Lately, preying on Tumblr bloggers seems to be the new trendy sport in the web. After the coward decision made by the platform, the adult content bloggers looking for a new home have several options.

Preying on Tumblr bloggers

countdown preying on Tumblr

Finally, tomorrow, December 17th, is the date set by Tumblr to cancel public access to blogs flagged as adult content. This ban is not a surprise. Fortunately, the company has made the announcement with anticipation.

Since then, Tumblr bloggers have been looking for a new home. Correspondingly,  their followers are anxiously waiting to see whether or not they will have a new centralized hub to kick the vice. 

For those of you who are Tumblr bloggers, this post is just to share some suggestions on what you can do to keep going.

My most recommended option

ted hosting screenshot for preying on Tumblr
This is our hosting company, that we strongly recommend. However, it is just an example of many. There are even lower prices available in the market.

To start, this is my most recommended option: do as I did, become the master of your own domain.

First of all, choose a server that is adult content friendly. Certainly, I can recommend you the one hosting us, TMD Hosting. Worth noticing, they are perfect for someone like me, completely illiterate on coding and technology. Chiefly, their Technical Support is amazing and the company has plans that fit everyone’s budget. Further, for those extra paranoid: you can choose to be hosted in one of their several servers outside of the United States. However, they are not preying on Tumblr that I know, no special plans here. 

Secondly, buy your own domain. In that way, you will have more control on your content and your brand, whether or not you are looking for making any money. Ultimately, you do not have to compromise on your identity.

Finally, choose any web developing software, there are several for free. You will have full control over the design and the structure of your blog/website. No doubts, there is a learning curve, but it is much easier than you probably think. Just as examples, two very popular softwares are WordPress (which the one I use) and Weebly

Unlike for Tumblr, you will need a budget here to maintain your site, but it is a very low one. Believe me, it worths it. Remarkably, you will never be again in the situation you are now, and all IG and Twitter users are, waiting for the day when all their accounts will be shut down.

WordPress is praying on Tumblr

wordpress for preying on Tumblr
WordPress is ready to import your blog with just a few clicks

Indeed they are. Besides, I must say they are in a very strong position to win the Olympics on preying on Tumblr bloggers.

Primarily, they are a free software for website developing, but they also are a blogs and websites free hosting platform. It is really up to you up to what extent you take advantage of the design tools they provide. Easily, you can go straight for their pre-designed templates and use the service pretty much as you are used to in Tumblr; or you can otherwise play around with their site developing tools.

Clearly, they are preying on Tumblr bloggers. Recently, WordPress Technical Support put up a webpage with detailed instructions on how to transfer your whole blog from Tumblr, with just a few clicks.

Indisputably, they are in a very strong place for preying on Tumblr. Unquestionably, WordPress is an extremely popular platform, with massive powerful servers and a well developed, for free, and proved product ready to absorb the new demand.

JUSTFOR.FANS is praying on Tumblr

justforfans screenshot for preying on Tumblr
JustFor.Fans is expanding its features trying to match all blogs capabilities. They seem ready.

Another player in the praying on Tumblr Olympics is JustFor.Fans. Originally, they were a platform for models to sell on line their amateur videos. However, in order to make themselves more competitive, they have been expanding their services replicating many of the mainstream blogging platforms.

As you know, we do have an account in JustFor.Fans. Obviously, their big advantage is how easy to monetize your traffic becomes. Helpfully, they take care of all the money flew and you do not have to be dealing with credit card and billing companies.

In comparison to WordPress, they are not as well known or as widely popular. However, the platform is a powerhouse in amateur self made porn and a very good match if you were producing your own materials in Tumblr. 

Recently they posted a how to video in their Technical Support section. Nevertheless, as in our business model this is the platform where we post the materials not offered for free, we will not try it. Preferently, we keep separated our free stuff in free platforms without getting mixed with our exclusive productions. However, it may be a good option for you. Furthermore, you could start making some money from your kinky talents.

BDSMLR.COM is trying to prey on Tumblr

BDSLMR screenshot for preying on Tumblr
BDSMLR has the best profile and many were expecting would be beneficiary of a big Caravana of migrants from Tumblr. Unfortunately, they’re not ready.

Immediately after Tumblr announced the ban, many thought BDSMLR would be the destination for Tumblr’s exodus. In fact, they were right. Notably, the platform was not ready for such an explosive increase in the demand and their service crushed.

Clearly spelled, you can follow the developers’ struggles to handle the new demands here. Actually, I am not even sure that link will work, it seems to be a quite primitive site. Just click on top of the feed:

preying on Tumblr
Click on the blue strip on top of the new posts feed

Surely, it looks like this website should have been in a very advantageous position. Obviously, they look just like Tumblr. Moreover, they already have a traffic oriented toward fetishes. Perhaps I am missing something, as I had never heard about them until the chat about life after Tumblr began, but they should have won these Olympics whether they were better equipped technically.

Unfortunately, they are not. While their competitors have already set up friendly user procedures  to transfer the blogs with a few clicks, BDMSLR cannot even handle the increase in traffic. As an illustration, I contacted them more than 24 hours ago asking for instructions, without any response so far.

Waiting for tomorrow

countdown preying on Tumblr

Finally, the ban is starting tomorrow. If you are one of the affected bloggers, I hope you do not give up. Whatever the option you finally choose is, please continue adding to our diversity and keep celebrating sexuality in all of its countless positive expressions.

To put it differently, fuck Tumblr. Certainly, you do not need them. Certainly, we do not need another company not willing to stand for its users’ rights. In the light of all the attacks against freedom of expression and alternative ways of life, we should not reward cowardice. 

On the positive side, we have plenty of options. On the negative side, there are more media platforms joining the after SESTA/FOSTA panic wave.

Granted that we are in the defensive, that does not mean that we should give up and capitulate. On the contrary, we will not shut up.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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