Carlos Aleman

Carlos Aleman is one of those rare findings that justifies and inspires my whole quest. I will see him again before leaving Buenos Aires, and am thrilled to discover how he will top our first meeting.

Carlos Aleman and my quest

This blogger cannot asume that all the readers have been following his adventures since the beginning of I LIKE PINGA. Some of you probably joined this blog audience recently and do not know what exactly we are searching for, besides of course tons of sex, of the good kind. Allow me a quick reminder, so everyone can better understand the dimension of the finding reported in this review.

I am looking for guys in their 20s who can truly enjoy having sex with older gentlemen. Out of that universe, the focus is on Black and Latino young men (focusing does not mean excluding anyone). When one of those guys crosses paths with me, I call Bingo and report it here. Take a look at my reviews. However, I can be more ambitious.

Only a freak can understand another freak. Most people think they live sex intensely, most lovers feel they share themselves passionately. You may get upset and you may disagree, but many of you are probably wrong when thinking so. Very few people can actually lose themselves into pleasure and connection with their bed partner.

Carlos Aleman is a natural lover. He understands sex in its sublime, freakish, and uniquely fulfilling nature. When I meet lovers like Carlos, I celebrate like others do when they find something precious, and joy in ecstasy like others do when they think they met God.  

Contacting Carlos Aleman

Carlos alemanThis blogger started his research on the Buenos Aires market months ago. Out of the many professionals offered in the local websites, Carlos Aleman was in the top five. Even when his pictures were not outstanding (I was only checking the ones in Soy Tuyo) there was something in them that did picked my attention.

However, his pictures did not make the difference. What really pushed him to the top of my list were some comments in the local forums. There were a few negative remarks about his communication skills. However, every time his performance was reported the compliments were consistent.

I called him and since the very beginning my impression was excellent. Our initial conversation was friendly and easy. Carlos seemed sincerely thankful when he expressed his gratitude for my focused questions. The negative reports about his attitude seemed completely unfounded. In a few minutes we scheduled an appointment for the next day.

Meeting Carlos Aleman

Carlos alemanCarlos warned me his bell was not working, so I had to call him once at his door. His place is located in downtown Buenos Aires, what is called “la City”. He came out to welcome me just a few seconds after my call.

He invited me to walk into his apartment, a duplex in the main floor decorated very simply but with evident good taste. Just a few minutes of interaction and the way he kept his crib told me he was smart, educated, and sophisticated. 

We did not talk much at the beginning, though. Carlos Aleman was overdressed and complaining about the cold. I was fine, but he is Venezuelan, a son of the Caribbean heat. He started to undress and I was astonished at his Adonis-like looks. His body and his demeanor reminded me of Ashton Summers, just not so sharp. Carlos has a swimmer’s body, naturally shaped, without the hardness of gym work out.

We started slowly to fore playing downstairs, while he was undressing. His kissing skills were excellent, tender and passionate in the right moments and in the right measures. Since the very beginning he would reach out for my bulge.

He kept complaining about the cold and invited me to move upstairs, where the warm air would be more comfortable for him. So we quickly moved to his bedroom.

Carlos Aleman flabbergasts me

Carlos AlemanOnce in bed, tenderness stepped back and passion took over. We got fully naked.

The pictures in his Rentmen ad are a better document of his body’s and face’s fresh beauty. He has perfect anatomic proportions, smooth and spotless skin, and only two quite discrete tattoos in one of his fore arms and one of his wrists.

His dick was rock hard all the time. It was delicious to taste, big and thick enough to be difficult to swallow and a pleasure to grab and squeeze. 

Carlos Aleman seemed to be used to be more in control, just as I do. Usually I am able to submit my partners without much struggle. I never totally submitted him, and I loved it. Perhaps he was under my power in the moments when I was deep inside him, but I do think that it was just the feeling of being in control. In actuality, it was just a fantasy, a gracious concession of this extraordinary lover.

Carlos AlemanWe did a little bit of everything and a lot of fucking, and everything we did was in perfect connection and passionate delirium. We had several moments when we locked our eyes in mutual understanding and insatiable lust.

He would look for my kisses with voracity while I was inside of him, switching from one position to another. Carlos would fuck me with his ass and would hug me and eat my fingers and my cock with the passion and the desperation that only a freak can understand and relate to. However, the boy would never lose control. He would check now and then that the condom was fine and clean. Carlos would express his concern because I was sweating like a pig in the most delicate way: he would talk about his (inexistent) sweating and bring a towel. 

Carlos Aleman is a tireless lover

Of course I was sweating. I am a 55 years old man trying to catch up with this 22 years old beast. Carlos never watched the clock or made any insinuation about coming to a conclusion. He was not only a pleasing lover but also, what I liked the most, a demanding one. 

There was no clue of a transactional relationship, he demanded me to satisfy him, tirelessly. But I was exhausted and melting so I asked him to start finishing.

I could have asked him to cum inside, but was just too tired to start pumping again (we have done it intensely and diversely). This exhausted blogger cummed on Carlos’ back while kissing and jerking off. He wanted me to bust over his butts and I did my best to make him happy.

Carlos offered me to take a shower with him, but I chose to wait to do it at home. Like every decision, it came with its loses and its gains. I lost the chance to continue touching and feeling his silky skin, but I gained the opportunity to contemplate him in the shower. I would have loved filming that show.

Closing our meeting

We finally got the chance to chat without our lust interrupting us, and the initial impression about his wit and charm was confirmed. He is studying in the School of Economy of the University of Buenos Aires, the best one in the country and one of the top academic institutions of South America.

Carlos Aleman is concerned and stressed because he has to leave his current home and find a new apartment, in just a couple of weeks. If he was not attending classes in college, I think I would kidnap and smuggle him into the USA.

I want to meet him again before leaving Buenos Aires and returning to Washington DC. I am trying to convince him to have a pictures and video session for this blog. But ultimately this blogger just care about another chance to enjoy him, thrilled to see how this amazing boy would outperform our first meeting.

Carlos Aleman pros and cons

If you have been following this blog, you are probably expecting this section of the review. I do my best to be as objective as possible, as fair as a human can be. I share with you the ups and the downs, because after all no one is perfect. It is important to me that you are getting an accurate picture.

Well, this time you are about to be disappointed. This blogger cannot identify one single flaw to point to in this hottie or his performance. 

If you are in Buenos Aires, you must call him. Carlos is versatile and I have no doubts that he will perform outstandingly in any role. He has several ads. You can check his contact information in Rentmen, Soy Tuyo, Leonos, and Onyce. I will try to convince him to publish also in Friendboys and in Mintboys when they expand to South of the Rio Grande.

Stay tuned, another report is coming. This slutty freaky blogger is not leaving Buenos Aires without another dose of Carlos Aleman.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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