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Who are the gay escorts for Christmas 2018 in the DC area? Let’s take sides in the War on Christmas and fight for a merry, very merry one. Now, get ready for another window shopping experience.

Gay escorts for Christmas 2018

Brazilian boy for gay escorts for christmas 2018
Gabriel from BoyToy Brazil. The guys I will be fucking with in Christmas will speak Portuguese.

It is already December, it is cold, and I should be working out in the sack with a hottie. I wish.

Despite my reputation, I am going through an abstinence period… since about a week ago. Dios, mío, It feels like I am a virgin again. 

About a week ago I had my last for free hook up in Adam4Adam. Although it was just OK, I am tired of kicking out guys out of my bed after having sex. As a matter of fact, I am afraid I am getting addicted to gay escorts.

Most times, I do not have that feeling with a professional lover, and the sex is almost always much better. Unfortunately, I am not hiring.

In about three weeks this blogger is going to be smoking maconha and drinking caipirinha in a Brazilian beach. Therefore, we are under strict saving mode: no hiring in USA sovereign territory until January.

Get ready, I am about to do some window shopping for you, and check who the gay escorts for Christmas 2018 are in the DC area.

What about a brindis with Brando?

Brando, gay escort at Mintboys DC gay escorts for christmas 2018
This gay escort is next in my Mintboys DC list. Sexy Brando.

Recently, I was discussing a contract with Brando when I switched to saving mode. Certainly, communications were very fluid and friendly, and the boy was accepting all my requests. Even better, his fee was extremely reasonable.

Indeed, if I were looking for gay escorts for Christmas in DC, I would give him a try. 

We were about to schedule a videoconference, two weeks ago,  when I had a surprise visit. Suddenly, one of my favorite guys, who retired last May, was coming to stay one night in my place. Of course my money went to his pockets.

If I were in DC

Lee's ass gay escorts for christmas 2018
If I were in DC this Christmas, I would probably find my way to end around Lee’s delicious ass. More pictures available in our JustFor.Fans account.

If I were around DC and looking for gay escorts for Christmas, I would probably end diving into my beautiful Cherokee King, Lee. He is quite busy with a “legal” job these days, but his ad is up and he is taking calls.

Lee is specially talented for anything involving teasing, like lap dancing. Besides, he loves submissive games. Perhaps, you could have him decorating your Christmas tree, walking around and up and down completely naked. Surely, the boy has an amazing body.

Once, he was one of the stars in the now gone Rockhard DC. Back then, this Cherokee beauty was the first stripper I took to my bedroom in DC. At the present time we have been lovers for a few years, and I can recommend his reliability and willingness to please. Ultimately, check his fee, it is a Christmas present itself.

Truly, I would love spending anther Slutty Christmas with him. Notice, do not look for him in stripers events. Nowadays, if you want him, you have to call him, as he has retire from he stage. He hates Secrets, and so far has not been associated with Meatloaf.

Your Gay escorts for Christmas 2018

From here, I am going to randomly list guys I find interesting. However, you should do your own research. The offer is breaking all the records and its diversity is wide. Unfortunately, I am very picky in my own way, many beautiful and talented men are about to be left behind.

Malik for gay escorts for christmas 2018
Malik, the perfect cake to eat under the Christmas tree.

Let’s start with Malik. Interestingly, our first contact was in Grindr, where he quoted me a very tempting fee. Unfortunately, I was leaving to Louisville (where I would find another Grindr offer) and we did not close the deal. My guts tell me I would have a good time with him, and my guts are usually right. But you will be here. Come on, bring him down under your Christmas tree!

Trevor Northam gay escorts for christmas 2018
Trevor Northam, ready ti be filled by Christmas’ Spirit. Picture taken from his Rentmen ad.

Surely an Asian Christmas could be an interesting experience. In the past, I have unsuccessfully tried to contact Trevor Northam. It is true I did not insist. Why would I? There is a lot of competition and other more responsive professionals got my dollars. However, after checking some of his porn, I regret I did not try harder to connect. 

Recently, when I wrote my post about local DC porn stars, I did not know about his work in the industry. Indeed, that report is incomplete without any reference to Trevor. I promise I will try harder to reach out to him in 2019.

More gay escorts for Christmas 2018

Masda for gay escorts for christmas 2018
Masda, A Cuban beauty visiting DC this week end.

