Randisan is my last finding in Buenos Aires. His beautiful physic and fascinating personality make of him another exceptional gift from this trip.

Randisan in Rentmen

This beauty does not have an ad in the regular local escorts outlets. Instead, he is publishing in Rentmen. I was not sure whether or not contacting him because it seems that those advertising in Rentmen are targeting the foreign visitor. Therefore, their prices are higher.

From Argentina, you can see rates and the local professionals are referred to as “escorts”, not as “porn stars” like in the USA. You can also read the narrative in the reviews. In the few cases where the boys publish their rates, they are around U$S 100/150, still cheaper than in the US but significantly higher than the local market average.

However, I liked Randisan’s pictures a lot, and someone made a positive comment in the local forums, so I decided to take a risk. My only precaution was to contact him through Rentmen’s messaging system.

The language made clear that I was a native and not a foreigner visitor. It is strongly recommended to all visitors to do so to get better prices from the boys, if you have enough mastery of the Argentinean dialectal version of Spanish.

Connecting with Randisan

RandisanWhen I researched the local forums looking for any references, there were some negative comments about him not being easily reachable, or not closing the deal. I was slightly concerned.

However, Randisan responded just a couple of hours after my initial contact. He quoted me a fee aligned with the local market and, quite quickly, we were discussing the details of our meeting. As soon as we agreed on he basics, I shared with him my WhatsApp number and we switched to that platform.

From there we kept a fluent communication, he would respond to my messages in a few minutes, and answer all of my questions in a very friendly way. We did have a problem. He only services outcalls, and I did not have a place. We had to go to an hotel.

Trying to meet Randisan

A local hotel used for sexual encounters is called, in the local slang, “telo”. The standard denomination is “albergue transitorio”. These are official regulated establishments designed for these occasions. Prices may vary with the kind of room and the quality of the establishment.

We made an appointment at the corner of a “telo” he recommended. Unfortunately we did have some difficulties. Randisan was having some problems at his home and was not able to make it as we originally planned.

Despite this inconvenient, he would keep frequent contact letting me know about his challenges. We rescheduled several times after our original 3PM appointment, until I gave him a last chance at 7:30 PM.

This blogger had became distrustful. It was a cold day in Buenos Aires and after all the reschedules, meeting in the street did not seem like a good idea. Instead, we agreed on meeting in one of the local gay bars.

Finally meeting Randisan

If you are coming from the USA, Buenos Aires’ times will drive you crazy. Most gay bars open after 10 PM, and no night club does it before midnight.

However, I had found a bar owned by two American expatriates that advertised a 7PM opening time. I had been there on a Friday at 10 PM and loved the atmosphere. Very diverse in all aspects, a place with no homophobia, or heterophobia, or misogyny, everyone was welcoming and friendly, without pretension or snobbism. It reminded me of many lounge bars from Manhattan’s East Village in the 90s.

Despite advertising in their website an opening time at 7, the door was closed at 7:25, when I arrived. They did not open until 7:40. I walked in, no one was there, but I ordered a drink anyway as it was cold outside. Fortunately, when they were fixing my drink, Randisan showed up, about 7:42. I cancelled my order and we left.

We walked about 15 minutes to the “telo”. During that walk I was introduced to one of the most interesting professionals I have ever met.

Randisan takes me to a “telo”


The furniture designed to fuck in different positions is here, covered by our clothes


Randisan in the room

In the room, typical Argentinean bathroom, with a bidet.

Directions on how to fuck in different positions using the special piece of furniture in the room


Hallways in the “telo”



















It was my first time in this kind of establishment. During my 20 years living in the city and in my previous visits after moving to the States, having my own place had never been an issue.

The chosen hotel’s name was “Majestic” or “Majical” (SIC), close to the corner of San José street and Belgrano Avenue. I do not know which one is the actual name, as both show in different places.

The front was very discrete, we had to buzz an intercom to be allowed in. From the outside, you could not see the interior. Once inside, a clerk behind a bullet proof glass checked us in.

There were three kinds of rooms, from the $AR 300s to the 600s. I picked the middle range offering, at $AR 450. The highest price included a jacuzzi, but we were not interested in luxuries. The fee paid for a three hours shift (“un turno”).

