It is time to honor the Best Ass 2018 in the Porn Industry. This one was a remarkably tough decision. I was left certainly exhausted and with my mouth watering.

Who has the best ass 2018

best ass 2018
Cino Blac, Best Black Ass 2018, riding a dick like only a super power bottom can. Clip taken from his social media.

Indeed, this was the toughest decision out of all the Best Pinga Awards so far. Alam Wernik and DeAngelo Jackson were strong nominees, although did not make it to the final cut for Best Ass 2018.

Furthermore, despite making my best effort I could not decide for only one winner in this category. My mouth was watering and my dick smoking, but I still had two candidates in mind.

Therefore, we decided to split the category. On this corner, the Best Black Ass 2018 belongs to the amazing Chino Blac. On the other corner, the Best Non Black Ass 2018 goes to Beaux Banks.

Chino Blac and Beaux Banks

best ass 2018
Beaux Banks, our Best Non Black Ass 2018, shaking it in the shower. Clip taken from his social media.

These two gay porn stars are amazing performers, besides having an amazing ass. I am confident we do not need to introduce them to you. Both of them keep prolific social networks accounts if you are curious, besides having a lot of videos available everywhere. Of course, both have also their own OnlyFans accounts: Chino and Beaux.

Chino has been the best ass of my porn life for some time now. I specially recommend to take a look at his work for BreedItRaw, in The Fuck House Series. He is a very hot man and outstanding performer, always a final nominee for Best Gay Pstar.

Beaux is a more recent discovering. Not only he is also an outstanding porn performer, he is also a talented adult entertainer and gay escort. Furthermore, he resides in he DC area. We have contacted him a few times but our schedules never matched. Of course, I would love adding him to my list of best escorts.

Both performers are nominated for some of the incoming awards in the Industry. However, we only care here about the Best Pingas Awards. Why were they chosen for the Best Ass 2018 category?

Why do Chino and Beaux have the Best Ass 2018 Award?

Chino’s ass dressed in pink is certainly extra mesmerizing. Once again, clip taken from his social media. I think that hand probably belongs to Trap. Indeed, the boys from The Fuck House are having fun.

After discarding all the other candidates, I was left looking at these two mouth watering performers shaking their asses. As a matter of fact, I came to conclude they were equally talented and beautiful, and that is when I decided to split the title by ethnicity. However, I can say exactly the same about both of these two prodigious super human buttalicious asses:

  • They are alive. When you watch Chino and Beaux performances, their rear ends seem to have their own semi autonomous existence. Indeed, in perfect symbiosis with their owner, but even when watching a duo scene, the impression is we are in front of a threesome, being their asses the third guest in the bed.
  • They talk. If you do some research, you will find close ups of their rings closing and opening like lips articulating words. I know because I can hear them. They are calling me to dive inside.
  • These two gentlemen have perfect control of their butts and rings, just as en elephant has perfect control of their prehensile trunk. I am confident they can whistle the American National Anthem with their ass, if the fart is long enough.
  • These guys are not just a pretty ass. They have weaponized them, becoming outstanding power bottoms, able to use their butts as weapons of fucking destruction.

More Best Pingas Awards

best ass 2018
Cino riding Krave Melanine‘s dick, although I am not 100% sure. Certainly, another clip taken from his social media.

The Best Ass 2018 are not the last Best Pingas Awards. Rest assured, many more are coming. We started our series celebrating Kevin Houstonsbest as the Best Gay Escort 2018 USA and Carlos Aleman as Best Gay Escort 2018 Argentina. We continued rewarding Pablo Bravo as Best Gay Pstar 2018 International. Then the next distinguished performer was Timarrie Baker as Best Gay Pstar 2018 USA.

After honoring the Best Black Ass and the Best Non Black Ass 2018, you can expect to learn about the Best Porn Studios, the Best Gay Pstar from Argentina, and some more few awards. Stay tuned.

In case you are interested in traveling, perhaps you want to check the travel log with my recent adventures in Bahia, Brazil. Over there, we visited Club 11, Sauna Fox, and Club 13, and selected the best gay sauna in Salvador. Besides, we met Marcelo, more than a Garoto de programa. Certainly, we are lucky to add him to our Reviews bank. Furthermore, this trip to Brazil and our previous incursion to Argentina, open the scope of this blog to an international level.

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