Club 11 (formerly Planetario) is the most popular gay sauna in Salvador to meet garotos de programa. Of course, being just a visitor in his fourth day in this amazing city does not authorize me to make such an assessment. Whether or not they are right, it is precisely what the locals seem to believe.

Brazilian gay saunas

These legendary establishments are one of the reasons, although not the only one, why Brazil is such a popular destination amongst gay travelers. There are roughly two kinds of gay saunas here: those where the sex takes place amongst all attendants, mostly like in traditional American gay bath houses, without any goods exchange; and those where all sex takes place almost exclusively between patrons and garotos de programa, the local denomination for escorts. Unsurprisingly, we will focus our exploration on the latter ones.

Club 11 full front for most popular gay sauna in Salvador
Behind a not so appealing facade, garotos de programa are waiting for you at the most popular gay sauna in Salvador.

Sadly, this blogger has never felt comfortable in group settings. Back in the 90s, when I was younger and hotter, I had my own quote of New York West Side Club visits, although it was never my favorite kind of playground. I always preferred street or bar cruising, and finally kidnapping my one prey to my cave. Making a very wild analogy, if I can choose between artisanal, handcraft production, and chain production, I go with the first one. However, there are no doubts I can enjoy both. I will just have fun out of my comfort zone, perhaps you would thrive in the same context.

My intention is to visit at least twice a gay sauna in Salvador before writing a report. So far we visited once Sauna Fox, considered the fanciest local establishment, once Thermas Club 13, the newest establishment, and twice Club 11, the most popular gay sauna here.

Getting to the most popular gay sauna in the city

google map directions to the ,most popular gay sauna in Salvador
Do not make my mistake. Keep walking on Rea Jose Duarte even if the numbering does not make any sense. You will reach #11 and be at the most popular gay sauna in Salvador.

Of course, in order to enjoy a place first you have to find it. Indeed, this may be your first challenge. It was for me.

Last Sunday, on my first day in Salvador, my initial decision was Club 11. My local guide Fernando described it as the most popular gay sauna in the area, agreeing with similar evaluations shared in Boytoy. I said goodbye to Fernando and to Magno (our driver) in the early afternoon, after exploring the African Market, Hood Beach, and the famous Pelourinho. If any of you is interested in my travel logs, you can check them in this thread. Without my local helpers, now I was going to be by myself.

After checking in, refreshing and resting in my hotel, I called an Uber and headed towards my first meeting with the local garotos de programa. The driver dropped me in the corner of the street, and I started to look for the place. The address is Rua José Duarte 11, but when walking to the right (the left is a dead end) the numbers were going up and after the 60s I would turn around thinking I was going in the wrong direction. There was no number 11 where it should be.

Therefore, and definitely lost, I called another Uber and headed to Sauna Fox instead. I already shared some few details in a previous post. You will have more information on this place once I have a second visit.

Where are the garotos de programa????

club 11 front for most popular gay sauna in Salvador
The security guard is always at the door of the most popular gay sauna in Salvador. It ia a great extra feature when you are leaving late in the night, as the neighborhood can be unsafe

On the following day, the second of my visit, I got help. It was my last day with my local guide, and asked him to show me the location. It turned to be that the street numeration does not follow any logic. Although the numbers are going up, you have number 11 where you should be in the 90s.

Learn from my failure. If I had kept walking a few more steps, I would have reached the place the first day. Just walk “up” Rua José Duarte until you reach an old blue house with a guy sitting in the sidewalk. That is where you will find number 11, although it does not follow any math.

First visit to the most popular gay sauna in Salvador

entrance at most popular sauna gay in salvador
As soon as you leave the reception, you can see this sign with directions, the lockers room at your left, and the hallway leading you to the main salon of the most popular gay sauna in Salvador.

Finally, I got there on my second day, Monday. It is an old building refurnished in the inside. You walk into a reception/store shop where you receive your lock number. This number and your first name identify your client account. All your expenses (rooms, drinks, food) will be charged to your account and billed at your exit. Besides the locker keys with your number, you are provided with flip flops.

When you walk out of this reception, you have the lockers at your left. Inside your locker you will find a towel. Being naked in public is not my thing, so this first time I stayed dressed up. You can get naked if you want, but it is not mandatory.

