With Best Bottom 2018 the Best Pingas Awards are back to the States. After celebrating talented performers from Argentina and Uruguay, and honoring the porn outlet that discovered them, please stand in ovation to greet the Power Bottom of the year.

The Best Bottom 2018 is a Power Bottom

trap fucking best bottom 2018 best pingas awards
Out Best Bottom 2018 in action in one of his scenes for BreedItRaw’s The Fuck House series.

In the first place, allow me to define what a Power Bottom is in my dictionary. We are aware there is not unanimity abut this definition, therefore the need for this clarification.

Certainly, we all understand that a Power Bottom must be able to take dick long, hard, and in all imaginable and allowed by the laws of physics positions. This commendable skill is, for many, enough to identify one. However, it is not enough for this blogger. In my dictionary, in that case we would be talking about an excellent bottom, indeed, but not about a Power One.

For us, besides being able to take any dick anytime, anywhere, and anyhow, a Power Bottom must be able to take control with his ass. Not only he is submissively able to fuck in any way that pleases his top partner, but also able to take over the action with his ass and demand to be pleased. That is what makes a real Power Bottom.

Indeed, they can be intimidated for a top with control issues. Specially when the Power Bottom is a tall, muscular, breathtakingly beautiful man like the Best Pingas Awards Best Bottom 2018.

And this Best Pingas Award goes to…


Please, stand up in ovation to honor Trap, our Best Bottom 2018. If someone fills the definition of Power Bottom is this beautiful young man. However, it was not an easy decision. He had very strong contenders in Alam Wernik, XL, Beaux Banks, and Chino Blac.

To illustrate how hard it was, I could not make a decision and therefore followed an elimination process. Most of those performers have been already distinguished in other categories of the Best Pingas Awards. They were all dropped from this one. The two nominees left were Trap and XL.

The only reason I chose Trap was that I did meet him and enjoyed his power in person. Our Best Bottom 2018 is not only an outstanding gay porn star, but also a talented gay escort. He delivers in person the same experience you see in the screen.

Perhaps you do not know him, as he is under rated by the industry, in my opinion. The Pingas Awards Best Bottom 2018 is very active lately on social media. For instance, you can enjoys his pictures and clips in Twitter and Instagram. Trap also has not only a JustFor.Fans account, but also an OnlyFans one.

A great year for our Best Bottom 2018

trap and kept secret best bottom 2018 best pingas awards
Once again, the Best Bottom 2018 demonstrates his skills taking legendary’s Kept Secret huge dick.

Indeed, 2018 was an amazing year for our honored performer. We seriously considered Trap for the Revelations category of these Best Pingas Awards. Trap started his career in the adult entertainment industry at a relatively late age, and is working hard to catch up. He has been very active not only in professional porn, but also in his home made outlets.

Besides delivering smoking hot performances in his own self made porn accounts, he partners with other gay porn stars and hotties. They get together, have a hot fuck, record it, and then share in both channels. Trap also performs in other Gay Porn Stars independent websites, like Kept Secret’s.

However, I did not discovered our honored performer in any of those alternative porn outlets. The first time I saw him was in one of The Fuck House Series movies, by BreedItRaw.

When we met, I asked him about his experience shooting those scenes. As one more instance of his Power Bottom nature, Trap made a comment like “I fucked each one of those damn tops”. One more illustration of how in sex matters, the one in control is not always the one that seems to be.

In few words, Trap is amazing as a porn performer and as a companion. He is based in California, although travels a lot. Certainly, if you are in need of the Power Bottom experience, he delivers a premium one.

More Best Pingas Awards

gay porn stars in DC best bottom 2018
From our own collection, a pictures session from the day we I met the Best Bottom 2018. All pictures available in our JustFor.Fans account

As a matter of fact, I am having lots of fun with these Best Pingas Awards. Of course, Best Bottom 2018 is not going to be he last Award. Stay tuned, as more awards are coming.

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Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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