Thermas Club 13 logo newest gay sauna in salvador to hire garotos de programa

The newest gay sauna in Salvador to hire garotos de programa, Thermas Club 13, opened its doors last March under its current management. During his trip, this blogger visited it only once. Therefore, this report should be taken as the result of a very limited experience.

Finding the newest gay sauna in Salvador

newest gay sauna garotos de programa
It is a long ride to look for garotos de programa in the newest gay sauna in Salvador.

Similarly to my first trip to Club 11, finding Thermas Club 13 was a challenge. Indeed, there is something in the streets layout of Salvador that confuses Uber drivers and Google Maps.

My Uber dropped me in the number 13 of a street that came to be the wrong one. Consequently, I pulled out my phone and asked for walking directions to Google Maps. Soon I realized I was not getting the best advice. When I reached a dark alley with quite abrupt steps down the hill (morro), I decided to figure it out my own way.

Fortunately, the newest gay sauna in town’s location was correct, only the directions to get there were wrong. Instead of following the path suggested by my phone, I went around the dark areas and in 5 minutes was choosing my garoto de programa for the night.

For this reason, I recommend you to be careful and, perhaps, go early the first time. Thermas Club 13 opens at 3PM, but I went after sunset.

Be aware that it is probably going to be a long ride. To illustrate this point, I was staying in Porto da Barra. Getting to Club 11 or Fox would take me about 15 to 20 minutes and between 15 and 20 Rials. Comparatively, my Uber trip to the newest gay sauna in Salvador took 55 minutes, 70 Rials to go and 50 to return. Later I would learn that a local client could have had several garotos de programa with the cost of my rides.

The facilities of the newest gay sauna in town

Like Sauna Fox, the establishment consists basically of a patio and a house. When you buzz the door, it opens to a front yard that is not being used. Indeed, they should find a purpose for that space, as it is big enough to host a small bar.

newest gay sauna garotos de programa
Thermas is the only gay sauna in Salvador to hire garotos de programa without a security staff at the entrance. The front door remains locked, you have to buzz your way in and out.

To the left of the front yard, you have the entrance to the main space. Like in Fox, the patio is the center of all social activities. I am not good at calculating surfaces, but the newest gay sauna in town seems to have a patio bigger than the fanciest one’s. The patio offers abundant tables and chairs, an area that functions as stage, and the bar counter/reception desk. Everything is covered by a white tent exactly like the one at Sauna Fox. I misreported before that Fox was the only sauna with a kitchen. In reality, Thermas also has one, although the menu is considerably smaller than Fox’s.

The house is to the right. You walk into the main room, with comfortable sofas in the center and doors on the sides that take you to different areas. Of course, there is a room for the lockers, and a hallway that takes you to cabins. Around the main room you find all the features typical of these establishments: communal showers, a massage cabin, and a big and nice suite. I guess there is a steam room, but I did not look for it and did not see it.

In the back there is a stair that takes you to the only room in the second floor: the video room. Be prepared to dodge garotos de programa stroking their hard dicks in your way to watch a porn video, if you want to dodge anything.

The garotos de programa at the newest gay sauna in Salvador

newest gay sauna garotos de programa
View of the bar/reception desk. Picture taken from the newest gay sauna in Salvador’s Facebook page.

Compared to the garotos in Club 11 and Fox, the boys in Thermas seem to be more in the twinkish side of the scale. Everyone I saw during my visit seemed to be very close to 20 years old. I had connected at Club 11 with two of the escorts in Thermas, and even hired one of them (Pedro). They were 21 and 22 y.o.

Similarly to the other two gay saunas, I did not see significant ethnic differences. I did notice some of these boys seemed to have very little experience. Two of them almost begged me for a programa, and would voraciously eat all the free snacks provided by the club, although refused my invitation for a better treat.

Later I would learn that some of these garotos working in the newest gay sauna in town, charge only 30 Rials to local clients. Unfortunately, I did not find most of them attractive. Pedro, who I have already hired in Club 11, was the hottest one, besides the one programa I would have that night and report below.

My experience in Thermas Club 13

newest gay sauna garotos de programa
The patio at the newest gay sauna in Salvador. The picture is taken from Guia Gay Salvador. Before becoming Thermas Club 13 last March, the establishment was called Blue Space Club.

I arrived that night when the Bingo was already started. Indeed, the local gay scene is small. The drag queen running the show was the same one entertaining Bingo Night at Club 11. Her name is Aluvania Butantã, and was doing a much better job here.

The impression was that everyone knew each other, not surprising considering the small number of clients. After a tour around and greeting the two boys I had met at Club 11, I sat alone in the patio. When I was checking in, I had seen a very hot Black boy, but he had disappeared.

As soon as I sat in the newest gay sauna in town, the boys started parading. I politely declined their offers, feeling sympathy in a few cases, as I shared above. The more confident garotos seemed to be taken or not my type.