Next to the lockers room there is a hallway with entrances to private suites, a common room where the boys relax and watch TV, and some bathrooms. This hallway ends in the main salon, with access to three different levels.

Three levels to hunt garotos de programa

locker room at the most popular gay sauna in Salvador
The locker room. Whether or not you are getting naked, it is highly recommended that you leave your valuables here. I only kept my phone with me, as you are allowed to use it in the establishment. Warning: there is no wifi.

The lower level is where the bar counter (they serve not only beverages but also some local variations of snack food), a generous number of tables with chairs, and benches are. There is also a small stage and a cubicle with glass walls. Probably, this is for strippers performing while showering. You also have another bathroom, communal showers, and the steam room.

On top of this level you have a mezzanine with more tables, chairs, and sofas. Here there is always complimentary hot black coffee available. This mezzanine is at the same level than the reception room and entrance hallway.

From the mezzanine you can access the top and third level. Here you find more suites and rooms, more bathrooms, a dark room, and a video room with chairs. I did not explore this level, just walk around when one of my garotos looking for the suite they had assigned us.

The boys in the most popular gay sauna in Salvador

That Monday the place look quite empty. There were considerably more garotos de programa than clients. Despite feeling openly harassed during my entrance, I managed to reach the bar level still alone. Unlike this, my experience the previous day in Fox had shown me boys far less aggressive.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
View of the mezzanine from the ending of the entrance hallway of the ,most popular gay sauna in town.

Some locals had told me that the boys in Fox were predominantly Latin (Brazilian Latin) and in Club 11 predominantly Black. However, that was not my impression. I did not really notice ethnic differences between the offer of these two gay saunas.

Certainly, I did notice a few differences. Please, be aware all my assessments are very provisory, considering my little experience in both places. Club 11 has more garotos de programa than Fox. Some of them seem to be reaching for their 40s, which is unseen in Fox. In average, the guys I saw at Fox were closer to the porn star/model category, although Club 11 also have several of them. Lastly, the guys in the most popular gay sauna seemed to be considerably more aggressive. I mean “aggressive” as in “extremely insistent”. However, this may be circumstantial. Consider that Fox was crowded on Sunday, with abundance of clients. There were almost none in Club 11.

My first programa in the most popular gay sauna in Salvador

It was my second day of intense city and surroundings exploration with my local guide and I was exhausted. Also consider I had had two programas the previous day at Fox. I was tired and not really in the mood for hiring.

ost popular gay sauna in Salvador
Another view of the mezzanine. All these pictures are taken from the sauna website. When I visited, there was no counter in the mezzanine, but comfortable coaches, tables, and chairs.

After dodging about three guys who were definitely not my type, I reached the lower level and sat in one of the tables. Imagine a place with hot young guys naked, with just a towel around their waists. They are standing all around stroking and exhibiting their usually gigantic dicks. Most of them come and introduce themselves to you to check your interest. Perhaps ask you to seat next to you and allow you to probe the material.

When doing my research, one of the first recommendations given by veterans of Brazilian saunas is to not go with the first guy. I made that “mistake” in both, my first visits to Fox and Club 11, but I do not regret. Right now (Friday) I am having breakfast in my hotel, writing this report, and waiting for noon, when Italo, my first garoto de programa in this gay sauna, will come to spend the afternoon with me.

Sorry for rambling. So I am sitting in my table when this boys approaches me. Finally, I thought, a boy I do like. Immediately he shook my hand with a full smile and his eyes locked on mines, asked me to seat at my table, chose the chair next to me, and as soon as he sat kissed me with the usual Brazilian talent.

Coached by my first Garoto de Programa

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
Another view of the locker room at the most popular gay sauna in the city

After eating each other faces for a while, we talk a little bit. Italo is 23 years old, married, with a 6 years old daughter. He said he is tired of his wife and wants to divorce. Of course, I invited him with a drink and told him I was tired and not really looking for a programa. He did not mind and kept kissing me, stroking my dick, and showing off his huge hard cock. Certainly, he is an efficient worker. After about 20 minutes of Brazilian kissing (I am moving away from French kissing), he changed my mind and got me in the mood.

