best gay sauna in salvador BEST GAY ESCORT 2018

The Best Gay Escort 2018 award opens the first edition of the BEST PINGAS AWARDS. We decided to start this historic moment for Adult Entertainment with the most important title of the series. Forget about other awards.

Best Pingas Awards 2018

best gay escort 2018
It is a shame that you missed the ceremony for the first Best Pingas Awards in the History of Adult Entertainment.

Indeed, there will be a before and an after this historic event. The Adult Entertainment Industry will never be the same again, and of course it will only be better with this awards, doomed to become legendary.

Despite many friends advising us to start slow and warm up, creating momentum, we decided to start with the most important award: Best Gay Escort 2018. It is the first of a long list to be shared throughout the next few weeks of January. Besides Best Gay Escort 2018, we will also have Best Porn Star 2018, Best Ass 2018, Best Porn Series 2018, and many, many more. Stay tuned.

Certainly, making a decision on who is he Best Gay Escort 2018 was not easy. We did share before a list with the many professionals standing out right now. You will not be surprised, of course. We are going to reward two providers. First, we will introduce you to the Best Gay Escort 2018 in the United States. Then, you will know who the Best Gay Escort 2018 in Argentina is. Finally, I will mention a few guys who are indeed my top elite.

Needless to say, I am not rich enough to try all available providers. Not being included in this post does not say anything about a provider’s talents and quality. He was just not lucky enough to have the privilege to share the sack with this blogger.

Best Gay Escort 2018 in the United States

Of course, now you should imagine suspense music or very loud drum rolling. We open the first edition of the Best Pingas Awards with the most important of all the awards: Best Gay Escort 2018. Without implying any kind of hierarchy, we will start with the best provider in the Unites States.

The award goes to Kevin, a.k.a. Houstonbest. Despite moving to Las Vegas this last ear, he has not changed his escort name.

best gay escort 2018 best pingas awards

We chose him for many reasons:

  • He is smoking hot, and looks exactly like his pictures.
  • He is only 22 years old, but however performs with the confidence, the skills, and the professionalism of a veteran with much more years of experience.
  • We have met many times, and I am sure I am not one of his most generous clients. Despite that fact, Kevin has never let me down or being late to an appointment in my place. The few times we met at his hotel, he was always ready to play, and always staying in nice establishments.
  • This blogger quest is for young men who actually find attractive and enjoy playing with older gentlemen (or bitches, bah). Kevin is one of them.
  • Every time we get together, we have to rearrange the furniture back afterwards. The boy likes fucking hard and does it very skillfully.
  • Every single friend who followed my recommendation, contacted me to share how mind-blowingly intense and hot their meeting with Kevin had been. Not a single one expressed any level of disappointment, but only exciting satisfaction.
  • Kevin has been not only a loyal provider, but also a good friend. This past year I had to deal with a painful personal tragedy. When he learned that I could be in need of some affection, he was there for me without me calling or asking for anything.

Best Gay Escort 2018 in Argentina

If you are a follower, you already know that this award goes to the amazing Carlos Aleman. We chose this Venezuelan Sex God lost in Buenos Aires for many reasons:

best gay escort 2018 best pingas awards
  • We met only twice last July in Buenos Aires. Since our very first meeting I was convinced he was a very rare finding, mostly for two reasons.
  • First, he is one of those young guys who does not need to fake his attraction for older gentlemen.
  • Second, he is a unique sexual being. Carlos is one of those rare lovers with a natural understanding of sex and its existential dimension.
  • Besides those very good reasons, he is very skillful in he sack.
  • He is smoking hot, Carlos looks exactly like his pictures. Nevertheless, none of the pictures really communicated the impression he causes in person.
  • I met him only twice, but we did not have any miscommunications or disappointments.
  • Carlos is also very young (23 years old), but performs with the professionalism and the skills of a veteran provider.
  • Carlos is college educated and able to hold a decent conversation in many topics. Not only he is educated and well informed, he is also intelligent and gifted with a witty sense of humor.

Best Gay Escorts 2018 without a Best Pinga Award

Even if Kevin and Carlos are my top choice, they are not the only ones who have honored me with their company, and pleased me with their skills. I want to give a special mention to Allen, Trap, Jaden Galore, and Kavallier Prince.

Some of them did not make it to the top because I have not seen them enough times (Allen and Trap), although their skills and passion in bed have nothing to envy to Kevin and Carlos. Jaden and Kavallier are great friends and amazing lovers, but they are outperformed by our two top stars for these Best Pingas Awards 2018.

If you have your own favorite guys, please feel free to share below in the comments. These are my Best Gay Escorts 2018, but I am sure there are many more that deserve to be celebrated.

More Best Pingas Awards are coming. Stay tuned.


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