More international flavor? In that case, take a look at this beautiful import from Cuba, Masda. I have never contacted him and have no reference at all. However, his pictures speak for themselves, the boy is a very tempting treat. He will be in DC this coming week end. Truly, it is really hard to resist the temptation. I must. Will I succeed?

Roman Maverick gay escorts for christmas 2018
Roman Maverick, a submissive treat for Christmas

Surprisingly, Roman Maverick has never made it to one of our many To Do Lists. Probably because he is actually a recent discovery in my porn world. Roman resides in Philly and is a regular DC visitor. However, he did not make into that list either, that is how new he is in my porniverse. 

Jaquan gay escorts for christmas 2018
Jaquan, about one year ago, in my bed.

Finally, Jaquan always makes it to my lists. However, I am not sure I can still recommend him. We met several times and the memories are really sweet. Our first time was promising, our second time was amazing, and many more meetings followed without being reported. He even interacted with Lee in the only clip with two performers in our JustFor.Fans account.

A few months ago, I almost placed him amongst the retired professionals after he called me to let me know he was giving up on escorting and getting devoted to a relationship. But his ads are still up. He even had an ad in Rentmen promoting himself as a strict top. Perhaps he has relaunched his brand. Anyway, the boy is really good in the sack if you want to give him a try.

Highly recommended gay escorts for Christmas 2018

Tristan Baldwin for gay escorts for Christmas 2018
Tristan Baldwin could be an unforgettable gift in Christmas. Picture taken from his Rentmen profile.

Tristan Baldwin will be in our national capital by mid December.  I had the pleasure of meeting him once in Palm Springs, during the swimming pool party, but never shared intimacy.

Nevertheless, I can recommend him with no hesitation. As a matter of fact, his reputation as a male companion is spotless. I know many clients who hire him for multiple hours, weekends, and trips. Significantly, they all are very happy and keep hiring him. Amongst all the gay escorts for Christmas 2018, he could be your perfect Santa. Tristan is not the kind of professional we usually promote (you know, we like them much younger), but he is a really cool guy and always gets my attention. 

ALLEN IN DC thinking of escorting Allen taking a shower
Allen, the perfect male escort. He is beautiful, with a 100% sex positive mindset, and into older men

I did share intimacy with Allen. He is indeed an extraordinary lover and professional. Adding anything new to the reports already shared about our first and second meetings would be a challenge. However, I do want to bring an important reminder to the table. Certainly, this man is exactly what we are looking for: young, smoking hot, a sex freak, and deeply and honestly into older men. Trust me, do not miss him if he is at reach.

matt Anthony for gay escorts for christmas 2018
Matt Anthony, picture taken from his RM ad

Mr Matt Big is another pro I can recommend out of personal experience. We met about three years ago, before this blog was born. Back then, I submitted a review to Daddy’s, check it up, I am latbear4blk over there. Matt provided an outstanding service, my first tiny little experience with doggy play. He is specially gifted for kinky stuff. Notably, I still remember his puppy moaning while I was fucking him standing against a mirror. Hot gay escort.

Too many gay escorts for Christmas 2018

eat a dick for gay escorts for christmas 2018
You should have already started your shopping. Let’s celebrate Christmas like the good Christian Americans we are! You can shop for dick here.

Would you believe such a thing is possible? Well, Rentmen DC offers 225 professionals at this moment. Just a couple of years ago we would have 60/65. The business is booming. Certainly, it is hard to choose amongst so many gay escorts for Christmas 2018.

The guys I am highlighting here are just a little sample. Indeed, I had to leave outside many smoking hot guys, even without counting the providers I do not find attractive but you perhaps do. 

Just a few more samples I would love trying: Rafael Cortés, LatinRomeoNYC,  TenDeep, Hotbra, AlejandroVez, and DaPrinceTyga (by the way, I have been following this boy since his Adam4Adam times, and he is aging wonderfully). Even if I had the money, I do not think it would be physically possible to fuck all of them. I wonder how many deserve to be added to our Best Escorts list.

It looks like DC may have a White Christmas, but this blogger does not care because he will be in Black Brazil.

As I said above, let’s take sides in the War of Christmas, and defend our right to say Merry Christmas with a big cock in each hand. Nothing would be more American and Christian.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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