Italo is tall, with a naturally well shaped body without athletic improvements. His butts are well round and tempting, as his long smooth legs. His face is cute and the smile irresistible. The boy was not the hottest one in the building, but indeed he was the most charming one.

When I asked him what he was into, he said he was a top, but as soon as I told him I also was, Italo responded he would bottom for me. The initial quote for his time was 150R, but he accepted my 100R counteroffer without arguing or protesting. The boy feels like he is always happy.

My first action in the most popular sauna in Salvador

I gave him the key with my locker number, and he got a suite from the reception desk. The suite was comfortable enough, with a bed and a bathroom and shower. Unfortunately the A/C was not working. Indeed, that was what I hated the most at Club11. It may be the most popular gay sauna in the city, but it is not the most comfortable one. The whole installation is inside a building and all visible A/Cs were turned off.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
This is the best room you can get in Club 11. The A/C was not working in my first room, but it was fine in my second one. There is also a bathroom with a shower that you cannot see in the picture.

A TV was on in the suite, showing straight porn. Italo had been with a relentless hard on all the time without watching any porn. However, he seemed to enjoy it a lot once in the room.

We took a quick shower, never stopping our passionate making out. Soon we were in bed. Sucking his huge dick was a pleasure and what he was enjoying the most. Not longer into the playing, I clearly noticed he was not actually into bottoming. His moaning when I was sucking his dick turned into an expression of torture when I started eating his ass.

Even more, I had to send him back to the shower because his ass was not deep clean and I was tasting digested tropical food. Of course, I am talking about shit. After he cleaned up we kept making out. He positioned in doggy style without me asking for it, and was surprised when I told him I did not want to fuck him.

Fuck or not to fuck a garoto de programa

Sometimes I think I am not really a top, but just someone who does not enjoy bottoming. I say that because I do not need penetration to enjoy sex. Indeed, I need to be or at least feel that I am in control, but penetration is not a must for my happiness in bed.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
The communal showers. What you cannot see in these pictures is the GPs. They would be all over the place, shaking their always hard dicks in offer to you

Besides, I like to feel that I am delivering pleasure to my lover. That is actually what I enjoy the most. The perspective of a sexual partner “allowing” me to fuck him is totally and deeply unattractive to me. I know, if you are a veteran of Brazilian gay saunas you must be thinking that I am not going to fuck in Brazil. Well, you may be right, and I am fine with it.

Italo insisted, saying he would bottom for me. His reaction when I explained to him that I did not think he would enjoy getting fucked and therefore I was not interested, was turning around and giving me one of the best oral sex sessions of my entire life. He is good with his mouth.

We busted together, Brazilian kissing and jerking off. He laughed loudly when my dick showered him in abundant man milk. We stayed a few minutes kissing and hugging, sharing all kind of fluids (there was no A/C, remember?), and then showered together.

Closing my first visit to the most popular gay sauna in Salvador

After exchanging WhatsApp numbers (a must out of the USA), this exhausted blogger was ready to go. I went to the lockers room to get my wallet (I was dressed but had left he money locked) and pay him for his company, with a tip of course. For about two hours of his time, I paid 120R and a couple of beers.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
One more view of the mezzanine at the most popular gay sauna in Salvador

After closing my tag with Italo, I headed to the reception desk to check out. The check was 77R, including the entrance, several beers, and the suite.

All the staff had been extremely friendly and the experience enjoyable despite my shyness and the fucking lack of air conditioning. I made a friendly comment complaining about it, and they just laugh. They are used to the heat here.

I walked out and called my Uber. The security guy at the door was also very friendly. Besides, his presence was helpful. The sauna is located in Tororó, a low middle class neighborhood that may not be safe at night. The guard recommended me to return on Wednesday, the Bingo night.

Soon my Uber driver was picking me up. After 15′ I was back in my hotel. The ride was 15R. When Uber gives you the options to tip, the highest one is just 5R (U$S 1.20). I was ready for my second field trip to the most popular gay sauna in town.

Second visit to the most popular gay sauna in Salvador

Monday had been a quite slow day in the sauna. I wanted my second visit to be during a more popular one, to experience the different environment. Besides, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and have the full Brazilian gay sauna experience. I wanted to be naked around. For most of you this may be nothing, but it is a big deal for this poor shy body image insecure blogger.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
The waiting room. Here a garoto de programa relaxes and waits for clients. They all were watching Brazilian soap operas during one of my visits.

