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Sauna Fox is the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador to meet garotos de programa. Although I still feel the need to warn that my assessments could be wrong, as I am just a short term visitor, I feel more confident about this than the previous one. This blogger visited the establishment three times, and unfortunately will not be back during this trip.

Getting to the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador

After my troubles to find the other two local establishments, getting to Sauna Fox was easy. For one thing, my first Uber dropped me in the right spot. Fortunately, we do not need special directions to get there.

sauna fox map for the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
The fanciest gay sauna in Salvador to hire garrotes de programa is located, of course, in one of the city’s fanciest neighborhoods, Pituba.

The establishment is conveniently located in a very safe neighborhood. You can tell that it is an area of residence for wealthy people. There is plenty of security and trendy restaurants and bars everywhere. You can even walk by yourself at night without facing any risks.

If you do not want to try the food served in the sauna, you can hold your hunger until you leave, or you can take a break in between escorts and after a short walk you will find several places to have a good meal. Out of all the areas I have been scouting in the city (Barra, Rio Vermelho, Ondina, Pelourinho), Pituba seems to be the nicest one by far.

Perhaps, if you are the kind of gay tourist mostly interested in visiting the saunas to try the working boys, you should look for staying in an area like Rio Vermelho, what would put you at a similar distance from the three establishments, and still close to or right at the wonderful local beaches.

The facilities at the fanciest gay sauna in town

In front of the entrance and the bar, across the patio, we have the house. To the left you have the kitchen entrance, an area not for the clients. Certainly, I only saw garotos de programa and staff getting in and out of that room. Right in the middle, the reception desk is located. Here and there a few fans provide some relief from the tropical heat.

patio for the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
View of the fanciest gay sauna’s patio from the bar counter without garitos de programa.

After greeting the security guard, who will probably ask you if this is your first time, you walk into a patio. This place is the main hub where clients and garotos de programa hang out and interact socially. At the left there is a generous bar counter where you not only can order drinks, but also just made food. As a matter of fact, this is the only sauna with a kitchen. By the end of the counter there is a clean and well kept restroom. This whole area is covered by a white tent, I wonder how protective this kind of roof is when there is a strong storm, or when the sun is still up.

From the reception desk, you can access the indoors areas of the fanciest sauna in town. If you are lucky, they eventually may have the A/C on there. Again, only if you are lucky. Certainly, the locals are not as fond of air conditioning as Americans are. Both, clients and working boys seem not to mind about the always high temperature.

Once in the indoors area, you will be at the house main room, with tables, some seating, and a TV always on with regular programming. In other words, no porn here. On the right side of the room there is the access to the lockers area, shared by clients and garotos de programa. Also from this side, you can access a small hall with the few available suites (sorry, I do not know how many)

The hot cruising areas of the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador

bar counter for the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
The bar counter at Sauna Fox. Here you can order something to treat your garotos de programa.

You can access the hot cruising areas from two points: the back of the indoors area and also the left of the reception desk. Of course there are garotos de programa stroking their dicks everywhere. However, they will do it while at the same time socializing when they are in the patio or the main indoors room.

Differently, there is not talking but only stroking in the hot cruising areas. They are a long hallway going all along the left side of the house, that ends in a back area with several rooms. Right there you can access the steam room, communal showers, and a video room.

Here you also have a staircase that takes you to a small second floor with more showers and the cabins. The cabins are small, and the one I tried had no air conditioning. I know, not even in the fanciest gay sauna you can expect A/C in Salvador.

The garotos de programa in the fanciest gay sauna in town

hallway of fanciest sauna gay in Salvador garotos de programa
The hallway connecting the reception desk with the back area. Usually this is full of garotos de programa stroking and showing off their hard dicks.

Certainly, Sauna Fox has the better looking (in average) and less aggressive garotos de programa out of the three establishments I visited. Although the locals described them to me as mostly Latino, as opposite to the supposedly mostly Black working boys of Club 11, this blogger did not perceive any significant ethnic difference. Of course, this may be explained by the different perception of race we have in different cultures.

Besides that caveat, my impression may be also conditioned by timing. Two out of my three visits took place when Fox was crowded with clients and working boys. Of course, when there is abundance of clients, the boys do not need to be aggressive. We do.

As an illustration, my first visit was on a Sunday, very early. Decidedly, I was there before the crowd arrived, as this seems to be a very popular day for the establishment. Correspondingly, there were very few clients and I was headed by a garoto de programa as soon as I checked in at the reception desk.

Therefore, my personal impression of the boys being less aggressive here could very well be due to the circumstance that most of my visits took place when there was plenty of clients, unlike in the other gay saunas.

