Please, vote now. I am not talking about the GAYVN awards or any other industry ceremony. I am talking about stopping the advance of the Right.

Vote Now. I already did

Vote Now

My first absentee ballot

This blogger submitted his application for an absentee ballot last week, received it last Wednesday, filled it up last Thursday, and just dropped it in the mailbox. This is the first time I have the chance to vote in the USA, as I am a new naturalized citizen.

Please, do the same. Something may go wrong on Election Day and you may not be able to exercise your rights. Do it by absentee ballot and you will be securing that you express your will as a citizen. It is so important in this election. I am a DC resident, so my vote does not actually matter, but I voted anyway.

Voting is not just a fundamental right in a democracy, but also a fundamental obligation. I am confident that if everyone voted, we would not have the policies, the judges, and the leaders we have now. Conservatives understand better how power works in a representative democracy, and are much more disciplined when voting time arrives.

The progressive field is showing what seems to be an epiphany, and going for every single piece of power accesible by popular election. We must help by learning the discipline of honoring our obligation as citizens of a representative democracy. Vote Now. Vote always.

Vote Now, but do not just vote

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Voting is fundamental, but it is not enough. We must carefully elect our representatives, but we cannot check out after voting. Specially if we are part of a subculture that is one of the favorite targets of mainstream puritanism. We can reasonably trust that progressive politicians will foster a progressive agenda in economic and broad social issues. Nevertheless, we cannot trust they will do the same on policies related to the adult entertainment industry and sex work.

That is why we must come out of the closet as producers and consumers of adult products. That is why we must speak up loud and clear, and educate the public and the policy makers about our subculture. It is one of the major goals of this blog.

We are productive, honest, hard working members of society. We contribute a big deal to human happiness and well being. To ask for our rights to be respected is just not enough. Our subculture should be promoted, rather than just respected and tolerated. Sexual activities and satisfaction should not be tabu, but a common goal and a public service.

Vote Now, freaks of the world!

vote nowFreaks of the world, unite! My apologies for paraphrasing te Communist Manifesto, but it is time. Stop fucking for a minute, minimize pornhub in your screen, quite scouting for men in Mintboys, and go to USA.GOV instead, to learn the absentee vote procedure and submit the application for your ballot to your local board of elections.

Vote now. We know ourselves. If we are horny on Election Day and we have someone to play with and the aqua pipe filled, we are not leaving the bedroom. You can vote now, do not take the risk to miss the chance to meet your obligation as a citizen and your interest as a freak.

Future should be ours, but it depends on us.


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