One of the things I liked the less is their strict policy on cell phones, unlike the other gay saunas in Salvador. Twice I was confronted and asked to put mine away. Later I would learn the origin of this strict enforcement of the rule. Keep reading.

An entertaining show.

newest gay sauna garotos de programa

Aluvania was performing a really entertaining show. In between bingo wins, she would interject a lips syncing performance of classic American songs. As everyone seemed to be friends in the establishment, there was an intense interaction with the audience.

Each Bingo winer received a prize. The lucky one would go to the stage, choose a garoto, and give the present to him. Of course, after kissing Brazilian style. Some of those kisses were really worthy to watch. By the end of the show, the audience voted for the best kiss.

In a moment they started to call a number. I did not have a Bingo card and was not paying attention. However, they were not calling a Bingo but a locker number, in some kind of raffle. It was my locker number, and I did not realize it until an embarrassing long time. Actually, I do not think they pick my number randomly. They were probably targeting the only foreigner client they had that night.

I picked Pedro to give away my prize, but I did not dare to kiss him passionately in from of an audience. After this confusing incident, Aluvania continued picking on me. It was well intentioned fair play, but my shyness made me feel uncomfortable.

My garoto de programa that night

In the middle of the show, I had seen the hot Black boy reappearing. Later on, I would learn his name was Marcelo. Unfortunately, he was seating with another client. I was not even able to play with my sight as I did in other similar occasions. He was giving me his back.

Therefore, I declared the night closed and headed to check out. When I was walking out of the locker room, Marcelo was standing at the house door. Immediately, we locked eyes and his full smile lightened up my night. Out of all the boys I had met, he was the hottest by far.

newest gay sauna garotos de programa
Marcelo in my hotel room. We had a photo session that included some very short clips. I will be sharing those images along this month at our JustFor.Fans account.

Marcelo is the masseur at the establishment. He offered me massages, but I responded I was not looking for that. The boy laughed and we started to talk about our programa. He quoted me 100Rs and soon we were in the suite. Certainly, the suite was the biggest one out of all the ones I had been to in this trip. It was a very generous size room with a round bed and an A/C that we could control. Attached was a full shower and a sink, although no toilet.

Despite Marcelo being willing to bottom, I did not feel like he would enjoy it. I did eat his ass and had to ask him to clean up you know why. Such an event is always a clue telling me I am dealing with a not very experienced bottom. We busted together kissing and jerking off, which I found perfectly satisfactory. Later on, I would see Marcelo two more times at my hotel. Believe me, the sex significantly improved. In the near future, I will probably devote a full report to him.

The newest gay sauna may not survive longer

newest gay sauna garitos de programa
Do not forget, we have been only once at the newest gay sauna in Salvador. All our comments here should be taken with caution. If you know more, please add your input in the Comments.

Considering I do not master Portuguese, my researching abilities are strongly diminished. However, I did obtain information from a direct source, a garoto de programa working in the establishment. Of course, as he is an interested part, we should take the information with caution.

According to his testimony, the establishment has a rough history. It actually opened its doors in 2017, as Blue Space Club Salvador. It was poorly managed, and according to my informant the commercial license was almost lost for breaking public regulations and drug use.

Related to the above mentioned strict policy banning the use of electronics, there was a scandal that explains it. Always according to our source, a client would have taken pictures of another customer and then published it in social media, causing lots of trouble to the establishment. It is not clear whether or not there was a malicious intent or was just clumsiness on part of the poster.

Under those circumstances, there was a change of name and management. However, and despite all efforts to redirect the business, our source reports that there are just not enough clients attending the sauna to guarantee its success. He is actually very pessimistic (when I called him that, he corrected me saying he was actually “realistic”) and estimates that they will close after Carnaval season.

To illustrate the realism of his views, he pointed out to how the establishment’s website had been abandoned as one more prove of mismanagement and decadence. The URL is now a dead end.

My last gay sauna to hire garotos de programa

newest gay sauna garotos de programa
All the pictures in this post that do not have an explicit recognition of source, were taken from Thermas Club 13 Facebook page.

Unfortunately, my vacation in captivating São Salvador is over. The newest gay sauna in town is the last one I have to report. Must be remembered, my assessments should be taken cautiously. If you have more information or disagree with any of my assessments, please add to our common knowledge by posting in the comments below.

Soon, you will have an overall assessment of the three establishments we reported in detail. Perhaps, this blogger will dare to suggest a hierarchy. We may even dare to risk some thoughts about the famous Brazilian garotos de programa and their supposedly fluid sexuality. I am not sure yet.

Certainly, we do have to focus the next days on delivering the first I LIKE PINGA AWARDS for 2018, which was our first full year of existence. After all, January is always time for assessments.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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