best gay pstar 2018 international

The Best Gay Pstar 2018 International is the second issued in this first Best Pingas Awards. Like with Best Gay Escort 2018, you will certainly not be surprised if you have been reading us.

The Best Pingas Awards

best gay pstar international 2018

Before introducing the Best Gay Pstar 2018 International, I will start apologizing. Not to everyone, do not misunderstand me. I apologize only to the smart followers who understand parody and have functioning brains, because you guys do not need the following disclaimer.

Apparently, some other readers have understood that we are pretending to be something we actually are not. Unbelievably, some readers have interpreted that our awards, home made porn and videoblogging in Spanish were something else other than just parody.

Indeed, I am not going to explain more than that. It is parody, stupid. It should be enough. The last thing I want to do is to insult the majority of our followers with spelling the obvious.

Back to gay porn stars. In spite of misunderstandings, we are still trying to handle the unexpected success of this Best Pingas Awards. Celebrities are knocking at our doors, and theater managers are offering their venues to host the historic event.

best gay pstar 2018 international

However, we are humble. Thanks for the applause and the ovations, but we choose the silent virtual pathways of the web instead. We introduce you to the next award, Best Gay Pstar 2018 International.

The Best Gay Pstar 2018 International

As I said before, if you are a follower you are not being surprised. Our Best Gay Pstar 2018 International awards goes indeed to Pablo Bravo.

finding porn best gay pstar 2018 international best Pingas awards
Pablo Bravo, our best gay pstar 2018 international, doing what he does best. Here you have one more time where we wrote about him.

There is no much we can add to what we have written before. Actually, we did it more than once. Nevertheless, allows us to highlight what an extraordinary year 2018 has been for Pablo. Not only he has been recognized by the industry with international porn awards, but has also started a new aspect of his multitalented adult entertainer profile.

Of course that is not why we recognize him as Best Gay Pstar 2018 International.

Why do we think he deserves to be recognized as the best international performer?

Porn God Peruvian sex two porn gems gay porn star and escort Pablo bravo bottoming best gay pstar 2018 international best pingas awards
Multi talented Pablo Bravo doing what I like the best for him to do. Picture taken from Timtales.
  • First of all, his perfect aguaje ass. Have you seen it? It is a vision that commands you to masturbate here and now. He performs as a master bottom. Certainly, diving in his sexy Peruvian ass would be a privilege.
  • Secondly, his skills as a top. Of course you know this blogger enjoys bottoms, but he can recognize a master top when he sees one. As can be seen in his many videos, Pablo is very confident feeding bottoms of all sizes.
  • Then, have you seen his face? Pablo can flash an amazing smile, a unique expression mix of sexiness, kinkiness, in addition to the piggish hypnotic charm of his eyes.
  • Besides, Pablo’s face shows ethnically unidentifiable features. Our best gay Pstar 2018 International could be anything and everything.
  • Our best performer of the year is an icon of contemporaneity. His universal ethnicity, body art, versatility, fluidity beyond the gay label, and wide arrange of talents; all of it masterfully spread through social media and web based platforms; make of Pablo a fucking smoking hot synthesis of our times.

More Best Pinga Awards

In the light of our overwhelming success, the Best Gay Pstar 2018 International Award will not be the last of our series. Stay tuned.

best gay sauna in salvador best gay pstar 2018 international best pingas awards
Besides issuing Best Pingas Awards, we are still reviewing escorts. Soon you will have our report on Marcelo.

Besides the awards, we also have more things to report. I thought our post about the Best Gay Sauna in Salvador would be the last one related to our trip to Brazil. However, there will be one more.

In he post about the Newest Sauna I had mentioned Marcelo, although I did not share much information. Fortunately, he is now publishing in Mintboys, and therefore I will be able to review him. Of course, when I have time. Meanwhile, you can enjoy his pictures if you are a member of our JustFor.Fans page.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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