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A clean experience

mintboys nyc

KITTY LEE in our Sexy Clown clip.

Whether you are a new reader or an old friend, you can see the blog is free of advertisement and windows popping up to disrupt your experience. When the blog started to be successful, the decision was made to look for an alternative way to monetize it.

Instead of cluttering your screen with unwanted material, we created an associated account in JustFor.Fans. Joining costs you only 4.99 monthly. For you is nothing. For us, your 4.99 makes a huge difference.

If just a few hundreds of the thousands of monthly readers we have right now supported us by joining our JustFor.Fans account, we would be able to expand the services and materials provided. No one is getting rich here, but we all end having fun.

When the readers give us feedback, the most mentioned reason to follow I Like Pinga is that we provide useful information. Indeed, we do our best as our mindset as been always that of a public service. If you find us useful, or at least entertaining, or perhaps interesting, please support us.

Support us by joining JustFor.Fans

If you are not new to the blog, you know the experience we offer here, completely for free. You may want to know what you are going to get from your money.

Every time there is a photo or video production related to one of the reviews or posts accesible for free in the blog, the visual material will be viewable only for paying members.

Of course, we are not professional or talented photographers or film makers. The quality of the material is absolutely artisanal and without edition or photoshopping. The idea is not embellishing the models and the situations, but rather documenting them.

So do not expect premium quality porn material. The best you are going to get from your money is not our pictures and videos, but the satisfaction of contributing to our project. Please, support us.

Why to support us


From our meeting with Forbidden Apple in Resistencia, Argentina

If you are new to the blog, you may not know yet whether or not we deserve your support. I warmly invite you to check our About Us page to know better who we are. Just in case you are not in the mood, let me bring the most important part, our core goals:

  • Celebrating and promoting diversity, specifically sexual diversity. We do not judge anyone for not having our same preferences. As long as no one is harmed, as long as everything is happening between consenting adults, we join you to celebrate us. We also promote sex as a legitimate human expression. We should not be ashamed of talking about any kind of sex, of having any kind of sex, of liking any kind of sex. Of course, we are daddies into younger men and will focus  on that.
  • Sharing knowledge about everything sex. We are here to share and to learn.
  • Celebrating, advocating for, and promoting the adult entertainment industry.
  • Advocating for the rights of sex workers and clients.
  • Building community.
  • Fighting against any kind of abuse, exploitation, and/or trafficking. This is not the traditional bull shit disclaimer. What I mean is that those ignorant motherfuckers legislating and designing public policy should read this blog and other expressions of our subculture, to learn what a vibrant, talented, supportive, productive, socially responsible, patriotic community they are attacking. We are against abuse, exploitation, and/or trafficking because they are wrong, not because they are illegal.

By joining our JustFor.Fans account you would be contributing to sustain and expand the for free access to our most important content. Please, support us.

Support us, so we can grow

When we talk about success, we are not talking about massive traffic. We are in a small niche market here. Your support is not going to make this blogger rich, but will help his hobby grow.

What can you expect if we are able to generate a small stream of financial support?

  • More reviews. You know, those boys’ time is not for free. Currently, we are able to afford perhaps one monthly meeting while in USA territory. We could increase the number of dates when traveling abroad. According to our analytics, the reviews are what you all are most interested in. You could have more if you support us.
  • More traveling. We are currently based in DC, and travel during long breaks. Your support would allow us to make short trips during long week ends to places close to DC to explore neighborhood markets like Philadelphia, Boston, and NYC, and report to you. Please, support us.
  • More porn. Right now this blogger cannot afford paying models. The solution has been merging his own sex with the porn production. Your few dollars could help him to stay behind the camera, documenting the experience between two (or more, dreaming is for free) hotties. So far it has been done only once. If you support us, you may have more.
  • More video. Besides porn, there are semi pornographic ideas, like the “AssKing Questions” projects, where an adult entertainer is interviewed while his ass is eaten, that has not yet materialized. We could do it, if you support us.

What is coming

You can expect our regular reporting from DC to continue unchanged. In case I have to go on financing everything from my own pockets, the number of new gay escorts reviews will go down. The priority to invest my own funds right now is into traveling.

You can expect reporting coming from a few days trip to Louisville, KY, in November. We will be traveling to and reporting from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in December. In April the destination is Mexico City. In July Rio and again Buenos Aires.

By the end of July, besides expanding our existing data base of gay escorts in the USA and Argentina, we will add reviews from providers in Mexico and Brazil. The number of new reviews depends on you. Please, support us.



From Experimenting with Lee.

Thank you so much to those of you who have already signed up. The number of supporters we have right now is still not enough to cover the cost of sustaining the website, but it is helpful and it is growing. You have no idea how much I appreciate that you would find interesting and worthy a blog so poorly written.

It is hard to make serious plans when you do not have the funding, too many times my projects were frustrated in the last minute because the amateur models I am hiring changed their minds, or just flaked.

The intention is to have one new production every month. During September there is still one more set of pictures to be released next week, related to our Sexy Clown session with Lee. 

Hopefully, we will have a new production related perhaps to outdoor sex or sex in the Nature, also with Lee as the model. I do have other candidates to modeling but Lee is the only one who is reliable and I feel confident I can share plans about.

October, my birthday month, is still a mystery. It could be amazing, if you support us.

This is fun, friends. Thanks to all for inspiring me with your readership.


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