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The Trio Restaurant diner is the first official event of the Palm Springs week end. In this post I will be reporting Day 2 of the week end. If you have not yet done it, I recommend you to read this post first.


trio restaurantI resuscitated very early in the morning, got up, grabbed my computer, and stepped out of the room planning to catch up with the news relaxing by the pool. I had to make a U turn and get back to the room immediately. Damn it was cold. I got a jacket on and stepped out to face this unexpected temperature. I guess it is the desert’s thermic amplitude.

It was about 6ish in the morning and only one guy was walking around reading in his phone and climbing to the second floor balcony to take pictures of the beautiful sunrise. I was soon joined by two friends from the forums who were having breakfast before going hiking. They invited but I declined, physical activities other than swimming and fucking are against my religion.

After they left, one by one the other friends were joining. The great thing was that I was able to have conversations in smalls groups, which helps me to develop comfort with people I am going to hang out with later in larger groups. 

I was starving as I had fell asleep completely stone and did not eat anything in many hours. The hotel serves a continental breakfast at 8 AM, and I went back to my room to take a shower. I wanted to be ready for my date with Victor Powers at 10 AM.


trio restaurantWhen they told me they serve a continental breakfast every morning, I was expecting trays with pastries, and fresh bagels, and fruits. Instead, the service reminded me of a high school cafeteria or college in the private campuses I visited. The bagels and all the bread were supermarket products, there was some fruit, yoghurt, containers with different kinds of cereals and grains, hard boiled eggs, and tat was it pretty much. I was very hungry, so I ate it with pleasure.

Victor and a few more friends were also fixing their meal, so we hang out and socialized by the pool while eating. All this morning had been great so far to keep developing rapport in small groups.

I just hated the cups. They did not have big ones, just very small disposable foam glasses. I am use to have my morning coffee in a huge cup. Every time I go to Starbucks, I order the biggest size. Here, I had to refill that little things four or five times, and still felt I did not have enough caffein.

However, I was enjoying the company. At about 9:30 Victor and I moved to our rooms to get ready.

Victor Powers

trio restaurantI will share more details about my meeting with Victor in a review that will be soon posted. Here I will just say that my room was not fit for what I originally planned. I wanted to videotape the first interview for the series ASS KING QUESTIONS, but the room was too small and too dark.

Therefore we just had an intense session of playing, and agreed on trying to shoot the interview in his room the following day. Victor had paid for a bigger and better lighted room.

After playing he took a shower and we just laid down in bed for a while, chatting. It was very nice meeting him after a few failed attempts to connect in DC. He is one the good guys from the M4M forums.

When we finally left my room, the big group was gathering again around the pool.


A day by the pool

trio restaurantThis time I was able to mingle and socialize comfortably. Everyone seemed to be very patient with my social limitations, and I started to feel more confident and at ease. Apparently they had celebrated Ace‘s birthday the previous night, but I was in THC comma and did not hear anything. All the hotel guests were making comments about the fun and the noise from the previous night.

I felt bad I did not join, and wanted to do something to contribute to the fun. There was a Liquor Store three blocks away, and I got the basics to fix some drinks: vodka, rum, bourbon, Coke, and orange juice. We had a few friends visiting us in Canyon Club, as not everybody was staying in the same hotel. We also have forum members staying at The Hacienda and INNdulge, two fancier gay resorts.

It was noon, and people started to go to different places for lunch. I was not hungry after eating breakfast and just stayed lounging and drinking by the pool. After a couple of hours I was comfortable and drunk enough to pull off my shirt and be with only my short pants on. I was not the only one not naked, but most people were. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow I even get in the pool with all those unknown guys around. 

Believe me, other friends were much less inhibited than I was. They were not wasting their time, mingling and hooking up with other hotel guests. I just prefer not to tell others’ adventures if they are not advertising escorts. The hotel was very cruise and there was not lack of places where to play, besides the rooms. Actually, people did not need any private corner, some stuff was going on in the open.

Trio Restaurant

trio restaurantOne of the major events of the week end was taking place that evening. We were mingling in a social at 5 at Trio Restaurant, and sitting for dinner at 6. 

As said before, not all the M4M forum members attending the week end events were staying in the same hotel, the Trio Restaurant dinner was the first time for everyone to get together. Just a few ones were missing because they were not yet arrived and would join the following day at the pool party, the main event.

We were probably about 40 guests. I had the pleasure of meeting a few more of my favorite M4M forums friends. The organizers and one of the founders of the tradition said a few welcoming words and we all enjoyed our food. Alcohol is the best remedy for my social inhibition, and I was feeling more confident, the event was absolutely enjoyable.

One of the friends it was a pleasure meeting was Eric Hassan. I mention him for two reasons. First, because I can, as he advertises. The rest of the friends appreciate anonymity and discretion. Second, because he always encouraged me to start this blog and made the suggestion that would inspire its name. 

The waiters of Trio Restaurant deserve their own paragraph. Very cute and friendly boys, many of the attendants were fascinated.

Saturday night

trio restaurantI heard stories about other years Trio Restaurant event being more scandalous. For instance, I heard that during the 2017 events, attendants to the dinner had group sex in the parking lot. Trio Restaurant is a family restaurant.

Not this year. Everything was very cool and everyone behaved, we all were very excited to be together and able to put real faces in the avatars we usually talk to. After dining we could not agree on one place for everyone to go to, so different parties left with different destinations. I joined  the group going for drinks by the pool back to Canyon Club. We were all guests in the hotel plus a couple of friends staying in INNduge and The Hacienda who chose to hang out with us.

Close to 11 people started to leave. It looked to me like the few ones staying were in the mood to have some group sex, mostly thanks to the legendary Daddy’s manipulation, but I was not attracted to anyone. I just withdrew to my quarters.

I had contacted two local escorts and was in conversation with one adam4adam hook up, but we did not materialize any meeting. Drunk and happy, I went to sleep.

There is more coming.

Hasta la próxima pinga amig@s!


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