Trap was an unexpected gift after my return to DC. I was surprised by his visit to the national capital, fortunately I still had some stamina to spare.

Trap is one of my favorite porn stars

TrapHe has joined the very selected but also crowded group of my favorite gay porn stars since the very first time I saw him in the screen. It was about one year ago, in Breed It Raw’s series The House. I always dreamed of being a fly in those walls to witness how he squeezed every single top with his ass.

Of course, with the porn star label comes also the doubt. Is he a good escort? You know, one thing is fucking like a pro with other smoking hot guys, another thing is fucking this average Joe blogger.

I hired several gay porn stars and the experiences have been diverse. From outstanding performances like Sean Xavier, Rio, and Max Gianni, passing through underwhelming ones like Jacen Zhu, to completely disappointing meetings like Holliwud. 

Where in that continuum should Trap be placed? His pictures in Rentmen seemed to be inviting me to find out.

Connecting with Trap

This slutty blogger was actually expecting to meet someone else. The trip to Argentina ended with a small budget surplus. My original intention was investing it in a new production with Kavalier Prince, exploring fist fucking. (Un)Fortunately, he never responded to my messages.

So I am there, after waiting for his response for more than 24 hours, perusing ads in Rentmen. As soon as Trap’s ad surprised me, the decision was made. A chance to meet one of my favorite adult entertainers should not be wasted. I love Kavalier, but he should take better care of this business if he is going to be serious about it.

Trap responded to my text message in a few minutes. The communication was friendly and to the point. We were setting our appointment after about three exchanges. A good beginning.

Meeting Trap

It is a shitty day in DC… Hold on… Who knows when you will be reading this? Let me start again. 

It was a shitty day in DC, rainy and with flood alerts everywhere. One of those days tailored to boycott your best plans.

However, Trap arrived on time. He kept me posted of his Uber progress by texting. When he was close, I walked out with an umbrella to protect him for the rain. After all, he deserved Porn Star special treatment.

The feeling was pleasant from the very beginning. This young man has a very easy (and beautifully sexy) smile. Usually porn stars strike me as shorter than they look like in the screen, but not him. Trap is as tall and perfectly shaped as his videos show.

Once in my place, the good vibes continued. He is approachable and friendly, not a trace of Porn Prima Donna. I offered him a drink (disappointingly Trap does not smoke weed), and he fixed his own screw driver. He was happy like a kid when found my Amaretto flavored vodka. I was already stone, and sat next to him to try to talk.

I said “try” because we failed on having an initial conversation. Trap had already given me a sample of his kissing skills as soon as we close the door behind us, but we would not stop. Several times our sentences would die at short sessions of passionate kissing.

Trap in the sack

His hard on was exceptional. It was rock hard since the very first kiss. I really mean “rock” hard. With that boner you could knock out a whole gang of racist Trump supporters. Impressive.

I would not say his dick qualifies for BBC, but it has a nice length and a beautiful appearance. Delicious and comfortable to suck. My particular test to approve of a dick is wether or not it triggers my gag reflect. Trap’s cock passed.

He was fully engaged, with passion and lust. After a hot session of cannibal French kissing and oral play in the living room, we moved into the bedroom. 

My ass eating was very well received and left enough lubrication in the area. Getting inside him was easy. My concerns about him not performing at the same level than in his clips was way behind. I always felt like one of his co-stars, the first kiss had nuked any worries. We were two freaks bumping on each other like bunnies.

We had tried just a couple of positions and I made a mistake. I allowed myself to be taken by the moment, and when fucking him from behind, holding one of his hands and using my other one to shut his mouth and mute his moaning, I just busted. Without this beginner’s mistake, the action should have lasted longer.

Trap after the sack

Now we had the chance to talk. Trap is new to the adult entertainment industry, started his career in gay porn no much longer than one year ago. His escorting is even newer, he shared I was his fourth client.

I usually do not fuck with old men. However, I made an exception with him. Trap is 32 years old, pretty unusual for my record. His birthday was the day after we were meeting. He is the loving father of a teen age son, but does not identify as bisexual. The man is gay, his son happened before he realized it.

We had already fucked and I am confident he would have done it again should I asked for it. I was too tired for that, but decided to make him another offer. What about some pictures for the blog?

Trap asked a few questions about the pictures I had in mind, and about this blog. He had never heard of it, of course. The porn star was ready to be my model.

Some pictures with Trap

TrapThis time I did not go for hardcore pictures. I do not think I can afford that kind of material with this talented porn star.

Instead, the session was just soft-core images trying to reflect his physical beauty and his kinky face. Some of those pictures illustrate this post, you can see the rest of them if you sign up for our JustFor.Fans account.

Honestly, this blogger was nervous and intimidated. All my previous models had been amateurs with no experience in front of a camera. Here I was, trying to take pictures with my iPhone to an adult entertainment industry professional. 

Trap had worked before for many expert photographers, posing in elaborated settings, with perfect lighting and the right lens. Now he was posing for me. Trágame tierra!

I want more Trap

TrapThe meeting was very satisfying. The quality of our engagement was excellent and did not feel transactional. I always close my reviews with the pros and cons of the provider, but this time the problems were on my side.

This blogger was inhibited by his admiration for this young man’s looks and skills. My fear was that, coming from a lot of action back in Argentina, I was not going to meet my own expectations, and satisfy this gorgeous man. I was intimidated.

I was surprised by the quality and the passion of his performance. It wasn’t until towards the end of our encounter, once the pictures session was over, that I started to feel relaxed and more comfortable.

Trap was just great. Approachable, warm, friendly, passionate, a freak bottom, all qualities I love. I want a second chance to experience his skills from a better personal place. 

And the next time I want hardcore pictures and video.

Goodbye for now, Trap

When we were chatting after the pictures (Trap is not a clock watcher and seemed to honesty enjoy his time with me), he got a very sad call. One of his high school friends, the very one Trap had his first gay crush on, had just been shot in Orlando, his place of origin.

The way he reacted to this sad news just added to what I had already learned. Trap is not only a young man with a beautiful appearance, but also with a warm and sensible soul and heart. A very personal moment took place in front of me.

I hope he can celebrate his birthday as he deserves. I will be thinking of him tomorrow.

Trap will stay in DC a few more days. Unfortunately I have no more time (or money) for a second meeting during this visit to the national capital. He will be back to his home base, Los Angeles, in just a couple of days. Our next meeting will have to wait until he comes back.

Angelinos, do not miss this treat. He will not disappoint you.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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