dc luncheon 2019

The DC Luncheon is one of those rare occasions when male clients and escorts have the chance to socialize. The gathering takes place every year during MAL weekend in DC.

Building community

DC Luncheon 2019
Annie’s Paramount Steak House, the venue chosen for the DC Luncheon 2019.

Despite clients and escorts being a discriminated group, our culture is alive and thriving. However, in the age of escorts websites and hookup apps, we do not have many occasions to get together. That is why opportunities like the DC Luncheon 2019 are precious.

One of the core outlets that provides us with a space to make connections, is the M4M discussion forum. Besides being a powerful tool to exchange information, it is also a place to make personal connections and develop a sense of community.

There have been gatherings organized around the forums in Palm Springs, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC. However, the locations that have shown more continuity are only two.

The most important annual gathering is indeed the Palm Springs weekend, in April. We reported in detail last year about its major events, the Lunch and the Pool Party. For many years this event has been taking place thanks to the generosity and the perseverance of a few friends who not only organize but also finance the meeting.

This year the new Palm Springs weekend is already in the make. You can follow up the news in this thread.


heat lobby during Mal week end dc luncheon 2019
Picture of the Hyatt’s Lobby during MAL 2016, taken from Metro Weekly. This year was not much different, perhaps puppy play toys are becoming more popular.

The other gathering that has been taking place with some continuity is the DC Luncheon. It always takes place during Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, a holiday in Washington DC.

Compared to Palm Springs, it is indeed a smaller event, in terms of attendance. The DC Luncheon 2019 summoned about 15 clients and escorts who dared the freezing temperature in the city.

Certainly, DC does not have the attraction of gay nudity resorts and the warm dessert sun. Instead, the gathering takes place coinciding with the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, which offers countless opportunities to have hot fun.

Some friends started the DC LUNCHEON 2019 activities enjoying happy hour at the Hyatt Regency, one of the hosting hotels for MAL weekend. As it is a tradition now for this event, one of the nights was spent at Secret’s, a local strippers/drag queens venue.

However, the major event is not about dicks, naked or wrapped on leather, but about food. Instead of lunch like in Palm Springs, we have brunch at a local restaurant. This year the chosen venue was Annie’s Paramount Steak House, a landmark gay friendly restaurant in 17th St NW, Dupont Circle.

DC LUNCHEON 2019 after lunch

the fireplace dc luncheon 2019
After sharing brunch, the DC Luncheon 2019 moved to The Fireplace, the last gay bar surviving on P St. Picture taken from tripsavvy.com.

The DC Luncheon 2019, besides some distinguished clients, was honored by the presence of a few prestigious providers. Nate from SF (we do not provide a link because he is mostly retired), Hunter Lee, Ace, and William Erikson were in attendance. Victor Powers joined later on.

After enjoying our meal, most of the attendants moved their asses to The Fireplace, and then closed the activities again at the Hyatt Regency.

Needless to say, we are reporting only the public events. Some of the friends, of course, were holding private meetings, but we only talk about our fucks, not about others’.

We did hire Kevin Ryder on Saturday. He is a forum member and was planning to attend the Luncheon, but a last minute incident did not allow him to show up. This week we will publish a full review, although we are a little bit overwhelmed by all the writing we have to do.

So stay tuned. We will have more reviews this week, besides more Best Pingas Awards.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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