Both of my credit cards were rejected, which was weird as I had been using them everywhere without any problem. I paid with cash, the clerk gave us an old fashioned key, and we headed to our rented nest.

It was a room with a comfortable queen bed, a piece of furniture shaped to fuck in different positions (came with the directions, as you can see in the above pictures), and a bathroom with a shower. Towels, one condom, and shampoo were waiting for us on top of the bed.

Randisan fascinates me

During our walk and the beginning of our short staying in the “telo”, we conversed a lot. It is something unusual to me, as you know if you are not new to the blog. Usually I jump straight to the hot action, but Randisan fascinated me.

He was opening up generously and sharing a very interesting and adventurous personality and life experience. Originally from Perú, from a middle class family mix of Spanish, Japanese, Black, and Amerindian, this adventurous young man had visited several countries before ending up in Argentina to become a private pilot. Paying for the hours of flying needed to be licensed as a pilot was cheaper in here.

His native region in Perú was none of the internationally known places, but the Peruvian Amazonian jungle. Randisan shared countless of charming anecdotes from his childhood and adolescence. I was specially interested in his relationship with Ayahuasca, and he was very generous sharing about it.

His passion, knowledge, and love for his culture and for life were contagious and distracted me for a while from sex. We had a lot of time, the hotel shift was 3 hours.

Randisan in the sack

RandisanWhile chatting, we were semi naked laying on the bed. Now and then I would caress his naturally smooth legs, which he would hold around me in a friendly, sexy and warm gesture. Randisan is beautiful and has a very soft and attractive body. His butts are mesmerizing. We had a few pauses in our conversation and exchanged a few kisses, but the chatting was engaging and distracting.

Finally, when I was wondering wether this was going to be a platonic relationship, he stopped talking, turned around, drove me to spoon him, and we suddenly engaged in passionate intercourse.

Randisan was responsive to my kissing, but I could tell it was not really his thing. His dick was beautiful and rock hard, and after a quick taste I focused on his very receptive ass. Delicious. While I was eating him, he directed my hands to his nipples. Nipple play is the key to his freaking in bed.

Oral playing was not very long, quite soon I was inside him. We fucked hard for about 40 minutes, Randisan is a skillful lover. Despite the intense and deep drilling, the condom came out perfectly clean, which is always my test to approving an expert bottom.

Randisan after the sack

RandisanWe were hungry after the work out, and left the “telo” to go for a restaurant. This adorable young man would not stopped opening up and sharing his worldview, his passions, his life.

I invited him to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. He did not abuse of my invitation and ordered a regular dish and a soda. When we finished eating and headed to pick up our transportation to go back home, it was almost midnight.

I had paid him for one hour plus dinner, and this generous and luminous soul gifted me with about 5 hours of his life. It was actual sharing, not only he revealed his real name and real life, but he voraciously listen to me about mine, and asked me questions that showed his honest interest and sympathetic curiosity.

He even shared with me his IG, and allowed me to share it with you.

Randisan Pros and Cons

Now and then I drop this reminder. A sexual encounter involves two particular people in a unique combination. The experiences I share in this blog are mine, they may be an indicator but they are not representative, of how your experience may be. Please, do not forget that.

From my point of view I can point to only one Con in Randisan’s performance: he is not really into kissing. He will kiss you if you want, and will do it generously, but it is not what actually likes. I asked him afterwards, to double check wether or not this was a problem only with me. He assured me it was not, and I have no reason to doubt him.

His Pros are many. Randisan is truly a very special character that will seduce you with his personality. He is a skillful bottom, and extremely generous with his time. I am glad to add him to our Reviews page.

Even when he is 23 years old, has the face and the body of an adolescent. Randisan has stopped going to the gym but you can still notice traces of his past work outs in his harmonious shapes and curves. Good news for you, this sexy bomb shared that he is planning to be back to the gym soon. You can check in his IG how hot he looks like with a longer hair and a sharper body.

Buenos Aires is changing and bringing a new diversity to its life. Randisan is an amazing sample of an irresistible mix of cultures and ethnicities. Meeting him was a privilege. It could be also yours.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!




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