exhibit at 21 C hotel for Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is not a new trend for me. I do not have any family in the United States. Therefore, all my holidays have been just excuses to enjoy the company of my friends.

Friendsgiving at Louisville

Friendsgiving at Louisville

I love this installation at the 21 C Museum Hotel.

One of the dear friends from the M4M Forums just moved to Louisville, in Kentucky, and invited me and one more friend to spend Friendsgiving together. The three of us met last April at Palm Springs. Hanging out around The Canyon Club’s swimming pool, the dinner at Trio, and the famous pool party, we became good friends.

I decided to drive from DC. Airports were going to be crazy, and daring holidays traffic seemed more appealing. If you are going to visit Fly Over America, you should drive. It was the right decision, in both rounds of the trip I was able to cut the GPS’ ETA by about one hour. 

My original attitude towards the city was poor, expecting to enjoy nothing besides the friends. I was very wrong, the city turned to be an interesting and very welcoming community with a thriving local culture. 

This post is to report my very limited experience in town, just two days, in a very special date that is probably not representative of how the city vibe actually is.

Just to illustrate that point, one of the things that struck me the most were the huge buildings, wide avenues and sidewalks, and trendy huge shops, all completely empty almost like in a ghost town. I am sure the vibe is different in a regular week.

If you are only interested in sex, you can scroll down up to that section.

What to do at Louisville

A giant David is inserted in Downtown, showing at the same time a questionable good taste and an unquestionable commitment to the Arts.

Of course, you must experience the local bourbon culture. Visit a refinery like Angel’s Envy, where after paying a fee you can taste the product guided by a specialist, and tour the refinery. Do some shopping, in places like Art Eatables. I bought (after several samplings) some delicious chocolate infused with bourbon.

Out of all my bourbon local culture experience what I liked the most was a little bar with small tables and a counter; Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons. The ambience is casual and very friendly. They have a large menu of wines, local bourbons, and local cheese. The cheese was delicious and the atmosphere was extremely friendly.  I have the feeling the city is full of these little pearls.

One of the things everyone told me I should do in Kentucky, was trying the local ribs. Indeed, it was good advice. I tried baby ribs in a local BBQ place, they were delicious. And I had once again the chance to experience how welcoming and friendly the locals are.

Ribs were what I was advised to try by the outsiders. Once I was there, the locals told me I could not leave Louisville without trying the Hot Brown. I am glad I listened to their wisdom, and you should do the same. Our Friendsgiving meal was in The Brown Hotel where that dish is signature. Yummy.

Friendsgiving is not only eating and drinking

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It did surprise me the rich cultural life the city fosters. Because of the date, I mostly observed the signs of it, like a huge reproduction of Michelangelo’s David in Downtown. I am not sure about the good taste of such a monumental replica, but it is rotund statement.

The Speed Art Museum was closed, but I did have the chance to admire an impressive exhibition at the 21 C Museum Hotel. Check the pictures I took with my phone.

If you like walking and the outdoors, you will have a good time. The city has several parks, commercial avenues, and residential neighborhoods with a very attractive urban landscape.

For those into rivers, like myself, Louisville is built by the Ohio River. The city has a huge waterpark framed by the Big Four Bridge. Our walk was in the morning and it was slightly foggy, but I am sure the view is amazing in a clear day. I heard that the best time to visit it is at night, when it has special lighting. Besides if you are adventurous (and a whore like my friend) you can even hook up and have some fun right there.

There were also signs of a thriving music, dance, and drama scenes, but we did not have the chance to experience any of it in this opportunity.

Louisville in Friendsgiving Night

Friendsgiving Macdonalds

When I stopped to have breakfast during my road trip in this McDonalds at Grayson, KY, I was impressed with the customer service. They have waitresses who bring the food to your table and do not accept tips. But what impressed me the most was the staff appearance. They were many and they all were white, blond, female, and very much looked alike like if they all were relatives.

There are a few gay bars in the city. We started our night at Tryangles. This is a traditional gay bar, we could easily imagine we were back in he 80s, perhaps even the 70s but I am not old enough to be sure of that. 

