fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa best gay sauna in salvador

What is the best gay sauna in Salvador to hire garotos de programa? In order to find an answer, we visited three options. Despite a very short time and very few visits, in this post we dare to present an attempt to score the local offerings.

Best gay sauna in Salvador for me

suite fanciest ga sauna in Salvador garotos de programa best gay sauna in salvador
I tried the suites in the three local gay saunas. Indeed the best ones belong to Sauna Fox, and this is one of the reasons we think it is the best gay sauna in Salvador.

Once again, I have to sneak this disclaimer. Please, forgive me if you are a follower.

Indeed all the opinions here are tainted by my subjectivity. Even if I will do my best to be as objective as possible, my opinion is filtered by my personal experience and limitations. Specially important is to remember I have been visiting only for a few days, and being just a few times in each establishment.

In detail, we visited four times Club 11, three Fox, and once Thermas. In case your evaluation of the local gay saunas to hire garotos de programa differs from mine, please add your knowledge below in the comments section.

Of course, any exchange of goods was to pay for company, in a deal between adults in legal consenting age. Whatever we do during our time together is anyone’s business.

The best gay sauna in Salvador

Indeed the best local gay sauna is Sauna Fox. Our first impression was that Fox was the fanciest establishment in Salvador, and we continue thinking so. To be specific on the reasons why we think it is the best gay sauna in town:

Pros of the best gay sauna in Salvador

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa best gay sauna in salvador
Not only a sauna, but also a restaurant and a night club, Sauna Fox is the best establishment for visitors and whoever is not concerned about being viewed and heard.
  1. It is located in a very safe neighborhood. You can walk late at night without concerns. Even more, it was the only address (out of three establishment) that did not confuse Uber and Google Maps.
  2. The facilities are very well kept and spotless clean.
  3. The boys, it is always about the boys. The available garotos de programa in Fox are the hottest in town. Even better, their fees are not the highest. I received quotes between 80 and 130 R.
  4. Even when you are not in the mood to hire a garoto de programa, it is a great place to hang out with friends. Not only they have a full kitchen with a wide offer, but also live music. Not to mention that the performers are talented musicians.
  5. Soteropolitanos seem no to mind about the heat and lack of A/C. Fox is not better than other places on this. However, the patio provides an outdoors cooler environment, with enough fans adding extra breeze.
  6. They have the best suites, as you can observe in the pictures. Besides being absolutely clean, they are decorated with good taste. Even more, you can control the A/C temperature!
  7. According to local garotos, Fox is a friendly place to work, where they are treated with respect. They do look happier than in the other establishments.

Cons of the best gay sauna in Salvador

fanciest gay sauna in Salvador garotos de programa best gay sauna in salvador
Certainly, Fox major flaw is that the installations are not more spacious to handle the place’s popularity.
  1. Its location is not the best connected to the areas where tourists usually stay when visiting Salvador. Certainly, there is no easy access using public transportation.
  2. The patio can get crowded and finding a place to be comfortable may be a challenge in the week ends, the most popular days. Besides, you may need to compete for the boys and have a long wait to get a cabin or a suite.

The second best gay sauna in Salvador

club 11 front for most popular gay sauna in Salvador best gay sauna in salvador
Despite the street numbers going up, you will find 11 where you should be in the 90s. Do not desperate, the garotos de programa are there.

Originally, we introduced Club 11 as the most popular gay sauna in town. Despite risking to sound contradictory, we will keep that denomination even when we think it is not the best one. Actually, I have never seen as many clients in Club 11 as in Sauna Fox. The reason why I insist in calling Club 11 the most popular has to do with some intelligence we gathered.

Certainly, you will never see at the same time as many folks in Club 11 as in Fox. On the other hand, Club 11 is not a place to hang out but to go straight to the point. According to information provided by local garotos de programa, this establishment has most of the local clients: married, closeted men. Of course, these customers some times show up for the short time they have an alibi for. The guys you see hanging out in Club 11 are not representative of most of the clients, according to our sources.

Pros of the second best gay sauna in Salvador

best gay sauna in salvador
Club 11 has the biggest building out of the three gay saunas in Salvador. However, there is no outdoors space to enjoy the breeze kissing your garoto de programa.
  1. The establishment is located in Tororó, a neighborhood easy to access with public transportation for the locals, and no more than 15′ away from most of the places where visitors stay.
  2. Certainly, Club 11 has the most spacious facilities. Furthermore, considering that clients do not stay but circulate, the establishment always provides comfortable space to rest or to wander around hunting for your next garoto.
  3. The boys, it is aways about the boys. Club 11 provides a wide diversity of age and body types. There are always more garotos de programa than clients, so they are the ones competing and doing the hard work.

