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Of course we have our Best Gay Pstar 2018 Argentina, after having similar awards for International and for USA. Once again, you will not be surprised.

Kendro Leandro

best gay pstar 2018 argentina

Our Best Gay Pstar 2018 Argentina has performed with several names. For instance he was River Taylor in Learning, or Kendro Boy in several other productions. We will follow the name our distinguished performer has chosen for his Only Fans page, although it is (still?) sadly empty. As a matter of fact, in a quite unusual move in the industry, he shares his real name in his social media. However, we prefer Kendro Leandro.

Our admiration for this unusually talented performer is not new. We have addressed his works in several previous notes. For instance, you can take a look to Finding Porn. Besides that one, you may also enjoy reading Porn Art, or Two Porn Gems.

Nowadays, Kendro is the major star of Latin Leche, a clon of the traditional Gay for Pay gender websites, like Czech Hunter, Debt Dandy, or many others.

Certainly, I did try to reach both, Latin Leche and our Best Gay Pstar 2018 Argentina during my last trip to Buenos Aires. However, I failed. None of my messages was responded.

Our Best Gay Pstar 2018 Argentina is a mystery

PORN ART best gay pstar 2018 argentina
Here we can see our Best Gay Pstar 2018 Argentina (he is River Taylor in the credits) performing in a fascinating Argentinean porn movie: Learning. Check Porn Art.

Despite keeping a very active presence in Instagram and Twitter, Kendro Leandro is a mystery to me. He seems to be involved in the make up scene, based in some of his posts, anything else is just my fantasy. For instance, I think he is beyond gay/bi/straight labels.

Perhaps he has studied acting. I have no reasons to think so other than my knowledge of Buenos Aires “underground” culture, and his remarkable acting talent. When you look at his performance in Learning, his acting skills (besides his abilities in he sack) are evident. If he has not taken any acting lessons, he is a natural performer.

Buenos Aires has a very alive and diverse theater scene. The amount of plays and movies produced every year is probably at the top of the Spanish speaking market. I dare to say so not only because of the number of productions, but also because of their quality.

Kendro Leandro seems to be in many ways the archetypical Buenos Aires young man, artsy, cosmopolitan, and creative. However, it all may be just my imagination, as he has never responded my attempts to contact him. Of course, I was interested in trying him as an escort. Besides being in the podium of my favorite best porn stars, I would have loved adding him to my list of Best Escorts. Kendro seems to understand sex just as much as Carlos Aleman, our best gay escort 2018 Argentina.

More Best Pingas Awards

porn art best gay pstar 2018 argentina
Another piece of Learning, a porn art movie starred by our distinguished performer.

It is the Awards season, after all. We will continue rewarding our favorite porn stars and businesses that bring joy to our lives. Our community is full of talent and creativity, we do not celebrate enough. Besides our Best Pingas Awards, which of course are the most important ones, we have other events to recognize our stars and the creativity in our community.

Besides being in awards season, soon we’ll have a major event in DC. Not everything is gay porn stars in our lives. As in every Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the city is hosting MAL, a major gathering of the Gay Leather sub culture. Furthermore, coinciding with MAL, we also have a major social event related to the M4M Forums. The M4M Forums DC Luncheon takes place on Sunday, and the agenda includes some previous and afterwards activities. We will be reporting, of course.

Since my return from Brazil I have not hired any local professional. Time is coming, and the offer in DC is extremely generous. I just missed Alam Wernik, for instance. We will probably try someone new this coming long week end, although we do not know yet who.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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