Wednesday is Bingo night and, I was told, the most popular night for Club11. I had read in the Boytoy forums that it was convenient to be there early, about 4. Therefore, at 4:30 I was there, changing in the lockers and getting in a towel that badly covered my generous cetacean-like shape.

It was a mistake. It was way too early. The place was even emptier than last Monday, what fortunately made the heat more bearable. I even considered leaving, but an American friend from the forums was joining me at 7. Resignated, I chose a table in a dark corner and sat to drink my water. I had had an overdoses of tropical sun and was feeling slightly sick, so I was drinking bottle after bottle of water.

A parade of garotos de programa and a case of mistaken identity

In my second visit to the most popular gay sauna in town, I had decided not to go with the first garoto de programa who approached me, as I did the first time. Italo texted me he was coming later, but I wanted to try someone new.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
You can order from a reasonable variety of drinks and local variations of snack food. Everything will be charged to your locker number and billed at your checking out. It is a great system to reward a garoto de programa for the time he spends with you if you are not hiring his full services.

Each garoto de programa would come, seat in the chair next to me, and introduce themselves. Of course, all introductions included intense Brazilian kissing, and open exhibition of their for ever hard big cocks. One by one and in a very friendly way I would explain to them that it was too early to make a decision. With my rejection I always included an invitation for a drink. Every garoto de programa rejected my offer in a very friendly way, repeating a couple of times: “tranquilo, tranquilo”.

I guess that was the advantage of being early, I had just to sit and wait for the next garoto de programa. Some of them were really hot, all of them kissed skillfully, and all their dicks were in a continuous hard on. I should have moved away from my chair and go to explore the dark and video rooms upstairs. However, as I said, I was feeling slightly sick, and was not comfortable naked. Leave me stalk the boys from my dark corner.

A funny confusion

There was a funny confusion with the guy who was serving the bar counter. I was seating alone waiting for the next garoto de programa to come to try me. In between the boys, the bartender (later I would learn his name is Carlos) would come around me and start rearranging tables and chairs very noisly, looking at me with a not very friendly expression, like expecting me to say something. Certainly, I was intrigued, but more focused on the next garoto I chose to ignore him.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
I think this is the steam room. I did not explore that area of the most popular gay sauna in Salvador.

After a while, during one of my solo breaks, he came directly to me. This time, with a full smile and flashing his phone in one of his hands. Carlos explained to me that he thought I was someone else. In his phone he had the picture of the guy, surprisingly similar to me. He was an Italian tourist Carlos had met last year and they had become lovers. The bartender thought I was his friend and was ignoring him. Of course he was mad.

Once we clarified the situation we loudly laugh together and, from then on, Carlos gave me VIP treatment. To start, he recommended to move to anther table. He was right. From my new location I was in a better angle to see the coming show (starting at 8/8:30, remember I was there since 4:30) and at the same time cruise the garotos standing up and striking their cocks throughout the stairs and in the mezzanine. Besides, I was next to a fan, which was a significant improvement to remediate the lack of A/C.

The most popular gay sauna starts getting populated

It was passed 6 and people was arriving, things were getting more alive. From my new and improved strategic location, I was able to see several quite hot guys I had missed from my previous corner. I had a new challenge now, although not sex cruising related.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
I was not impressed with her performance in Club 11, but would enjoy it later on at Thermas Club 13

As I said, I was feeling sick because of the excess of tropical sun. Therefore, I was drinking bottle after bottle of water and desperately needed to pee. However, I was afraid the arriving customers would take over my new table, and so I was crossing my legs and making a knot with my dick to hold it.

While focused on this task, I saw a boy who was exactly my type. I do not have pictures, but he reminded me of Douglas, the Carioca garoto de programa I met in Buenos Aires. We locked eyes and I thought he was heading on me, but he came down from the mezzanine and sat with another client. Interestingly, he would talk to the guy and look over him locking his eyes on me. That really aroused me, but I did not want to be rude and ruin someone else’s programs. I could have him later. I did.