We arrived about 9PM on Friendsgiving night and there were very few patrons. The drinks were OK, the atmosphere friendly, and my sluttish friend gave a hand job and made out with a guy in the patio. As I said, a traditional gay bar.

By 10 PM a few more patrons had arrived, but we were ready to move even if my friend could not finish the hand job. He got the phone number. We went to Nowhere, a bar in a completely different area of the city, as there is no equivalent to other American towns gay ghettos.

Nowhere has a much more contemporaneous vibe. Not so dark, not so boxed, not so kinky as Tryangles. For instance, my friend did not find any cock to work out.

The place was crowded and extremely diverse, which was very welcome. So far I had experienced a very racially segregated city, this place felt more normal to me. Diversity was not only racial. Next door there is a twin bar/restaurante called Somewhere. I was told the original intention was one place to be straight and the other gay, but a natural mix took over.

Early sex on Friendsgiving Day

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Of course my hook up apps had been very active since my arrival. I was a new face and you know what happens. 

On Friendsgiving Day, very early in the morning, a very hot 22 years old boy made me an offer I could not reject in one of the apps. I apologize for not sharing more details, but I do not want to give information that could make it easier to identify him. He is not a publishing escort, but a hustler.

Soon we established we may click, had a videoconference to verify his pictures, and made an appointment for noon at his place, just 10 minutes away from my location.

The boy was even hotter in person. Short, with a cute face, and perfectly shaped. His muscles felt firm when we were hugging and making out. I love when they are small and athletic, they are easier to handle and at the same time very nice to touch. He seemed to be horny, the kissing was passionate and his dick was hard.

The whole thing was rushed and not really a good experience, but I was not expecting much for such a low price. He was soon grabbing my dick and, before I was able to eat him, he filled his ass with vaseline. The boy took it with no problem in several angles, and busted with my dick inside in the missionary position. I busted after he did, kissing him and jerking off.

A little bit of guilt on Friendsgiving Day

New Meatloaf @ Stadium DC tonight. I will be there.

When I hire a professional escort I see no moral dilemma. Trading with hustlers is a very different situation, and questioning the exploitative side of the activity is unavoidable to me. Something happened during our meeting that triggered my guilt.

When we discussed our contract we agreed on kissing and fucking, we did not mention oral sex. 

When we were kissing and he seemed so horny and passionate, I asked him to give me head. Kae (let’s call him like that) responded that he would do it in case we got to know each other better. 

After that we kept making out and getting naked. Kae was calling me daddy and moaning a lot, and started to ask me if I was going to take him with me back to DC. I laughed and ignored his question, but he insisted repeatedly. 

I do not like telling lies, and there he is looking at my eyes and expecting an answer from me when my dick is about to enter him and I am passionately eating his mouth. So I lied. I told him I would kidnap and marry him. He was already passionate but when I told him I would take him, well, it felt like he was going to eat me. The kissing became voracious, and quickly went down to my dick.

From down there he looked at my eyes, told me “now I want to suck your dick, daddy”, and gave me head with skill and what seemed to be hungry pleasure. You know he rest.

And more guilt after Friendsgiving

Lee sucking dick nov 18 window shopping

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After fucking, he asked me for a ride to his family’s Thanksgiving gathering. We fucked in a room he shares with one of his sisters in a very humble town house in what looks like projects. Everything looked very poor, but at the same time very clean. Kae is only 22 years old and has a  6 years old daughter, and no job.

The ride was to his grandparents house, where the whole family was gathering. The grandparents seem to be in a better situation. Grandpa is a pastor and live in a regular middle class home in a neighborhood of detached houses. When I dropped him there, Kae asked me to call him later, although did not mention my promises. I was released. I was hopping it was just the kind of dirty talk that turns him on, and not actually a request for adoption.

Later on, when I was hanging out in the bars in Friendsgiving Night, he called me and texted me several times. I took one of his calls but was hard to understand with the loud music. Kae was asking me to go to his place after the bars. I told him I did not have anymore money and he seemed to accept it.

Nevertheless, when I got up the following morning, I found out he kept on texting me after I went to sleep. I texted him once to say goodbye that morning. More than 24 hours later, he has not responded. I hope this story is over.

It was a sweet Friendsgiving experience, with a drop of bitter guilt.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!




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