FORBIDDEN APPLE for gay escorts from the real south

Forbidden Apple is a subtropical edible I discovered in Corrientes, Argentina. He actually resides in the sister city of Resistencia, on the other side of the Paraná River.

A little bit of context

forbidden appleBefore moving to tell about my meeting with Forbidden Apple, allow me to give you some context.

Corrientes is the capital city of the homonymous Province (State) in the Argentine Mesopotamia, very close to Paraguay and Brasil. The city has about 350,000 inhabitants and rests in the Paraná’s shoreline. 

Although the local gay community has made and is making remarkable progress, it is still very closeted. There is a strong influence of the conservative wing of the Catholic Church. As we know, Catholics are not puritans, and the result is an underground but very active sexual activity. Consider that straights also suffer the consequences of Catholic moralism, but it is a city’s standard that hotels keep a portfolio with local female escorts.

I will be visiting the city for another week. Towards the end of my staying, you will have a full report about the gay life I have experienced, with plenty of resources and tips. Right now, let me share about who has been so far my best finding.

Contacting Forbidden Apple

Cruising in the local Grindr, I found a profile with very tempting pictures. After exchanging the opening “Hola!”, I asked wether or not he was into daddies (“Te gustan los señores mayores?”). His response was positive, if there was money involved (“Si hay $ sí”). He had no ad posted as a professional in any of the usual websites.

We started to exchange pictures and preferences details, and soon established we could have a good time together. He was not in Corrientes but in Resistencia, on the other side of the river, the capital city of the Province of Chaco. Forbidden Apple was willing to take the trip (about 1 hour by the public transportation system) to visit me in my hotel in Corrientes City.

We soon made an appointment for a few days later. During the days between our initial contact and our meeting, we kept a fluid and hot communication. The boy sounded promising, I did not know yet up to what extent he would meet and exceed my expectations.

Meeting Forbidden Apple

forbidden appleThe day of our appointment he kept the communications active since the very moment he left Resistencia, sending me quick reports of his progress. I waited in the hotel lobby, to welcome him and make a last check before moving into my room. Unlike my regular procedures in the USA, I did not have a verification videoconference with him. It is not that he refused to have one. I was frustrated with my failure to find a good professional, and as he seemed so promising I followed my guts.

The young man arrived on time, despite the long trip. Forbidden Apple looked just like his pictures, and had a friendly and masculine demeanor. He was not cocky but rather shy and insecure.

He first checked if I was approving of him in person (“Está todo bien?”), did not seem pushy at all, but rather ready to turn around and leave in case I rejected him. I didn’t, but I am pretty confident that if I did he would have just left without asking for any compensation. But who cares? He was sexy and attractive and we headed up to the hotel room.

Our first kiss was in the elevator. He was attentive and passionate, and immediately started to grab my bulk. We walked out of the lift in the 5th floor, and made a stop in a balcony before entering the room. From there the view of the city was beautiful, although we did not stay much in contemplation as soon we were passionately kissing. We headed to the room after a few minutes.

Forbidden Apple in the room

forbidden appleWe had not talked much. Once in the privacy of the room, we felt more comfortable and made several attempts to have conversation. It was fun. We would not be able to finish a sentence without interrupting each other with our lips and tongues. I like laughing and having fun during sex, it looked like we were quite well tuned.

Forbidden Apple is a runner. His legs are perfectly sculptured. He has a well rounded butt and nicely shaped torso and arms. In the USA he would be considered an otter. His body was obviously hairy, but it was shaved. A well grown beard was perfect to grab as the boy like to be mistreated and roughly handled. 

His dick is in the slightly smaller than average side, but it was brick hard almost all the time. You could tell he was horny and having a good time.

Forbidden Apple is a voracious cock sucker

forbidden appleHe asked me to put on a condom to suck my dick. I am not use to receiving head with a condom but of course I complied without protesting. In my book, even when I am dominant and top, the one in control is actually the bottom. 

People do not believe me, but I am not very fond of getting head. I get quickly bored, and my dick becomes too sensitive and I have to stop, not because I am about to cum, but because it is not enjoyable to me. This time it was completely different (by the way, if you have a big dick you rather bring your own condoms from the USA, the ones you can get in Argentina are fucking small and uncomfortable).

