Suki male strippers shaking his butts meatloaf @stadium DC

Bring Timarrie and Osiris to DC, please. It is s shame that these Big Stars are not visiting us frequently.

DC hosts gay porn stars

bring timarrie and Osiris did of Suki getting tips while go go dancing

Suki. Taken from Pornhub.

Our city is always very welcoming to visitors. Quite frequently, different venues in Washington DC feature porn stars to host special events. The hotties are brought by a couple of popular party organizers. This blogger knows about two: Omega Entertainment and Davon Hamilton Events.

Last week end, I attended for the first time one of the event they organize periodically: Meatloaf @Stadium DC. As reported, it was not a typical week end and therefore it is not fair to make any definite judgements. However, the experience was very promising, although with one big serious issue.

The mega star hosting the event, Mustang, did not show up until the last 30 minutes. He was supposed to deliver a performance with the also famous stripper Suki. It was very disappointing, but the rest of the event compensated for this blow. 

Krave Melanin did deliver a sexy performance and worked out the floor intensely. And the same did the rest of the exotic dancers, some of them much hotter than the big name stars.

But we already reported that. The purpose of this post is related, but not about that.

Bring Timarrie and Osiris

If I ever get Osiris to visit me, this is what I want to see when I open my door. Taken for here.

I have no hidden agenda. The purpose of this post is just one: bring Timarrie and Osiris. Are you reading, Omega and Davon Hamilton? Bring them, what are you waiting for?

Both of them have a spotless history of professionalism. You would never have your customers disappointed because your host stars are coming too late to the show. 

We already wrote a lot about these two Gay Adult Entertainment Industry Gods. Specially about Timarrie, who I happen to adore.

Most pf the guys you are bringing are from Atlanta and New York City. Well, Osiris just moved to Savanah. He was a long shot while living in Florida, but now you have him here in Georgia, just in the scope of your regular traveling budget.

Bring them to DC, Omega DC and DH Entertainment.

Timarrie is still a long shot. He is living in Washington State, but is very interested in making his first tour to the Northeast. I know because he told me. He is one of the best escorts nationwide. Mr. Baker is also in the pinnacle of his porn career and still going up, right now starring at Noir Male. Perhaps you will have to invest more in his flight tickets, but his followers would overwhelm your Eventbrite account buying tickets.

If you bring Timarrie and Osiris

Timarrie hosting in San Francisco. How would that beauty look in your fliers, Omega DC and DH?

You would have the perfect hosts for your events. Bring them together or individually, but bring them.

Both of them have a diverse history of versatility performing outstandingly in all kind of scenes and situations, from pure vainilla to the kinkiest shit. If the readers want to find good porn, just search for Timarrie or Osiris. A younger, never ending raising star, and an older, seasoned, always hot veteran that will boost your parties organizers brands.

What other Mega stars would be better to host your parties at Stadium DC. What other gay idols would bring more attendance to your parties and after parties at Eagle DC and Green Lantern? Or your semi private sex parties? I cannot believe you have never hired them for Black Pride.

I can picture them together, performing on stage, Timarrie bossing Osiris on a leash and puppy gear. It is also easy to picture them hosting their individual events. You are the professionals, Omega and DH. If you bring them, I am sure you know how to maximize the appealing of their widely popular brands.

Perhaps the most important point is that both of them are interested in coming to DC. If you did not know, you do now.

Bring Timarrie and Osiris. Now. Please.

Besides that, and talking now to all of our readers: do no forget to vote this Tuesday, keep educating yourself, and please support us.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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