My first garoto de programa

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
Another view of the patio at the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador. You have to use your imagination to picture it full of garotos de programa and clients socializing and making out.

As I shared before, I went to Sauna Fox on my first day in Salvador. When I was explaining in the reception desk that I was new and needed some know how, I noticed Bruno. He was smiling at me, but I was focused on the receptionist giving me my first lesson. In fact, that was my first time in a Brazilian gay sauna.

As soon as I moved to the bar, Bruno came to me, asked me whether I was “novo”, and introduced himself with a Brazilian kiss. He is a Latin looking boy, 24 years old, married and with one son, average looking. Actually, we did not talk much. We mostly made up, passionately. I was dressed, he was wearing just the typical towel. However, he went straight for my dick while voraciously eating my face. His hands were all over me, and his cock was consistently hard with no need of strokes.

Despite being coached in Boytoy about not going with the first working boy, I went. Indeed, I am a bad student. I would have not picked him otherwise, but he worked me out very skillfully. Besides, he quoted me 80R for a full service session, an unexpectedly low first offer. In this case, bargaining was not needed. Bruno took my number tag and ordered the suit in the reception desk. There were few clients and therefore we did not have to wait.

In the suite

suite fanciest ga sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
I have tried the suites in three local gay saunas. No question, the fanciest ones belong to Sauna Fox. I had a great time here with Bruno, my first garoto de programa at Salvador.

The suite was a very comfortable room with a full private bathroom attached. Certainly, I was very happy there was a functioning A/C. Of course, the room was dominated by the bed, a nice king size with clean sheets and a set of condoms/lube waiting for us.

Bruno did not seem to be faking it. The boy seemed to be really horny and engaged in the action. Before jumping into bed, we kept passionately making out and taking turns to give head to each other. After a while, we moved on into bed.

After a little bit of 69, I wanted to eat his ass. Here we had bad news. Rimming was fine, but as soon as I moved to deeper territory, I tasted shit. Bruno apologized profusely and quickly jumped to the restroom to clean himself. Anyway, I would not adventure again into his darkest kingdom.

Once back, he put a condom on my cock and expertly rode it. We fucked in several positions. Despite my dick being thick, he had no problem taking it in. He busted with my dick inside. The condom came out not clean, of course. We took a shower, and walked out of the suite. The shifts are only 40′ long.

My second garoto de programa

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
This is the view from the reception desk. Often the garotos de programa hang out there waiting for new clients to arrive.

Although I did not check the time, we were probably about to finish our 40′ shift in the suite when we walked out. In those 40′ the environment in the fanciest sauna in town had radically changed. Notably, the place was now significantly more crowded

Bruno stayed with me the whole time, always making out passionately. I had already paid him 100R. Furthermore, I had warned him I was looking to make programas with other escorts. Despite all of that, he stayed sitting with me, cuddling and passionately kissing. Of course, I continued paying for his drinks. He also introduced me to a couple of his clients, although no one spoke English or Spanish and communicating was very hard.

Now there were plenty of clients and it was hard to pick the attention of the better looking boys. After a while, I was able to catch Ricardo. He was a very hot looking, dark skinned 25 years old, with a beautiful tattoo in his left shoulder. His Brazilian kissing was not as good as Bruno’s, but as good as expected. His dick was big and hard, and we did not waste time. Soon, we were heading to one of the cabins.

In a cabin at the fanciest gay sauna in town

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
The main indoors room, view from the reception desk. The A/C is sometimes on, to shelter you and your garoto de programa from the outdoors heat.

This time, all the suites in the fanciest gay sauna in town were taken. Do not expect a thorough report on pricing from me. This blogger finds all prices so low that he is paying no attention to them anymore.

My new working boy was only top, unlike my first one. He quoted me 130R, but took my 100 counter offer without any argument.

Ricardo led me to the back area, up the staircases, to one of the cabins. Certainly, I had been in walking closets more spacious than this room. Not only the space was little, but also the bed. Not even a single size, supplied with just a black pad and no sheets at all. There was no A/C, disappointingly.

The Brazilian kissing was good but different from Bruno. Unlike my first experience, I felt Ricardo was rushing through the whole thing. I had just busted after quite good sex, was sweating like a pig in this tiny heated closet, and was being delivered not very good sex. Hence, my decision was to stop in the middle of the action. Let’s not blame it on the boy, after all good sex is always about good matches.

In addition, only 100R would be waisted. Ricardo was confused, even when I was as nice as possible and blame it not into the lack of chemistry but into the uncomfortable space. He would get his money anyway.

