any move without first checking that everyone who needed transportation was fixed.

The big group by the pool in the Canyon Club started slowly to disintegrate as arrangements were made and we began moving to the pool party location. It was not close, in a gated neighborhood a few miles away.

I car pooled with two other guests of the Canyon Club, and stopped by The Hacienda to pick up a fourth member of our party. Soon we arrived and were greeted at the door by one of the hosts, Oliver. I am not using his real name but his fantasy nickname from the M4M forums.

We were one of the first parties to arrive, but soon the place got crowded. The house was a in a very nice neighborhood, the pool party was taking place in a kitchen/living room with an open concept, and a front yard with a pool, a jacuzzi, and outdoors furniture to sit and lay down.

The pool party hosts

I already mentioned one of them, Oliver, who is actually the friend renting the house. He runs away from the cold weather in his home base, and rents a house in Palm Springs for three months every winter. His heart is as huge as his generosity, no attendant has to contribute a dime to attend the event. But it is not just the house.

The other host is Epigonos. A travelled, cultured man able to speak Spanish, a lover of Eva Peron, and an amazing cook. He cooked all the food that was served, in abundance. Stupid me, I did not take pictures of the beautiful plates full of delicatessen coming from his very hands.

I am sure I will forget some, but there were trays with different cheeses and crackers, different dips, coctel size fried beef empanadas, devil eggs, sticks with beef and chicken, pulled pork slides, dates wrapped on bacon strips, brownies, and I do not remember what else.

The devil eggs were the classic dish everyone was expecting, and I ate and enjoy a pile of them, but my favorite thing were the empanadas. Epigonos had never prepared them before. It is a short story.

I mentioned in the forum that I love empanadas, they are one of my favorite foods. He immediately started to research recipes and went to all the trouble and the risk of preparing something for the first time, just to please me. For that, I will love you for ever, Epi, in case you are reading this.

The pool party

The gathering was just great. The attendants mingled easily and enjoyed drinks and the generous amount of delicious food. It was hot but not too much, and luckily it was cloudy. The weather was really generous with us this year.

I had the honor to meet Lucky. He is active in and is one of the founders of the tradition, when the event was called Hooville Week End.

There was a significant number of escorts in attendance, and they became very playful with each other, and sometimes with some of the attending clients, specially in the pool.

I neglected to mention Iron Maus before, he was one of the nicest guests also staying in the Canyon Club. Well, I had not noticed what a big dick he has until Alex Hawk started to give him head by the jacuzzi. Other very playful escorts were Eric Hassan, Dane Scott, Lance Navarro, Ace, DavidnSF, NateSF, and Victor Powers. One of the friends hired and brought to the party a Persian beauty I have never seen before: Silas Siegbert. I am anxious waiting for his report, I hope he made him happy because I want that man.

Several attendants were anxious waiting for a late arrival: Tristan Baldwin. He is extremely popular and even myself wanted to meet him. Although he is not in my hiring scope, I am interested in his brain. He has built a very loyal base after all these years in the craft. The man was booked.

The after pool party

The pool party was scheduled to end at 5. By that time the attendants started to leave, mostly in the same parties they arrived with. Most people were attending a dinner, my party had enough food for the day and chose an alternative program.

One of us had attended a drag queen show last year, and was recommending it. The girls were performing in a bar called Toucans Tiki Lounge, and they were fantastic. The main one was Douglas, from Ru Paul reality TV show, but all of them were very talented. I loved the place, very mixed, the crowd included people from all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

From there we moved to the gay neighborhood where all the gay bars are located. I know, I know, Palm Springs is a gay neighborhood. Let me rephrase it, we moved to the very, very, very gay neighborhood.

The destination was a karaoke bar called Streets. Many of the guys attending the after pool party dinner showed up and we had some fan. Ace and Lance Navarro can sing.

Back to pack

pool party

This is me, in my room, while packing.

After hanging for a while in the karaoke place, we went back to the hotel. I stay for a while by the  pool, smoking one more joint of delicious legal mariguana. I did have a very hot moment with someone else, but he is not a professional and so my lips remain closed. It was hot and it is going to happen again.

Then I went to my room to pack. I had only 2 or 3 hours to sleep, so instead of packing first, I took a nap, and got up to quickly shower, pack, and call my Uber to go to the airport. The Palm Springs Week end was over for me, but many friends were staying one more day or even longer, so it is still going on for them.

I envy them.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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