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A New Fucks 2018 Update is necessary. For some reason traffic has been hot in that post from February. Let’s readdress the topic.

An outdated To Do List

I wonder what is going on with Ashton. Smoking hot Boricua. This is taken from a scene by Randy Blue.

We are now in the last weeks of September. A lot of things happened since February. As I noticed the increased interest in my To Do List, I reread the post and found it quite outdated. 

Rather than a To Do List, it looks to me now as a Wish List, with several completely unrealistic prospects, like Alam Wernik. I would never afford his fees. Besides, my attraction for him has almost vanished, he overflew the cloud with his image.

And Ashton Summers? Not only I was never close to meet him, but he seems to be gone. His formerly very prolific Tweeter account vanished, and now shows like a blank private profile. There are other accounts with his name, but I am not sure he is behind them. I wonder what is going on with that beautiful Boricua. I wish I could have add him to my Best Escorts list.

Or what about Corbin Colby? What chance did I ever have to meet that hot boy? None. In this New Fucks 2018 Update my intention is to be more realistic, and keep only those guys I am seriously planning to meet. Perhaps also add some one new.

We did hit one. We can scratch out of the shopping list Mr. Victor Powers. 

The Number One in the New Fucks 2018 Update

new fucks 2018 update

Timarrie in a scene from ChiChi LaRue’s new porn site, Noir Male. His other images in this post are from Blacks On Daddies.

I am keeping this one. Timarrie Baker continues to be my most desirable adult entertainer. He has moved a few months ago from Portland, and is now residing in Seattle. 

Timarrie is one of the big stars adorning Noir Male, the new website casting beautiful Black men. I do not like the website, although I welcome a new outlet and source of work for the boys. But I do love the stars, and Timarrie the most.

Now and then we get in touch and revisit our plan to meet. He is interested in trying the East Coast market but not confident of his success. And I am too poor to afford bringing him to DC.

That would be an amazing project to finally close, if you wanted to support us.

The number two in the New Fucks 2018 Update

XL and Jay Alexander in a BreedItRaw production

Yes, this time I am setting a priority order, not like in the original post. And the unquestionable number two, head to head with Timarrie, is the amazing XL. That threesome would get me in the ICU.

He visits DC now and then, although not as often as I would like. We almost met a couple of times but there was always some last minute problem ruining the plans.

This blogger is a huge fan since his first porn performances, when he was only top. Since he flipped I have been willing to marry him.

I may not marry him, but I will meet him.

An addition to the New Fucks 2018 Update

new fucks 2018 update

Beautiful Seth Knight, here in a Pride Studios production

The rest of the guys I included in the original post are great and indeed I would enjoy meeting each one of them. However, the chances for that to happen are really low. This blogger is specially fond of Diego and Ali, but there are no reasons to think we will meet other than wishing so.

As said before, this is a more realistic attempt for a shopping list. Let’s keep working.

Seth Knight is another DC frequent visitor. There is a very good chance I will try to reach out to him during his next visit. There are complains in the M4M forums about him not being responsive to communications and flaking, but this blogger would give him a break at least on the communications issue. Seth is a smoking hot pstar and his voicemail is probably overflown with messages from admirers, clients, and harassers. Unfortunately, I have no excuses for him not showing up.

Shopping abroad

Gabriel from BoyToy Brazil

new fucks 2018 update

Iago from Garoto Com Local Brazil

We cannot have a thorough New Fucks 2018 Update without including Brazil. This blogger will be visiting Salvador during the last days of December and the beginning of 2019. 

Of course, there is a good chance most of the fun will be coming from regular hook ups and the saunas. I am pretty sure most of the guys I will report about will be regular Brazilians and garotos de programa who do not advertise in any websites. Perhaps they may have a social media profile, but not even that is for sure. I cannot plan for having anyone in particular.

However, I found Gabriel. I am very thrilled and anxious about my trip, my first one to that particular region of Brazil. Often I am scouting guys in hook up apps and websites. Window shopping in an escorts website called Boytoy, I walked into this beauty.

In another Brazilian website, Garoto Com Local, I found Iago. This one is a back up, just in case I find myself alone and horny in the vacation, after visiting the sauna. You can see him in action above.

Expect news about them in December.

No Fucks and Old Fucks

new fucks 2018 update

Ebony God Krave Melanin playing with his dildo

That was the New Fucks 2018 Update. When in 2019 I’ll come back to make the balance and see who I can scratch out, I will make reference to this post, not the original one. Hopefully I will be able to meet some of these guys before this year is over. The big question is affordability.

Because of that little tiny issue, I just had one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Krave Melanin will be visiting DC but I cannot afford him. Otherwise, he would have been in this list.

In the meanwhile, we will continue having fun with old friends. Lee, Kevin, and Allen, they are all in my list. They all have shared great moments with this blogger and we are not going to stop. 

Kavalier is also back, but not really into advertising. His contact info is out there, you can try reaching out to him. I recommend him only if you are very patient, his communicational skills are horrible and making an appointment is a challenge. But when you meet him, he is the sweetest lover.

Of course, there will be other new fucks. While I wait for the guys in this shopping list, I may meet other young talent and report it here.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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