Douglas was a fair treat for my first day in Buenos Aires. He is Carioca. After the traditional culture of Corrientes, it was nice a little bit of the cosmopolitan experience always delivered by the national capital.

Back to Buenos Aires

Definitely, it is nice to have a short vacation in the country side, but my thing is the big cities. I was missing the diversity and the globalized culture of Buenos Aires. Although I am not happy about everything in here.

The city, that used to be home for thousands of small cafés, has been taken over by Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds, and Subway. Many traditional cafés still survive, but this is not the kind of globalization I am looking for.

On the specific topic of the blog, apparently my impression of Corrientes as a place where the daddy model was more prevalent was correct. I have all the same hook up apps in my phone, I have not changed a word in my profile, and I had only a few hits in the first three days here.

But we are going to talk more about Buenos Aires towards the end of my visit, this post is to celebrate Douglas.

Connecting with Douglas

DouglasI found Douglas’ profile in Soy Tuyo, the main outlet for escorts in Buenos Aires and Argentina. I placed a request for information in the local forums, and soon had several responses. All of them were positive.

During this visit to Argentina, my filtering candidates through videoconference is forgotten. This blogger prefers to use the local knowledge and trust references provided by other clients. Douglas’ were consistent. His pictures did not show his face but everything else was visible and tempting. Added to the good references, it was enough for a “go”.

I called him through a local number and he picked up immediately. The music of his Portuguese accent was adorable. We had a few problems during the communication, I would learn later because his battery died. Despite these few problems, we quickly scheduled an appointment for two hours later. He quoted $AR 1,000 for his time (right at this moment the exchange is U$S 1= $AR 28.21).

By the end of this visit I will summarize tips on how to navigate Buenos Aires gay. Using a local number to contact the guys is going to be amongst them. Should I contacted him from my WhatsApp, with an identifiable USA’s prefix, the fee would have been significantly higher.

Meeting Douglas

His apartment was not far away from my place, the taxi cab ride was about 20 minutes mostly because of the crazy traffic. The taxi fare was $AR 85. Douglas’ apartment is located in Barrio Norte, a nice and safe area, just one block from the famous Avenida Santa Fe.

He had warned me about pushing the button of his door bell really hard. I arrived 5 minutes earlier and he would not respond. I called him, left a message in his voice mail, and decided to wait until 7 o’clock, the exact time of our appointment, to make another attempt.

He would still not respond to the door bell, so I called him again. This time he did pick up the phone, apologizing because he was in the shower, and asking me for five more minutes.

Douglas finally came down to open the door. His demeanor was very friendly and masculine. His face does not fit in the conventional standards of beauty, but I found it sexy and beautiful. The apartment was in the 8th floor, so we started chatting in our way to privacy.It was his birthday. He was turning 30, and had been living in Buenos Aires for 10 years now. His apartment was small but clean and private.

Playing with Douglas

I was a little bit concerned because he was very charming conversing, but I was not feeling any vibes from him. You know, I was ready to start making out in the elevator. The boy finally sat next to me and we started kissing.

He is a tender kisser, exploring your mouth first with his lips, before moving to use his tongue in the right moments. When he took his shirt off it was evident that his pictures documented accurately the perfection of his shapes.

His skin is perfectly and naturally smooth in the torso, his nipples are beautiful and sensitive, he looks like a 25 years old boy, you would never guess he is 30. He unbuttoned his pants and climbed on my lap, where I had full access to all of his sculptural body.

He was doing everything right, engaged and docile, and still I would not feel actually wanted. Soon he unbuttoned my pants and made an expression of surprise at my dick. He licked it and sucked it for quite a while and asked me if I was ready to move to bed. Hell I was.

Douglas in the sack

He was already naked when we moved to his bedroom, I had taken care of that during our foreplay. Douglas was only wearing a sexy Addicted jock strap that did not either lasted long as it was in the way of my tongue.

During our conversation I had made very clear that I liked to be in control, he complied. First I rubbed my hard dick, still soaked on his saliva, in between his perfect butts, while kissing him from behind standing next to his bed. Then he got in the doggy position and offered me his ass, surprisingly open and dilated.

I started my traditional ass eating work. It was delicious, and he would moan guiding me. I would suck his dick while rimming him, but I failed to get it hard every time I tried. The focus had to be his receptive ass, as his cock was not reacting despite being nice to taste.

We got a condom on and my cock was inside in one stroke. It was a long session of pumping in several positions. We would switch from one to another pose without getting my dick out. As I did not cum in my favorite one (laying on our left sides), we switched one last time to the oldest position. I cummed inside while laying on top of him giving me his back. The condom came out full of man juice and without any dirt. The boy knows how to clean his ass.


DouglasDouglas offered me his shower but I refused, I preferred to go back home to take a bath. He is a very good conversationist, as all Cariocas I’ve met are.

I noticed a folded portable massage table, and he shared that he does offer his services as a masseur. This blogger shared he enjoys giving massage but not receiving them, and Douglas responded he feels exactly the same.

I told him about my blog and offered the chance of hiring him to have a session of pictures and video, and educated him on the for free escorts websites from the USA. He is paying for his ad in Soy Tuyo almost U$S 100 monthly, which is relatively expensive considering the local economy.

Douglas pros and cons

I did not insist in a second session and let the making of the decision to give me a call to him, because I intend to prioritize meeting other providers during this short week left in my vacation.

Douglas was great and I enjoyed my time with him a lot, but out of five stars he earned only four and a half in our date. He was engaged, disconnected his phone, did not look at the watch, never mentioned money, and did everything he promised he would and everything I asked him. His body is perfect for my taste and his face is deliciously sexy.

He delivered an excellent performance, but he did not make me feel he was into me, and his dick never got hard. This can be explained by many reasons, besides the obvious one: he may have not found me attractive. Many circumstances can affect a professional’s performance besides that one.

The one reason I think is the most plausible in this particular case is that he was tired. He was showering when it was the time for our date, his ass was very loose and dilated, and I noticed another condom in the trash can when I dropped the one I used. He probably had another appointment before me.

In normal circumstances, I would make a second appointment with him. He is extremely hot, his delivery was satisfactory, and so the possibility is not completely ruled out. However, considering that I have only 7 days to enjoy Buenos Aires, I prefer to invest my time in meeting other boys.

That said, if you are in Buenos Aires and you like beautifully shaped, short, submissive bottoms, you must call Douglas.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s



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