Louis Ricaute is getting married, I am euphoric and appalled at the same time. Why, why did I not try harder to meet him two years ago when he was living in Buenos Aires?

Louis Ricaute

Louis ricaute

I used to work in the building in the background, with the mural of Evita

Perhaps some of you do not know him. I will never understand why he has not yet became one of the big names of porn in the USA, his popularity is limited to Spain and Latin America.

Louis Ricaute is originally from Venezuela, and lived several years in Buenos Aires working as an escort. He would travel from Argentina to different destinations for his porn performances. Louis worked for Kristen Bjorn, Planta Rosa, Fucker Mate, and Tim Tales, amongst other studios.

He is a talented power bottom as you can see in his movies, although he is also a very skillful top. His body is strong and beautiful, with a humongous ass and a large beautiful cock. However, what fascinates me the most is his face. His lips are huge and his eyes, Dios mío esos ojos!

If you have not yet enjoyed his work, you are about to find your new favorite fantasy man.

Louis Ricaute in Buenos Aires

Louis ricaute

This is my reaction when I realized what I missed

His reputation as an escort in Buenos Aires was spotless. He used to offer his services alone or with the guy who was his boyfriend back then. Louis used to publish an ad in Soy Tuyo, but it was not a regular ad.

It was in the bottom of the webpage, in the section titled “Algo Distinto/Fantasies”. Louis would offer S/M and bondage play, fetiches not as popular in the Real South. (yes, the pun is intended)

Two years ago, during my last visit to Buenos Aires, I contacted him for a session. Our schedules were not compatible, and I just moved to the next in my To Do List. Back then I was not yet acquainted to his porn work, I should have tried harder if I had seen the videos I found just a few months later.

Louis Ricaute in Spain

Louis ricauteHe left Buenos Ares about one year ago and moved to Spain. I though it was a temporary moved, to fulfill his obligations with Fucker Mate.

My mistake. I just learned the news about his wedding in Torre del Moro, en Torrevieja, Alicante. It is not far away from Catalunya, you probably heard of it because of Barcelona.

So I guess it is too late for me. He is marring a beautiful man, named Soliman. A quick search did not reveal any information about him, so he may not be involved with the adult industry.

I am so happy for them. Since I started following Louis in Twitter, I learned he is not only hot but sensitive and smart, a great man. But I am also appalled. I do not think he will return to Buenos Aires, I was secretly hoping we may coincide over there in July to add one ore experience to the Reviews.


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