Cons of the second best gay sauna in Salvador

most popular gay sauna in Salvador best gay sauna in Salvador
Club 11 has the worst suites in town. Furthermore, they set the A/C unit at 24C and do not allow you to change it.
  1. The neighborhood is reasonably safe until 10PM, but then can become risky to walk around. Look up at the buildings’ windows and balconies. Significantly, they all have security bars. Be aware the street numeration does not follow the maths we follow in our dimension.
  2. The facilities should be better kept and cleaned. Obviously the establishment is under staffed for a building of those proportions.
  3. The lack of A/C can be very uncomfortable if you are not a local used to the heat. They have the equipment installed, but do not turn it on in the common areas. Despite having A/C units in the suites, they have them pre-set at 24C, and do not allow you to control the temperature.
  4. I found some of the garotos de programa not attractive. Some of them, despite making my lack of interest very clear, were very insisting.
  5. You get the highest prices in town. Of course a difference of 30/50 R is not significant if you are an American visitor. However, it is relevant in a score card to evaluate the best local gay sauna.
  6. If you stay long hours and become hungry, they do not have a kitchen. The snacks options are not very appealing.
  7. According to some of the boys, Club11 is not a friendly place to work at.

Not an easy decision

Choosing between those two establishments was not easy. Clearly, my final call is conditioned by my personal circumstances. If I were a closeted, married to a woman and with children, local client, my decision would have been different. A dark, easy to quickly go and quickly leave, discrete place like Club 11 would have been perfect for me.

best gay sauna in salvador
Despite meeting their the hottest garoto de programa I hired in this trip, Thermas was not my choice as best gay sauna in Salvador.

On the other hand if you are a visitor or a local who is out, you would probable agree with my choice. If you do not mind about being seen and heard, if you have time to hang out and spend hours fucking with the boys and chilling with the friends, there is no question Sauna Fox is the place to go to. As a matter of fact, they are more than just a gay sauna but also a night club and restaurant.

In my case, being a visitor but also being shy, the decision is even more difficult. I did appreciate the chance to be quietly by myself without standing out provided by Club 11. As Fox is such a good fit to hang out with friends, you do stand out when you are alone. Of course, that bothers me.

However, the atmosphere was so friendly and the live music so good, that I had more fun in Fox anyway. That made my decision on the best gay sauna in Salvador.

Not the best gay sauna in Salvador

newest gay sauna garotos de programa best gay sauna in salvador
Thermas is the only gay sauna in Salvador to hire garotos de programa without a security staff at the entrance. The front door remains locked, you have to buzz your way in and out.

Certainly, this decision was easy. I do not mean Thermas Club 13 is a bad place. On the contrary, if you are visiting Salvador I strongly recommend you to give them a try because they may be going out of business.

Despite being a place with a few strong points, the newest gay sauna in Salvador cannot compete with its two big sisters. Let’s see the score card.

Pros of Thermas Club 13

best gay sauna in Salvador
The strongest point for Thermas comes from the facilities. They feature a spacious house, suite, and a massive patio, with kitchen service.
  1. The installation is open and spacious. The massive patio provides a cool outdoors environment well provided with chairs and tables.
  2. They have a small functioning kitchen that serves local variations of snack food.
  3. The suite I rented was very spacious and with an A/C we were able to set as we pleased.
  4. The boys, it is always about the boys. If you like twinks, you will like Thermas. Most of them were around 20s, with small built. Perhaps it was the place where there was a slightly tendency towards darker skin complexion. A few of them were very well built and muscular. Besides, their prices are the lowest in town.

Cons of Thermas 13

best gay sauna in salvador
It is a long ride to look for garotos de programa in the newest gay sauna in Salvador.
  1. It is located too far away. As an illustration, my transportation was three times what I was paying to go to the other two gay saunas. Furthermore, the address confuses Uber and Google Maps, and is nearby a not so nice area. Be cautious, go early the first time.
  2. The facilities seem to be better kept than Club 11, but they could do better specially on cleaning up.
  3. Some of the boys had no experience at all. As an example, one of them shared that it was his first time as an escort and almost begged me for a programa. Several boys transpired a desperation aura.
  4. If you are not into slim twinks (hello!), you will have very few choices.
  5. They have a strict policy banning phone use. My Portuguese sucks and therefore I was dependent on the translator. This is indeed one of the things I hated the most in this place. Even when I was using my phone discretely and under the table, I was confronted twice about it.
  6. The place is very spacious and the clients were too few and too close to each other. It felt like a small group of friends monopolizing a huge empty space. As I was the only “alien” (to the group besides to the country), they obviously manipulated a raffle to get me to win a prize.
  7. The checking out process was quite uncomfortable, I felt openly harassed by a couple of boys. Once again, desperation was on the air.
  8. The lack of a security staffer at the front door forces you to be extra cautious and wait inside for your Uber in your way out.

Goodbye Brazil and garotos de programa

best gay sauna in salvador
Stay tuned. Indeed one of major events in Adult Entertainment History is coming.

With this post about the best gay sauna in Salvador, we are closing our reports on Salvador’s places. Perhaps we will have some more on garotos de programa. Indeed there will be more material published throughout the month in our JustFor.Fans account.

However, this is basically our goodbye to the land of the best kissers of the world. Hopefully we will be back, better prepared and more knowledgeable of the local gay saunas culture.

From now on, I LIKE PINGA will be more focused on delivering the first series of BEST PINGAS AWARDS. Of course, this is probably the biggest event in the history of adult entertainment. Certainly we will start with BEST ESCORT 2018. Out of our previous recommendations, who will be the one crowned as the KING of I LIKE PINGA 2018? Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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