Right when my bladder was about to explode, Italo showed up. As soon as he saw me a huge smile flashed on his face. He walk down to my table and as a greeting started to Brazilian kissing me. Once his tongue was out of my throat, I asked him to stay watching the table while I was going to the restroom.

Having fun in the most popular gay sauna in town

Once Italo arrived I started to have fun. More clients were here now, although the place was not crowded at all. Apparently this is not the best season for gay saunas in Salvador. The city is a very popular touristic destination for the nationals, and they all are in their home towns right now because of the holidays.

Soon after Italo, my friend from the Boytoy forums arrived with his own garoto de programa. Being in a group made the whole experience much entertaining.

Even when I told Italo that I wanted to try other boys, and made arrangements to meet him at my hotel another day, he stayed with me the whole time, making out as much as possible, and using me as his excuse to dodge guys he did not want a programa with. In one of our favorite games together, I would rest my hand on his always hard huge dick and he would move it with muscular contractions and lough.

carioca Douglas for bes kissers most popular gay sauna in Salvador
I o not have a picture of Pedro, my second garoto de programa at Club 11, but he looked pretty match like Douglas, only with a darker skin

He was watching a soap opera upstairs and coming back to Brazilian kiss me during the commercial breaks. During one of his absences, the boy I had liked but who was with another client, sat with me. His name was Pedro. I explained to him that I was with friends but would like to have a programa with him in a few. He Brazilian kissed me and left. The Bingo show was about to start.

The bingo show was actually quite boring to me. A very picturesque drag queen performed, not very skillfully in my opinion. When a muscular stripper was starting a performance (I am not into big muscles), I noticed Pedro checking on me from the mezzanine and nod to him. I was ready.

My second garoto de programa in Club11

I apologized to the friends in our table, included Italo, and headed upstairs. I had already shared with Italo that was going to have a programa with Pedro. When I asked him for references, he told me Pedro was a newbie and had never talked to him. I was about to get a newbie in the most popular gay sauna in town.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
Most days Club 11 features different attractions, besides sex with a garoto de programa (or two, or…)

Once with Pedro, I gave him my key and he ordered a suite in the reception desk. We got number 4. As I did not know the place, I was following him. Here is when I made my first incursion into the third level. While looking for our suite, I saw the video room with several guys jerking off, mostly clients seating and garotos standing stalking them and shaking their huge hard ons.

We did not find the suite number 4. Obviously, Italo was right. Pedro is a newbie and does not know the establishment well enough. Soon we were back to the mezzanine level, where we finally found our nest.

Pedro delivered a satisfactory experience. Although he is significantly hotter than Italo, he is not as skilled in the sack. The kissing was of course excellent, but my first boy was better. When I started to eat his ass I did not even get to deep rimming. He was tense and when I watched him in the mirrors it looked like he was in the emergency room about to get a painful injection. All his beautiful muscles were super tense, and his face was sank in the pillow.

Therefore I gave up and delivered the same explanation I did to Italo about penetration. Pedro’s reaction was different. He looked for the lube, put it on my dick, and in between his thighs, laid down on the bed, pulled me on top of him and settled my hard dick in between his thighs. We were faking a penetration, while kissing face to face.

Closing my second visit to the most popular gay sauna in town

Once we busted, I noticed Pedro’s eyes. Wow, they were dark blue beautiful, and the boy was only 21! He looked much older. We exchanged numbers, we discussed the possibility of having a pictures session another day, and left the room.

most popular gay sauna in Salvador
If you are a budget conscious person, check the special offers at Club 11

I went to the lockers to pick up the money and change back to street clothing, as it was late and we would be leaving soon. I also wanted to tip Carlos, but could not find him anywhere. We kissed goodbye with Pedro, then Brazilian kissed goodbye with Italo, and finally joined with my American friend to go for diner before returning to our caves.

When the time for closing is getting closer, you can breath in the air the garotos de programa desperation for getting a last deal. Although I was done, was thinking in the future. My friend had tried a very sexy, twinkish looking boy that will be mine if he is there my next visit.

That ended my adventure in the most popular gay sauna in Salvador. Soon you will have a report on Thermas Club 13, the newest local gay sauna. I already visited it and, as it is too far away from where I am staying, I am not planning a second tour. Later on you will also have a full report on Sauna Fox, I will be there a second time.

I am exhausted but happy.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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