The boy worshipped my cock and ate it with pleasure. If I ever got head with a condom before, it was such a long time ago that I do not remember, but I think the rubber made the difference. Unlike what usually happens, my dick did not become too sensitive and I was able to fully enjoy the master skills of Forbidden Apple.

He stayed on his knees for quite a long time. This was the moment when his dick was the hardest, it is his favorite sport indeed.

Forbidden Apple can ride it long and hard

forbidden appleSoon we were ready to fuck. Before, of course, I ate his ass for a while. His hole seemed to be welcoming and dilated and his moaning, that had never stopped during the previous cock sucking, was musically inspiring.

We did not need lube. My saliva was dripping from his ass, and the condom was still lubricated by his previous work. I entered in one movement and stayed there motionless until he let me know the pain was gone.

The boy can take it long and rough. We tried different positions, rhythms, and intensities, and he liked them all. We finished in my favorite cumming position, resting on our left sides. I warned him I may need to pump for a long time, as I usually do, but I surprised myself. 

Perhaps I was extraordinarily horny after several weeks without fucking (I only had a quicky in a public park a few days before), I shot in no more than two minutes of pumping. Without pulling out, I kept digging and a few seconds after me, it was his time. Damn, the boy generously milked the sheets.

I pulled out and the condom was clean, not even a little bit of shit after all that work out in all those positions. It was slightly pink, but he told me not to worry, he often bleeds a little bit.

Just once was not enough

forbidden appleIt was late and he had to travel back to Resistencia. While he was taking a shower and getting ready to go, this time we did have the chance to have some conversation.

Forbidden Apple likes older, chubby men. He picks them online or when he is running. He is a submissive bottom, although he demonstrated he can easily switch to a power one. 

I advised him to publish an ad as escort, and recommended him Mintboys and Friendboys, as those are free for the providers. He loved the idea, and we started to discuss a second meeting where we would play a little bit more and take pictures and video for this blog.

When talking about when to schedule our second round, I invited him to join me the following day, Saturday, to attend the local Pride Parade. He told me he was not able to, that he has a drag character and really wanted to attend, but his brother was receiving an award from the Boys Scouts in Resistencia. 

We scheduled our second meeting for Sunday, the last day I had the hotel room. I asked him to bring sexy clothing and his drag set if possible. He was excited.

Forbidden Apple surprises me

forbidden appleBeing in an area of Argentina where conservatism and traditions are still strong, I was expecting him to dress as a regular and colorful drag queen. Hell I was wrong.

On Sunday, once again, he kept me posted of his progress from Resistencia. Already in the bus, he realized he had forgotten his national soccer team shirt, which would be perfect to advertise an Argentine escort in the States. We agreed on looking for street vendors to buy one once in Corrientes.

Argentina had been eliminated from the World Cup the day before, so I was expecting abundance of soccer parafernalia at liquidation price. We were disappointed. It was Sunday and “siesta” time, the streets were completely empty. We just stole a plastic flag from some door that later on we would forget to use. But that was not the surprise.

His drag is a leather character. He had more leather toys in his bag than many American leather fans I know. Forbidden Apple got in his character and we play again, taking pictures and filming two clips.  In the first one you can see his cock sucking master skills; in the second clip, his endurance and talent as a bottom.

Forbidden Apple’s services

forbidden appleHis time is priced at $AR 800/1,000 the hour. Consider prices in Argentina are extremely unstable. At the moment I am writing this report, the exchange is $AR 28.64 per American dollar. Quite an opportunity. 

I already described his talents and preferences, but let me stress once again he is an outstanding cock sucker. He can be a submissive or a power bottom, has control of his rim muscle and can squeeze your dick at will, and also offers his service as a dominatrix, dressed in his drag character. He has now an ad published in Friendboys with his contact information. 

I also wanted him to publish an ad in Mintboys, but we found out that they are for now servicing only the USA and Canada. However, I do have good news for the providers South of the Rio Grande. Scott Killborn, founder and owner of Mintboys, is considering to expand his services to Mexico and South American countries. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

Remember I Like Pinga quest: finding younger guys into older men, professionals or not. In this case we found a talented professional who provides an experience far, far away from feeling transactional. If you are in the Corrientes/Resistencia area of Argentina, you should not miss Forbidden Apple.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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