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Carioca Douglas is teasing me. My trip to Salvador is just a couple of months ahead and Brazil is sending me erotic waves.

Brazil is teasing me

The friends in Boytoy, my favorite resource and online community for international traveling and sex tourism, have been laughing at me. I have been obsessed with my vacation to Bahia since last August. Imagine now, that we are “just” two months away… may be a few days longer.

Even when DC is always fun and Lee and Mark took good care of my happiness, I couldn’t stop thinking of it, and I felt continuously teased these last weeks. It is probably my Gods sending clues of what the future is saving for me. 

How could I not feel teased by traveling logs like this one? How could I not feel lured towards Brazil by deliveries like Allen’s? He is indeed one of the finest gay escorts you can find in the USA, and has Brazilian blood.

And now, Carioca Douglas has joined the teasing waves.

Carioca Douglas is adorable

Carioca Douglas was one of the three wonderful taxi boys (Argentinean for escorts) I met in my last visit to Buenos Aires. He is a Carioca garoto de programa and masseur established in the Argentine capital many years ago. I chose hiring him because of his god reputation in EscortsXP, the local discussion forums.

He has a privileged body and a very masculine and sexy Brazilian face, with a kinky expression of course. Douglas is 30 but you would believe him should he told you he was 23. Our meeting was excellent and so I reflected in my review, with a caveat.

carioca DouglasDespite all the praise, I pointed to Carioca Douglas’ lack of erection, and hypothesized possible explanations like him not finding me attractive or being tired from servicing other clients earlier on.

Shortly after publishing my review, this edible Carioca reached out to me through my IG account. He went out of his way to make clear that he did find me attractive but was drained by several earlier appointments. He did not need to do that.

Not only I am aware of how demanding a sex worker day can be. Besides that, I do know that some bottoms can enjoy intense pleasure from their ass without an erection. I have been with submissive lovers that can even orgasm and ejaculate without having a hard on. This blogger was just expressing a personal preference, although perhaps using the wrong wording.

Since then, Carioca Douglas has been teasing me.

Carioca Douglas is long distance teasing me

He keeps a quite active IG account. Carioca Douglas has an obvious talent for taking selfies highlighting his body’s perfect shape and shades. Besides abundant selfies, now and then he shares more professional pictures, just like the ones illustrating this post. I asked him for permission and he graciously allowed me to use his photographies.

These images have not yet been shared. As I said, Carioca Douglas is long distance teasing me. Now and then he sends me messages so I do not forget he exists. This week, he sent me this set of pictures through private message. I have the exclusive breaking release.

Carioca DouglasHis teasing is indeed working. It inspired this post, that will add to the pile of compliments for his charms you can find at EscortsXP, and has made my mind that he will get the second call in my next trip to Buenos Aires. The first one is booked for Carlos Aleman.

Even more. I think he is going to be in Rio when I will be in Salvador. With Brazilian prices it is really tempting to ship him for a couple of hot days together. 

Let’s see. I am overthinking my trip.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be in Buenos Aires and feel like needing a nice erotic massage, or a good fuck, do not hesitate to contact Douglas. He will not disappoint you.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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