Carlos again

Meeting Carlos again was a must after our outstanding first appointment. I was sure there was no better way to say goodbye to Buenos Aires.

Some quite good experiences

Even when my visit was short, even when my personal circumstances were not the happiest ones, Buenos Aires was generous to me. Thanks to the advice I found in the local forums, the rate of success was high.

I met four providers. Three out of the four were recommendable. One of them was not a good match for me. Respecting the fact that it would not be fair to cast doubts on his reputation just because I did not like him, I will not address my failed appointment. Let me just say that when he was giving me head, it was my decision to stop and leave. Should he had done anything wrong, I would be reporting it here. 

The first experience was a beautiful Carioca who delivered an excellent service the day I arrived to the city. The second one was Carlos from Venezuela, an absolutely exceptional lover. The third one was Randisan from Perú,  a captivating import from the Amazonia. I wanted to see Randisan and Carlos again, but had time for only one of them.

Carlos refused to indulge me with a session of pictures and video, which would have been an amazing addition to our JustFor.Fans page. Despite that, the chance to have a second date with him was thrilling enough and he was the chosen one. 

Meeting Carlos again

Carlos AgainEvery time a first date is outstanding, the expectation for a second time is exciting. After flabbergasting me with an exceptional performance, I could not help but wonder what would be waiting for me when I met Carlos again.

The Venezuelan God was having exams in college, so I had to wait until he finished. Knowing that the boy had goals and was working on an academic degree was a plus to his personal charm. 

My previous experiences with “taxi boys” (local slang for male escorts) in Argentina had been many years ago and mostly with street hustlers coming from a humble background. They were sexy but not very educated or sophisticated. Meeting providers like Forbidden Apple, Randisan and Carlos, was new to me in the local context. I do enjoy interacting in the bedroom with blue collar workers, I did it a lot. However, engaging with young men with a social background closer to my own proved to be fulfilling beyond the bedroom. I am sure no one is surprised by that, I am not.

The day I was going to see Carlos again we had a few challenges. He miscalculated the time he would finish with his test and we had to reschedule. And then he fell asleep and I had to call him several times to wake him up. 

Finally, we met at 1:30 PM (the original plan was at noon) for a two hours appointment that would include an after playing lunch.

Fucking Carlos again

Carlos againCarlos was tired. Not only that morning he had been taking a test, but the night before had been one of partying hard. He told me, because I could not really tell.

The action started downstair (remember his place is a duplex). When we decided to move to his bedroom, we had already fucked twice. The first time he rode me while I was sitting in his couch, the second time I fucked him standing up. Just as in our first encounter, the quality of the engagement was exceptional.

Then the action was taken upstairs. We went through all the positions from our first date, plus some new ones. It truly seemed as though we were trying to merge in a new born creature, our legs, hands, and arms knotted in improvised passionate ways, my dick inside him most of the time.

His kissing, his bottoming, his demanding me to please him moved up one step higher. I did not think Carlos would be able to out perform our first encounter, I was wrong. The boy even surprised me with a kinky touch that I will keep in private. I do not want anyone else to expect he would share that gift beyond me. Not often.

Our orgasms would belong to an anthology of pleasure. He busted while riding me, I exploded inside of him a long time after. It was like a symphony, like the dramatic ending of one of Coppola’s movies. You could imagine the lyric music playing in the background.

Our first lunch together

This time I did accept his offer and took a shower at his place. We did not shower together. He jumped into the bathtub once I was done, so I had the chance to contemplate Carlos again, as in our first appointment. I wish he had accepted my offer to film him. A clip of this beauty washing himself covered by soap and steaming water would have been a nice present for you all.

We left his place to go to a Peruvian restaurant he had heard good references about. It was an excellent recommendation in eclectic Buenos Aires. The food was delicious and the portions generous. Carlos ordered with moderation, without abusing of my invitation.

The young man was an entertaining conversationist. However, only half of my thoughts were engaged in the conversation. The other half was lost in contemplating the contrast between this display of social conventional skills and his performance in the sack.

Sex with Carlos is an existential experience

Carlos alemanWe all have social masks. I know I do. We use them to protect ourselves, to function in a world where without them we would be too vulnerable. Our masks are defense mechanisms that shield and allow us to take risks and interact with other people, wearing their own ones themselves.

Observing Carlos before and after sex showed me the depth of his losing himself into it. He is a beautiful man, but his beauty reaches an existential dimension when he is in the sack. 

Carlos’ cute, attractive face loses all tension, all the little gestures that configure his social masks. His beauty is redrawn in an expression naked of all tricks and ticks. Contemplating him during the sexual act is like observing Nirvana, a picture of profound connection with our common human essence. 

The beauty of his unmasked face during the act is the ultimate expression of sex as a mystical and existential experience.

Will I see Carlos again?

I could not help but wonder how this young man is going to evolve, what he is going to become as he matures and gains confidence and a more natural connection with himself. I could not help but wonder what I am going to see when I meet Carlos again, hopefully in my next visit to Buenos Aires.

What will he become once able to drop his social mask of overconfidence? What he will look like once the need to over act his intelligence and his personal successes is gone, replaced by a more mature and naturally self assertive man? His intuitive sexual wisdom is unquestionable, but at his age still developing, and much is unexplored. I wish I was closer, to be part of that quest for self-knowledge expansion.

This report is being written while flying back home to DC. Porteños, and visitors to Buenos Aires, I hope you have the privilege to share a moment of your life with Carlos Aleman. You must; and when you do, treat him well, please. 

Behind a mask of confidence and young omnipotence a treasure of epicurean wisdom, a gifted natural lover is hidden. If you have the empathy and the sensibility to find it, you will not regret, and will also need to see Carlos again. 

I envy you, I am flying away.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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