Jaden Galore ass nov 18 windows shopping

Jaden is visiting DC and I cannot let this opportunity pass, even when the hooking up is abundant in this Black Gay Pride Week End in DC.

Jaden is extremely discrete and did not allow me to take pictures. The pictures you see in this post are taken from his Rentmen profile.

DC is full of horny visitors

JadenThe crowd this year in DC Black Pride is one of the smallest I have ever seen. I remember those old times when it was impossible to move around the city without noticing the visitors. Not so much this year, although you do notice it in gay places.

Last Friday I was going go to Secrets, but a hook up in Adam distracted me. I am too old to going out after an intense orgasm, it seems. I was exhausted. Last night (Saturday) I was planning to go to DC Eagle. Poom, again another horny visitor distracted me and I ended recovering in my crib. 

I did want to try some of the professionals visiting. I reached out to this guy and this guy, but unfortunately they did not respond to my initial contact. They are probably not into bottoming or kissing, as I always make clear what I am looking for in my first message. I did have a response from this other guy, but he would not accept a verification video call.

So instead of trying someone new, I went for someone I have met before, the beautiful Jaden Galore.

Jaden Galore is in DC

JadenJaden lives in the West Coast, but has family in Baltimore, so he visits the area now and then. You can find him always in December, in November around Thanksgiving, or anytime there is a family event. This time Jaden is here because of a wedding. He does not escort where he lives, only when he is traveling.

The last time he visited we could not get together, I do not remember why. He knows what he is doing, it would be a nice break after hooking up with amateurs.

The weakest point of the hook ups with young guys I am getting in Adam is disgusting: after a little drilling I always find oil, which is a huge turn off. 

Not Jaden, he knows how to clean his ass.

Meeting Jaden Galore

JadenContacting Jaden is very easy. He responded just a few minutes or even seconds after my texts, every time I contacted him. Making the appointment was quick, we did not have to exchange many communications because we have been together a few times and he already knows what I like.

Jaden kept me posted on his progress since his very departure from Baltimore. He was knocking at my door at exactly the time we had set. 

I had not seen him in about one year and a half, and his greeting was a warm hug. We sat and chat a little bit. Jaden does not drink and does not smoke, so I did my usual pipe by myself.

He is a very good conversationist. Jaden is college educated with progressive political views, so we click very well in the ideology department. After catching up on the 18 months since our last date, we were soon eating each other.

Jaden Galore is a beefy sex freak

Jaden’s physique drives me crazy. I am getting a hard on just at picturing him in my mind. He knows how to use his fleshy lips. We kissed while I explored with my hands every single curve of his muscular body.

His pecs are out of the chart, huge and sensitive. Jaden’s buts are round and solid, and his dick is a thick piece of delicious meat.

After kissing for a brief time, I started to work his cock, his hard on was nice. He was still sitting in the couch while I was giving him head. We stand up and made up for a while, back to kissing while I was starting to finger him.

I turned him around and continued kissing the back of his neck and his ears, while stroking his Guiness Records tits, and playing with my hard cock between his buts. I quickly sank to eat his hole, but I surprised myself here.

Usually I would spend quite some time eating his ass, however I badly had a taste of it. I clearly felt that we both were ready to fuck, and I went in right there in the couch. I just needed a little bit of saliva and my whole cock was inside and fucking him hard. 

From the coach to the bed

His moaning would make my hard on even harder. It was a first intense fuck, and then we moved to my bedroom. The leather toys were around, so we decided to use them for a first time.

I put a collar with a chain around his neck and tied his hands in his back. And fucked him in all posible rhythms and intensities. His ass felt amazingly welcoming to my dick and his moaning was leading me to Nirvana. 

We were not using any lube, just my saliva. Considering the intensity of the drilling I was concerned I may hurt him and checked pretty often whether or not he was OK. Every time I asked Jaden would respond with a smile and a keep going request.

Then I untied his hands from his back and instead tied them to my bed frame head. Another long session of drilling followed. I would not classify Jaden as a Power Bottom but as a Submissive one. He would do anything I asked him, he would even fuck my dick with his ass, but it was always my call what the position was.

A brutal orgasm

JadenFinally I untied him and asked him to lay on his left side. It is my favorite position to try to cum. Notice I said “to try” because I am hard to have an orgasm without jerking off, many guys cannot put out with the long drillings I need.

Jaden did a great job. We have been fucking for about 40 minutes already. I mean drilling really hard, not vainilla making out, and consider that my dick is pretty thick. Not a problem at all, we fucked like crazy again for other 10 to 15 minutes, until I busted in his ass. What an orgasm. It was my time to moan, shaking in ecstasy. 

Jaden never rushed me or made any insinuation about me cumming. He gave me one of the best and most powerful orgasms of the past months.

After fucking

Some of my last experiences have made me very self aware of my reviews’ subjectivity. Therefore, I am trying to learn more about the partners I am going to review to add to the way I experience the boys.

After Jaden took a shower we chatted a little bit more. He is not a clock watcher at all. I hired him for one hour but he gave me almost 2. We kept talking while I gave him a baby oil massage.

In our conversation Jaden shared that he is very versatile, he actually finds topping easier than bottoming. 

I asked him what is his secret to relax his ass so easily. He was completely open and receptive to my dick even without drinking, smoking, or doing poppers. Jaden shared that he intentionally practices his rim control, closing and opening his ass at will. 

Jaden next steps

JadenI am writing this on Sunday, May 27th. He has an hotel room for tonight and early in the morning he is leaving DC. His next stop is Atlanta, before going back home in the West.

Jaden shared that there is a very good chance he will be back in the DMV area by August. Be alert, he may be not so easy to catch.

He has a full time job and does not advertise his escort service a lot. He only has one ad in Rentmen. I tried to convince him to publish in Mintboys and Friendboy, but I think I failed.

Jaden is a talented lover, do not let him pass by.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!





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