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We stay in the Rio de la Plata for our Best Newcomer Pstar 2018 Award. After celebrating Kendro Leandro, we just cross the river from Buenos Aires to honor smoking hot Will Schokolade in Montevideo.

Choosing a newbie was easy

best newcomer pstar 2018
To illustrate our point, you can see here our Best Newcomer Pstar 2018 in action.

Certainly it is an overcrowded category. If Will was not in the group, picking one out of all the new gay porn stars who blessed us in 2018 would have been extremely tough. However, Will was there and made it very easy.

This blogger has been infatuated by this Uruguayan god since the very first time he saw him. Despite being in only three scenes by Latin Leche, the attraction I feel is so strong that places him far away from the crowd of hot performers in our screens. In fact, his looks place him even above the veterans inhabiting my masturbatory universe.

As soon as the shock passed, I noticed that Will was not only beautiful, but also a talented performer. In spite of his lack of experience having sex in front of a camera, you can badly notice any stress. Our Best Newcomer Pstar 2018 seems to enjoy his interactions with his starring partners, clearly. It is hard to tell, but I do think he still has some room to relax and gain on expressivity. Although this may be true, any lacking in the performance is by far compensated by his looks.

But I am trying to explain something that is unexplainable. The fact is that when I though of the best newbie 2018, he came immediately to my mind. Although I did try to find other deserving performers to be mentioned next to him, I did not find any. I just thought of him, I could not stop thinking of him, and I ended jerking off for him.

The Best Newcomer Pstar 2018

best newcomer pstar 2018

Not only Will is an outstanding beautiful man and a great porn performer. Besides, he is also a DJ, a model, a musician, and many more things I am still discovering.

A quick look at his social media shows that evidently he is a Free Sex Spirit. As you know, that is my favorite kind of men, the ones living a sex positive life. I discovered him after my last visit to Buenos Aires, otherwise I would have tried to reach out.

Just as I was surprised at Kendro Leandro, Will uses his real name attached to his porn career. Kendro gives me the option to use his fantasy name, though, unlike Will. I take it as one more clue of his open attitude towards sex.

He is not alone, certainly. There is a whole generation coming with a radically different attitude towards sex. As an illustration, allow me to share this Tweet by Leandro:

In the event that you cannot read Spanish: “Friends and relatives: if you do not want to see pornography, I invite you all to stop following me in Twitter”.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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