krave in DC

Krave in DC! Krave in DC! National Capital bottoms, you better start working out your biggest dildos.

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krave in dc

The only clip where I have seen Krave Melanin bottoming

Recently, I complimented one of his pictures in Twitter, wishing he would visit us in DC. Immediately, Krave Melanin responded telling that he will be here this month and next. My heart stopped.

This blogger has been infatuated by this gloriously beautiful man since the very first time he saw him performing in video. A successful case of Finding Porn. Krave is a sexual freak, exactly what I like, what I am looking for. Apparently, the man is mostly a top (I think, we did not discuss details for a meeting yet), but loves getting his ass worked.

If you are a follower, you know I am a passionate and voracious ass eater. We may actually be quite a good match. But I am fantasizing right now, we should stick to the news, Krave in DC! If I am lucky, he will be add to my next Best Escorts list. He is indeed a Pinga to Do.

Krave in DC

krave in dcAs I am such a fan of this mouth watering beauty, I could not contain myself and ran to write this post. However, I do not have much to report. Krave in DC is such huge news for me. The attraction I feel for this guy is one of those you cannot describe with words. You should see my face, the feeling is so intense that I need every single communicational tool I may have in order to express it.

You should get to pornhub and take a look at his work, in case you do not know who we are talking about here. Take a look at this clip, for instance. Krave fucking Trap, one of my favorite bottoms in the industry and a great guy we had the pleasure to meet recently. Or this other one, showing the Ebony God fucking himself with a dildo.

From his Rentmen profile: “Your favorite chocolate king. I like doing freaky ish, if you not into FREAKY ish don’t bother”.

My apologies. I was planning to write longer about Krave in DC, but suddenly I need to masturbate. Right now.


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