Hanging out in the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
View of the open eded of the bar counter and one of the restrooms at Sauna Fox, the fanciest gay sauna in town.

I went back to kissing and cuddling my first garoto de programa. Bruno was not better looking than Ricardo, but our chemistry was indeed better. We enjoyed the live music show for the rest of the night.

A live music concert is part of the programming every Saturday and Sunday. They play Bossa Nova and other local rhythms in a melange that is known as Brazilian Popular Music (MPB – Musica Popular Brasileira). It is a kind of music I am very fond of since my times back in Argentina.

Besides enjoying live music, you can relax and socialize in the patio, ordering local variations of bar food. Additionally, there is a functioning espresso machine. It does look like some customers were there to enjoy the music and chatting with friends, without planning to hire a garoto de programa. The working boys are always all over the place, in case your urge for hard cock arises.

I specially enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the one visit I made on a Saturday. That day I had already had sex in my hotel with a garoto de programa I met in Thermas Club 13, and was dried and exhausted. Therefore, I was not looking for a programa. We enjoyed the music performance with an American friend. Although I did not hire anyone, my friend did, and was very happy.

My third and last visit to the fanciest gay sauna in Salvador

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
Communal showers in the back area.

Despite not hiring anyone in my second day in the establishment, I did tag two guys for the following day, Sunday.

In my third visit, I did not show up early. Indeed, it was a mistake. I walked into the place about 7PM and it was crowded. There were many garotos de programa, but there were considerably more clients. On the positive side, it was the perfect environment if you are a social person. On the negative side, I am not.

Furthermore, no one of the two working boys I had tagged the day before were there. Certainly, there were not shortage of hot garotos, but it seemed that everyone I liked was taken. Consequently, I found a free chair (not easily) and sat to relax and enjoy the live music.

I was enjoying the performance, very close to the stage, when I suddenly noticed a smoking hot garoto. He was tall, black, very athletic without being over muscular. The garoto de programa was sitting with a client, cuddling and affectionately kissing. In between kisses, he would check on me. Surely, it was a flash back.

My third garoto de programa at the fanciest gay sauna in town

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa
fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa

Indeed, the situation reminded me of my preliminaries with Pedro. For further illustration, you can check my previous report on Club 11. This time I was more proficient in gay sauna etiquette. In the light of my previous experiences, I knew that I would be just borrowing the working boy. Certainly, this horny blogger did not want to steal anyone’s garoto de programa.

I nodded to him, left my chair, and moved into the indoors area. Soon, he followed me. His name was Diogo, 27 years old, Soteropolitano, only top. Diogo gave me a generous sample of his Brazilian kissing skills (do not forget I am moving from “French” kissing in this trip) while stroking my dick. He quoted 150R, I counter offered 100, and we closed the deal with no arguments.

Of course, I wanted to take him to one of the suites. Unfortunately, the place was crowded and the waiting time was about one hour. Instead, we took a cabin, with a waiting time of “only” 15 minutes. I knew I would not fully enjoy the experience, but I was horny.

Diogo was great. We passionately kissed and cuddled, and he really impressed me with his giving head skills. He asked me to bust over his muscular chest, and of course I gladly complied. Diogo laughed when I showered him with abundant cum. Despite having another client waiting for him, he wanted to cum over my face. Yummy.

Goodbye to the fanciest gay sauna in town

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador goats de programa
One last view of the patio from the reception desk.

We kissed goodbye and Diogo went back to his waiting client. After the hot action in the tiny room with no A/C, I needed some fresh air. Although there were no free chairs in the patio, standing out enjoying the breeze coming from the fans felt like paradise. I enjoyed a little bit more the live music, and then went to the reception desk to check out and get my release pass. With so many clients, it was an ordeal that took me about 20 minutes. Finally, I paid my bill, called my Uber and returned to my hotel, exhausted and happy.

The night before, when I was with my American friend, we met the fanciest gay sauna’s owner and chatted with him a little bit. He was able to speak English. I had headed to my third visit planning to interview him. However, he looked so busy that I did not dare to disturb him while he was working so hard.

I do not remember his name, but indeed he is deserving of high praise. This blogger has not yet decided which one is the best gay sauna in Salvador, but Sauna Fox is certainly a strong candidate.

We left the establishment full of garotos de programa and clients enjoying themselves and demonstrating one more expression of the famous “alegria brasileira“. I do not have many days left in my visit to Salvador, and do not think I will return this time.

However, I left knowing that would return some time. Indeed, I will be back to this city and its fanciest gay sauna.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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